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Gamers help towards cure for AIDS

6 Oct

There are some people who would not hesitate to claim that computer and video games are a waste of time, and that gamers will never achieve anything worthwhile or contribute towards something greater than themselves.

Now those naysayers will have to eat their words as the ingenuity and creativity of gamers has been proven, thanks to a free online game called Foldit.

The Foldit project was an experiment to give volunteers the chance to come up with their own solutions to the problem of creating unique designs for protein strains, opening the doors to finding a possible cure for AIDS and other retroviral diseases.

One such possible solution was discovered in just 3 weeks of virtual experimentation with the Foldit software, a solution that had eluded scientific experts for a decade.

It may not be a ready-to-go cure for suffers of the condition but it is a step closer to finding one, and is an excellent example of the untapped potential of the mind of a gamer!



Friday News has much to tell you

28 Jan

We’ve got a new calendar – it’s over there, under the cartoon. Although it only shows the first ten events, the title will take you to the google calendar. The events calendar is not just CCK’s events (although they are on there!), but events we think might be of interest to our customers and friends – from plays and standup comedy to art and discussion groups. If you want your event to be included, get in touch!

As always, with all of these links, they are not CCK content, and do not necessarily express the views of CCK (we just think they’re interesting). Content may not be suitable for under-18s, workplace viewing, or be particularly kinky. On with the linky goodness!


What happens in your brain when you orgasm [Discovery Health] (h/t to Pandora Blake).

Brenda Namigadde, a Ugandan asylum seeker who left Uganda after suffering violence for being a lesbian, fears that if her deportation goes ahead, she will be killed because of her sexuality [BBC].

Brenda’s case is of particular interest right now, as today was the funeral of Ugandan gay-rights activist David Kato [BBC, Gay Uganda]. The event was marred by the sudden – and unexpected – homophobic tirade by the presiding pastor [The Guardian].

Fetish Speed Dating at Club Rub.

France’s ban on gay marriage has been upheld by the French constitutional court [BBC].

This coming tuesday sees the mark of LGBT History Month in the UK, and Black History Month in the US and Canada.

An excellent article on errectile dysfunction by Cory Silverberg [About.com] (h/t to Dr Petra and Bish Training).

Ten films by women directors in 2010 [Gender Across Borders].

Elton John calls for a Repeal of Prop 8 in California [The Guardian].

Author Philip Pulman on the value of libraries [False Economy].

Johann Hari: Why is it wrong to proctect gay children? [The Independant]. Incidentally, the Gay Agenda now comes in app form.

And a double-dose of video goodness. First, the cute – an octopus and a beer bottle:

And Duelling Cellos’ cover Smooth Criminal.

And folks, we’ve got a party on the 31st, and our usual monthly social on the 4th!