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Barbara Carrellas ‘Urban Tantra Professional Workshop’ in the U.K!

18 Apr

My, we are a lucky bunch in good ol’ Blighty. Barbara Carrellas, author (of  ‘Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex For The Twenty First Century’ and ‘Luxurious Loving: Tantric Inspirations for Passion and Pleasure’), sex educator, theatre artist, sex/life coach and workshop facilitator, will be holding one of her amazing workshops in the U.K!

To say Barbara Carrellas is multi-talented, and an expert at what she does could be considered an underestimation of her skills. Designed for, but not specifically restricted to, those who work with sex and sexuality, the ‘Urban Tantra Professional Workshop’ will benefit all who attend it. Barbara Carrellas shows you how to make the most of Tantric and BDSM techniques to enhance your (and your clients’/students’) sexuality, meaning and understanding. The workshop will help you with your professional goals, how to get your message across, and how to be a better professional success in the world of sex and sexuality.

Whether you work as a pro-Domme, Tantrika, sex therapist or educator, or indeed something else in the sex field, this workshop will be of great benefit. The week long coures aims to be of specific use for each participant’s needs. The ‘Urban Tantra Workshop’ will help, inform, support all participants, and open up a new way of thinking and practicing all that is possible. Barbara Carrellas’ unique way of thinking, educating, her expertise, and her way of communicating these ideas, will provide all who are lucky enough to attend the workshop a wonderful, new insight to their work, their clients/students, and their personal development as sexual, sensual beings.

To give yourself the chance to attend and participate in this life-enhancing, awesome workshop, contact Hayley Caspers at hayley@urbantantra.org . It will take place from 15-20th September this year, at a stunning location. The chance to meet and learn from one of the most successful, interesting, knowledgable and unique minds in our wonderfully sexual, sensual and kinky world, should not be missed!


Photo by Barbara Nitke

Fantastic Sacred Pleasures Workshops – Places To Be Had

2 Mar

There are still some places on a couple of workshops coming up soon at Sacred Pleasures. ‘Plug ‘n’ Play With DK and Luisa Leather’, this Saturday from 16.00-23.00 hrs, has just a few places left. DK and Luisa Leather are experienced BDSM and Tantric practitioners, and this workshop looks perfect for anyone interested in breath control, especially its tie-ins with Tantric/kink and energy practices. After the workshop there will be a play party too! If you are interested you can find out more and book places at:

On Saturday 19th, from 15.00-22.00 hrs, London Faerie will be holding ‘Whipping Up A Storm’, which is a workshop designed to teach you the basic start up points in BDSM and kinky play, including consent, safe words and a ‘how to’ of the  various toys you may come across. If you are keen to discover what kinky play is about, or would like instruction from an experienced practitioner on how to use some of the equipment you may not have had experience in yourself, this is the perfect workshop for you.

Quick! One place left!

9 Feb

This weekend, our friends at Sacred Pleasures are running two Valentine’s Tantra workships on both Saturday the 12th of Feburary, and the 13th. And they have one space left for a couple or triad!

Here’s the description from Sacred Pleasures themselves:

Renowned Tantra teacher Rebecca Lowrie hosts a very special Valentine’s Tantra weekend: a luxurious, romantic weekend exploring intimacy and sensuality in a safe, warm and luscious environment. Using a variety of Tantric rituals and other methods, participants will be gently guided into rich new ways of connecting deeply with your Beloved(s).

Further details are on their site here. If you can’t make this weekend, Sacred Pleasures hold lots of workshops and events – details are on their website, and also on our calendar (on the right hand side of the screen).

Our writer Lysander has been to a workshop previously held by Sacred Pleasures, and here’s what he had to say:
“Dossie Easton’s Radical Ecstasy workshop was one of the most illuminating and mind-expanding experiences I have had. Dossie, herself, is wonderfully warm, funny, welcoming, knowledgeable…well, the list of superlatives could go on and on, suffice to say that I think she is AMAZING! The workshop worked well for people from either a BDSM or Tantric background (or both!). It opened your eyes to the connections between the two, as well as giving you practises that you could use to expand your BDSM or Tantric lives. The workshop was well organised, with food and drink, the play space, safe spaces and help always provided when needed. Although Dossie Easton’s workshop allowed the participants tohave a very personal journey (which is difficult to fully put into words), the sense of group experience was also tangible. From being a very cynical, London lad, who would once have rolled his eyes at all things Tantric, I would now highly recommend this workshop to everyone!”
Dossie Easton is currently Sacred Pleasure’s guest writer