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Quick release condoms help prevent HIV

25 Oct

Pronto are a pioneering new condom has been created by South African Inventor Willem van Renburg in the hopes it will help prevent the spread of HIV.

The innovative design came about as a solution to the problem of the fact that it takes to long to put on conventional condoms. The condoms packaging cracks open along the centre, slip it on and discard the applicators, allowing the user to get straight down to business!

Its hoped that its ease of use of the Pronto Applicator Condoms will persuade those who prefer not to use condoms to using them more regularly, reducing the risks of spreading HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.



Gays allowed to give Blood

13 Sep

In recent news the UK government has lifted the lifetime ban on homosexuals to give blood. Coming into force on November 7th, a one year waiting period will instead be used.

This change in the rules on blood donation brings the UK in line with current EU rulings. Sexual health charities such as GMFA, The Terrence Higgins Trust and the National Aids Trust are generally in approval of this change.

What do you think? Is this about time? Do you think this change in the rules doesn’t go far enough? Please comment and give us your opinion on the matter.

News report sourced from sosogay.org website.