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It’s Date Night at Kinky HQ

12 Dec

Tonight is date night for any of our lovely supporters who want to pop in to Kinky HQ. We’ll be hosting a socialising and shopping evening from 6pm and you’re invited!

The evening will be a chance to come and say hi, and you’ll be able to get some Christmas shopping done at the same time all while supporting CCK’s social enterprise work!

We’ll be creating a snug Christmas Grotto in our offices in Holborn and providing cups of our Monmouth Coffee, and tasty cakes and chocolate lollipops!

If you fancy joining us, sign up to the guest list here: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/2585268608

Although you can still come along without a ticket, this way we’ll know how many slices of cake to cut!

The CCK Team are looking forward to seeing some of you later tonight!

Win with CCK’s 12 Days of Kinky Christmas!

7 Dec

It’s that time of year again boys and girls… the jingle bells are ringing, and Santa’s checking his list to see if you’ve been naughty or nice. If you’re on the naughty list this year you’re in luck – because CCK’s 12 days of Kinky Christmas are here to help you win a Holiday Hamper filled with lots of kinky treats!

From Wednesday December 7th to Sunday December 18th you’ll get a chance EVERY DAY to get your name put in our hat to win yourself a Hamper full of CCK Goodies.

All you need to do is visit the competitions page and write why you’re true love would get you the CCK Product shown. Then add your name, your email address and a contact number so we can let you know if you win and arrange delivery in time for Christmas.

For every day you enter, you’ll get a chance to win our prize draw. That’s 12 chances to win – we’re generous! Not only that but the best answers will be revealed every day on our Twitter and a list of our favourites will make into the Best Of Blog Post!

Polyday Update

12 Aug

Just a quick update for those still considering on going to the annual Polyday on the 27th of August, CCK will be attending as well as part of a collaboration with Polyday.co.uk .

We will be providing our usual treats of coffee and cake, as well as some special offers which will include vouchers for items we sell on our webshop.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Artist Spotlight – Hubert De Lartigue

9 Jun

Our first Artist Spotlight is devoted to Hubert De Lartigue.

Hubert is a French artist/illustrator who is one of France’s premier erotic pip-up artists. With a career spanning over two decades Hubert has been working commercially in a number of different media, such as covers for science fiction book covers and board games.

Born in 1963, he started work as an illustrator while attending the Ecole Duperré and Ecole Estienne art  schools. Hubert specialises in science fiction and fantasy artwork containing hot pin-up women, and his work shows inspiration from classical french pinup, American and Japanese art.

As fans of Hubert’s work, we at CCK have a number of his books available for you to buy on our webshop, including Facettes, French Pin-Ups and Super Heroines. You can also grab a collection of UK exclusive greetings cards designed by Hubert under the “Chéries” tag.

Fishers of Men

25 Mar

Having delighted many a fan of muscular men with previous photoshoots for their clothing ranges, Dolce and Gabbana have not disappointed said fans again. Steven Klein’s photoshoot for Dolce and Gabbana’s spring/summer collection has a Spartacus-come-Sicilian fishermen theme. Grappling with ropes, netting and chains, as well as each other, (which I am sure we are all quite familiar with, in one form or another!) the mixture of smooth, pretty boys and hairy, rugged-type models get all sweaty in their range of warm weather wear.

Fashion photography is reknowned for using kinky, erotica-themed ideas. In this particular shoot the muscular homoeroticism fair ripples off the page! If you are a connosseur of such imagery, you should check out Coffee, Cake and Kink’s selection of Ulli Richter’s photography, which gives a few, hard lessons to any imitators. (Especially my personal fave ‘Hard Labour’. There’s no messing with these men!).

Hard Labour

Hard Labour

Cakes Fit For A King and Queen

23 Mar

Well, Prince William and Kate Middleton (you know the ones..always on the news, something to do with a royal family..), have finally decided on what cake to have at their wedding. The Welsh National Culinary Team have been chosen to bake the cake, to be unveiled on the 29th April. The cake, which may well have Welsh-themed decorations, will then be donated to the Centrepoint charity.

If you want to have your cake (and eat it too!), Coffee, Cake and Kink have a delicious selection of beautifully made and tasty cakes on offer. Check them out, and as you will see from the photos, there are even some serving suggestions!

White Day – Valentine’s Day Part 2

14 Mar

White Day  (ホワイトデー ; Howaito dē) is a romantic holiday celebrated primarily in Japan and South Korea. It is held on 14th of March every year, exactly one month after Valentine’s day. On this day, any man who was lucky enough to receive a gift on Valentine’s day is encouraged to then buy a gift for their partner that is worth 3 times as much!

It’s not quite as crazy as it sounds, as Valentine’s day is celebrated slightly differently over there. The custom in Japan is for women to buy chocolate for not only their partners, but also their friends and co-workers on Valentine’s day! So as a big thank you, all be it a month late, the men in their lives then turn around and present them with more expensive gifts. An ideal way for women to encourage their partners to spoil them and lavish them with gifts!

And a perfect follow-up to International Women’s Day, which was just last Tuesday, 8th March. And lucky for you, here at CCK we have some fun and kinky products that are just perfect for White Day!

Given it’s name of ‘White Day’, the most popular gifts on this day are, naturally, white! Like our delicious organic white chocolate from FYI, Beautiful. Although if you don’t like white chocolate, dark chocolate is also fast becoming a popular gift for White Day, and FYI have several wonderful organic dark chocolates. Of all of them, Mistress is my personal favourite

To fulfill the ‘3 times as expensive’ guideline (sanbai gaeshi), when buying for your partner this White Day why not check out some of our luxury products, like this pure ceramic dildo loving crafted by Goldfrau, most aptly named Miss White – what could be more perfect?! Or you could try this luxurious clitoral massager, the LELO Nea White.

Ceramic dildoimage of the Nea, a palm-sized clitoral massager






Or why not continue the Japanese theme with some Shunga products? After all, ‘Shunga’ comes from the Japanese for erotic art! And they create plenty of gifts just perfect for spoiling your loved one, such as the orgasm enhancing Shunga Secret Garden Cream.

shunga secret garden cream bottle and packaging, which has a drawing of a Geisha's face on itIf you’re looking for something cute that still ticks all the boxes, then why not check out the travel-sized Paris Pearl Duckie. This coy little Duckie is cute and fun, but will still bring a little touch of Parisian class to your lady’s bathroom! Not to mention she’ll have plenty of fun with it in the bath! This particular duck is just ideal for White Day, dressed all in a pearly-white, and even comes with a real, removable white feather boa! A very effective vibrator that looks great, and wont cost the earth!

pearly-white vibrator in the shape of a classic bathtime toy duck, wearing a white feather boa

And for our single customers… well there’s a 3rd day of celebration in Japan and Korea, yet another month later on 14th of April called Black Day, specially for single people, or those who didn’t receive any gifts the previous 2 months. So if you’re feeling a little hard done by, why not consider embracing Black Day, buy treating yourself to one of our many black kinky products!

Staff Pick: Monmouth Coffee

10 Mar

Drew is the man responsible for our graphics, and we persuaded him to take a break from designing our new website (did I not tell you we’re going to have a new website? – ed.) and playing in his bands to wax lyrical about Monmouth Coffee. We used to serve Monmouth in our Endell Street café, and we are the only online sellers of Monmouth. Here’s Drew to tell you more.

Logo for Monmouth Coffee

Being an ex-barista I have had the pleasure of working with many different roasts of beans from all over the world. I often find that the most hyped roast can often leave me feeling a little cold with a savour that really doesn’t suit my taste buds. However, this is not the case with the fine selection at Monmouth Coffee. It tastes wonderful. Whether you enjoy a subtle fruity taste or prefer a darker more passionate flavour, Monmouth coffee will provide the right roast for you.

I am a total coffee snob and I urge you to dump your Starbucks addiction for a far superior coffee experience today!

From A Top Writer – ‘Boy In The Middle’

3 Mar

Patrick Califia is one of my all-time favourite writers. He is an incredible wordsmith, able to write both fiction and fact in a way that both draws the reader in and informs you. His erotica is some of the hottest writing you will come across. Boy In The Middle is another of his compelling, sexy short story collections of polymorphous perversity and hardcore, sexually charged scenes. Califia has a way of taking the reader right into the story. He has the ability to describe place, character and atmosphere so well, you can’t but help feel a part of it.

cover for "Boy In The Middle" by Patrick Califia

Boy In The Middle has such a collection of differing characters and set-ups that I defy anyone not to get some pleasure from it. Whatever your kink, fetish , gender or sexuality, Califia caters for you in this book. His writing will  surprise you, in being able to turn you on to a story, scene or character you may otherwise not have thought you’d be interested in; such is the power of his imagination. I recommend anyone who enjoys erotic fiction to read this book. Allow yourself some time to indulge and immerse yourself  in it, because it will be hard to put down. Oh, and if you’re reading Boy In The Middle in public, be aware that its effect may leave you needing to find somewhere, for a ‘quiet, private moment’!

Staff Picks: Mr B Fist Classic Lube

16 Feb

At CCK, we sell the products we love – and that we know! Every week, a member of our staff picks one of their favourites to write about. This week’s staff pick comes from Lysander, who you know as one of our regular writers. If you’re looking for earlier staff picks, there’s a whole category to your right! Here’s Lysander:

Indeed it is a classic! I’m quite fussy when it comes to lube. Too often they get dry and tacky way too quickly, or they cause irritation to more sensitive souls and their sensitive areas. Mr B Fist Classic manages to stay good and slippery for a long time, which is handy (excuse the pun!) for more marathon-like sessions. It is condom compatible as well.

Black tub of lube called "Mr B Classic Lube"

It is good for what it says on the tub. No worries about causing any unwanted discomfort with its easy glide formula, the thickness of the formula also allows it to last that little bit longer. It also works well for anal play for exactly the same reasons. It’s popular on the gay men’s scene, and as we all know, gay men know their stuff! Even better, there’s no nasty aftertaste, so the only gagging you end up doing is purely consensual.

Mr B Fist Classic can work as a good all-rounder lube, lasts a good while and comes in both tub size (for when you’re indoors and need that little extra) or sachet form (if you happen to be on the move).

small silver sachet of lube.