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Cakes On Wheels

16 Jan
For many of us, birthday cakes inspire some of the strongest memories we have of childhood; the lights dimmed, the friends gathered around, and the pure joy felt when all of the candles are blown out in a single, massive puff.

However, for some children in poverty stricken areas, this is not the case. One baker in Minneapolis has taken it upon herself to see that as many children as possible receive a celebration cake on their birthdays, and has set up a non-profit lovingly entitled ‘Cakes on Wheels’.

So far, Veronica Descotte bakes one or two cakes a week, though she’s had an enthusiastic show of support should the demand for more cakes become too high. She says that while she would love to supply more cakes, she has had trouble reaching the parents in need of help; while she has a website and a Facebook page, many of the people she intends to contact do not have a computer at home. She wants parents to come forward and ask her for help instead of going to them specifically as a charity; “I don’t want to be the one who gives the cake to the kid,” she said. “I want Mom to give the cake.”

It’s an incredible idea and a wonderful undertaking; after all, aren’t cakes one of the best parts of a celebration? Here at CCK we certainly believe so! You can see more of Descotte’s adorable cakes and find out more about her non-profit organisation here.

Cake International – 4th – 6th November

25 Oct

A heads up for all you cake fans, the 2011 Cake International event is taking place at the NEC Birmingham Arena.

The event will play host to some of the most talented and creative cake crafters and decorators from around the world!

There will be seminars and demonstrations for experts and beginners, as well as competitions and special guests. CCK fav chocolate guru Paul De Costa will be there with his own stand, and will be doing demos. He will be on Bakery Theatre Y29, besides the demonstration theatres.

Cake International 2011 will be running from 4th to the 6th of November.


Blog Watch – JimmyJane

28 Jul

Here at CCK, we like to keep an eye on what’s happening on the internet. This includes any blogs that comment on the things we are interested in.

Jimmyjane.com is a great site that specialises in helping people understand and enjoy sex more through toys, candles, massage oils and tutorials.

We spotted an interesting article on their blog that talks about the humble yet very sexy fruit known as the cherry.

Sound interesting? Then read on!

Let them eat pie
by Jimmyjane

Love Potion No. 9 may be not available at the grocery store, but a mouth-watering dessert can easily stand in place of an arousing elixir. Thankfully, your local farmer’s market is ripe with seasonal aphrodisiacs, perfect for baking up a delectable treat that will excite more than just taste buds.

Ruby red, taut and juicy, the early summer harvest is all about cherries, a fruit with a rich history of feminine (and simply sexual) allusion. From 80’s rock to centuries of slang, cherries have long conjured images of anatomy and the possibilities of the forbidden.

As it turns out, there may be science behind the cherry’s ribald reputation. The fruit provides potassium, a requirement for sexual hormone production, as well as an abundance of antioxidants, helping keep skin temptingly beautiful and youthful. Their rich red hue is even said to stimulate pheromone production. (A theory perhaps best tested by rubbing the fruit over lips, nipples and naughtybits.)

Think sexy while doing your shopping, and pick up a pint of the irreverent gems – with a little imagination, you’ll find a multitude of ways to enjoy them. Snack on them while reading a dirty novel or while watching porn, rolling the smooth fruit around on your tongue. Stash a handful in the freezer, then use them as a delicious alternative to ice during temperature play.

Bite into the cherry and drip the red juices over desirable areas, leaving your partner to lick the sugary trail. Anything you eat with your fingers can become a tease; take turns feeding each other and dangling the fruit above an open mouth before dropping it in. Dip cherries in chocolate for an aphrodisiac double-dose.

If you really want to impress your lover, tie on the ol’ apron (preferably over little else) and whip up a warm, sticky cherry pie. Ask your partner for help massaging the crust, taste-testing the filling or whipping the cream – so to speak. Amuse yourselves while you wait for the pie to emerge from the oven, and when the timer dings, enjoy your hot reward right there in the kitchen.


As experts in sensual massage and relaxation, we recommend Jimmyjane’s Ember and Afterglow candles, available from our webshop:


Cakes Fit For A King and Queen

23 Mar

Well, Prince William and Kate Middleton (you know the ones..always on the news, something to do with a royal family..), have finally decided on what cake to have at their wedding. The Welsh National Culinary Team have been chosen to bake the cake, to be unveiled on the 29th April. The cake, which may well have Welsh-themed decorations, will then be donated to the Centrepoint charity.

If you want to have your cake (and eat it too!), Coffee, Cake and Kink have a delicious selection of beautifully made and tasty cakes on offer. Check them out, and as you will see from the photos, there are even some serving suggestions!

Fika: let’s take a little break…with cake!

8 Mar

three tasty cakes with purple icing: also iced in white the words 'eat me'

Fika. It’s a four-letter word. It is also a very Swedish way of life. You can take it outdoors or have it inside (if you so wish). It can be a very social gathering, or you can tailor it to your individual cravings.  Just as long as there’s food and drink, of course. Mine’s a coffee, please.

The  tasty pic comes courtesy of a little known blogspot by an anonymous Swedish youth called Ms Fy. It’s a somewhat lame attempt to combine Pancake day and International Women’s Day in one post…

Whatever you do…have yourselves a Fat Tuesday.

It’s Bun Day! (in Iceland)

7 Mar
nice creamy Icelandic cakes!

a suitable alternative to pancakes...

There are not enough cake posts on this blog: so here (by way of an apology to cake fans) is a bit of redress. As I understand it…if you’re a child and you live in Iceland, Shrove Monday is a big thing. What you do is catch your parents in bed, and if they still happen to be there you get to spank them with a stick! And you get a bun for every strike! All good fun for the family…and you get to fill your face with cake too. Aha!

It’s a load of  Collops: some stuff you may or may not know about the start of  Lent, from an interesting site.

Night of the Blue Stockings- Up the Ladder to Success!

28 Feb

Night of the Blue Stockings, photo K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

Be upstanding for the fabulous Night of the Blue Stockings! We were lucky enough to go and see this popular and busy evening of cabaret and burlesque performance held monthly at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club last Thursday night, and what a glittering, fun-packed show it was. A host of  hilarious acts with a warmth and sense of joy that would be hard-pressed to better, captivated their appreciative crowd.

Fancy Chance, photo K.James for Coffee Cake and kink

Our honorary Madam Chairperson for the evening was reigning Alternative Miss World 2009 and London’s Top Tranny 2010, Fancy Chance. Keeping things swinging, with her humour and audience interaction, she MC’d throughout the night between the other great acts on offer. She also delighted us with her own revolutionary act, taking us all the way from North Korea’s national anthem to good ol’ Yankee capitalism via an outrageously funny dance and rhythmic gymnastic display that had the audience on their feet and wanting more.

Honey Wilde, photo K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

First act up was Justin Pants, with his alternative burlesque Action Man strip. If you ever wondered what Action Man keeps under his pants, well, yes, it is a weird, plastic non-penis. A very clever take on male stripping! Next up was Honey Wilde, the fantastic burlesque artist, with an avant-garde, in the most tongue-in-cheek way, musical performance of inventive cover versions of some 80s electro classics. Never before have two (yes, TWO!) toy pianos and a kazoo (!) sounded so good. The crowd both recognised and loved her amusing renditions of tunes by A-Ha, the Pet Shop Boys and others. Laurie Anderson could learn a thing or two.

Misster Blanche Dubois, photo by K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

All the way from 1933, Depression era Kentucky (kinda), came songstress Miss Anna Kronist. Playing her guitar and singing quite beautifully, she entertained us with her songs about love, death and a Blondie cover in the style of  down home Americana. A wonderful musical moment.  She was followed by Misster Blanche Dubois, who was somehow able to  blend drag with a lion costume! Singing ‘La Vie En Rose’ in an operatic, lionesque (trust me) chanteuse way, he then transformed into a kinky, burlesque striptease. The audience bellowed with laughter as we were treated to what a ‘naked’ lion can do.

Anna Kronist with Fancy Chance, photo by K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

The Madam Secretary of The Blue Stocking Society is Audacity Chutzpah, and, as her name suggests, she certainly had plenty of both and more besides. She amused and delighted the house with a very witty sketch about being stuck on a desert island. It was an inventive and engaging act, which had the audience in stitches. Ending with a sing-along, in which we all happily joined in, this was a fantastic evening.

Audacity Chutzpah, photo by K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

With tea and cakes on offer (a nice little touch) and DJ Josephine Shaker playing a suitably impressive selection of retro sounds in keeping with the ambience of the night, a very enjoyable and entertaining night was had by all. The lack of any pretension, the engaging nature of all the performers, and the unique blend of inventiveness and hilarity on offer, makes this a night out I can not recommend highly enough.

Night of the Blue Stockings, photo by K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

New Year’s Resolutions

16 Jan

The office is buzzing with changes and plans for the new year, and we at Coffee, Cake and Kink wanted to help you out with some of the season’s most common New Year’s Resolutions. We know making and keeping them can be hard, so over on tumblr and twitter we’ve been making suggestions every day for resolutions that are easy to keep. We’ve collected them here, along with a few other suggestions.


Get Fit

There doesn’t seem to be a single person out there that hasn’t muttered that infamous phrase “I’ll just try and exercise a bit more”. Well, we at CCK heartily agree! It’s important to give your whole body a workout, and we mean your whole body. Ladies, why not try some Smartballs? They train your pelvic floor, and we can guarantee you’ll feel a difference by Valentines Day! And Gents, why not pick up a lovely steel cockring – beauty and functionality in one, giving your cock a workout while you have fun.

Read More

We have a huge selection of books, so why not pick up a new read for the new year? We have a range of books, from beautifully reprinted erotic masterpieces such as Fanny Hill, to contemporary classics –  so why not pick up a new read today?


Try Something New

We always encourage trying something new, but we can understand it can sometimes be a bit daunting too. That’s why we stock a comprehensive selection of  Manuals and guidebooks to help you learn and discover new sides to your kink. Also, if you want more advice on what other items you might need, why not contact our Personal Shoppers who are ready and able to give you whatever advice you need on your new resolution!


Get in to Art

There is so much gorgeous art in the world at the moment. We’ll be posting a few highlights here for art out and about, but if you want something to make your home more beautiful, CCK has a collection of artwork and affordable cards.

Pamper Yourself

Have a luxurious moment. Our Jimmy Jane Little Ember Candles give a wonderful ambiance and delicious scent to any room. That’s not all they do either… once burnt down, they leave a moisturising body oil that can be massaged in to the skin. Perfect for beating the winter blues.


Eat Well

We believe it’s always better to eat good food in moderation than fill yourself up with chemicals to lose weight. Why not switch your regular boring chocolate for a little bit of something really special? Feed Your Imagination chocolate is crafted by award winning chef (and Alternative Therapist) Paul Da-Costa-Greaves, and is packed full of incredible mood-enhancing ingredients which will really make a difference to your day. It’s a firm favourite in the office, especially with our Webshop Queen, Rae, who chose it for her Staff Pick.


Be More Alert

It’s the perfect time to start drinking really good coffee. We only stock the very best (which, as anybody will tell you, is Monmouth Coffee) and we make sure we always keep it fresh – after all, it’s what we drink in the office. This is the same coffee we served in the CCK cafe (and, if you’ve decided to follow our advice above – we also have a selection of our cakes).

We have big plans for our coffee this year, so it’s a great time to get a taste for it!


Make New Friends

Why not get involved in the world of CCK? We’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Fetlife , and we always want your comments. We regularly give out prizes too, so it really does pay to get involved. We have regular socials in restaurants in London, as well as regular shopping parties at the head office, where you can socialise with other customers (and have some coffee and cake). If you can’t make it to one of the parties, make an appointment with our personal shoppers to stop by the office.

Emma is in the process of creating a CCK Kinky Calendar of all the wonderful events happening at CCK, and around the world. If you’d like your event to be included, drop her an email or get in touch on twitter or facebook.

The Aftermath…

28 Dec

I hope everyone is having a good holiday break, whether or not you’re celebrating anything, and wherever you are. At CCK, we’ve taken the holiday period off for some well-deserved rest and recharging of batteries, so we’ll be ready to go with all our new plans come the 3rd of January 2011. Goodness. 2011 – it seems like it should be years away, not the weekend.

A wonderful time was had by all who came to the party last wednesday – by CCK staff, familiar faces, and some new friends. Much cake was eaten; once everyone had moved the party out of the office, we were left with only one slice (ed: I ate it, it was lovely – Emma). The raffle of the goodie bags was a great success, and we were left with a lovely positive christmassy glow. Unless that was the after-effect of drinking our Peter’s coffee and overdosing on glittering chocolate cake. A massive thank you to everyone who came!

If you didn’t manage to make it to the party, we would love to see you – give us a ring, or get hold of us on twitter, and make an appointment to come in for a chat with one of our personal shoppers. We’re always happy to meet our customers face to face – it reminds us of the fun at Endell Street.

We’ll see you in the New Year! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!