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2012 Pride Day Poem by Wills Morgan

7 Jul

for the children

of our time


HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF. This is what I say.
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF each and every day.
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF. Keep your troubles at bay.
Whether straight or bisexual, or if you’re gay

Lesbian or Transgender, this is what I say:
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF each and every day.
At home or your work. When you rest. As you play.
Stay in the right track if you were born that way.


Contributing Artist Wills Morgan is pictured sitting behind the map at the Island bar and restaurant in north west London in 2010. Photo used with kind permission of the photographer, Mr.Tyson Sadlo.

This photograph is one of a series of five portraits entitled A CORNER OF COLLEGE PARK.

Rotten Rhyme: West End Pride

30 Jun
celebration symbol upstages view of National Gallery during Pride.

Let's Go!

If there’s no kissing (and if there’s no big hair),

Then I will be missing, (and I will not be there).

As long as I get hold of coffee and cake

I’ll parade and I’ll flag-wave and stay wide awake.

And later on club/pub/or dancing for me:

Historic and happy and LGBT.

Gay Pride Parade – 2nd July

30 Jun

Its that time of the year again! Saturday July 2nd is the day of the annual Gay Pride Parade, which this year is taking place on an alternate route due to Oxford Street being closed. The route now starts at BBC Broadcasting House, down Regent Street towards Pall Mall, then Cockspur Street and finishing up at Whitehall Place.

For those of you who want to “come out and proud” but still want to reserve your modesty, we have the perfect solution for the girls AND boys! “Nippies” are available from our webshop, and are the so called “Patch of Freedom” for those who want to show the world their true self!

So get down to the Gay Pride Parade this weekend and join in the party to express yourself!

You can find more details on http://www.pridelondon.org/