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Royal College of Psychiatrists, Make A Right Royal Mess Of It!

26 Apr

Well, well. They may have plenty of letters after their names, but sometimes you do have to wonder about their thought processes! Those (seemingly not so enlightened) people at the Royal College of Psychiatry have had to cancel a meeting titled ‘Transgender: Time To Change’.

Now, this may be due to poor ticket sales, as they claim, or may be to do with the outrage voiced by, and proposed demonstration organised by, trans* people that was to happen if it went ahead.

With an amazing lack of insight, the Royal College of Psychiatry were going to hold a meeting that was, to quote them:

‘exploring the most recent academic, clinical and contemporary thinking on transgender issues, for all people interested in this field.’

with speakers to include every transperson’s bete noir Julie Bindel!! Oh dear!

The Gender Identity Clinic at Charing Cross Hospital had decided to pull out of the meeting, having been aware of the disquiet Bindel’s appearance was causing in the trans* community. Let’s hope the next time the R.C.P decide to talk about transfolk, they actually engage with us first.


Cake: Cup-a soap

21 Apr
babycham glass holding 2 cup cakes.  Cakes for use in the shower!

keep hold of your cherry in the shower

Here’s a soap dish with a bit of a twist (or kink, if you prefer). We have a good friend who goes by the name of Gothicat. From the depths of her Nekonomikon kitchen she produces a small number of sweet things. Including…fairy cake soap.

It’s got to be a recommendation from us here at CCK.  You can have vanilla or chocolate as base or topping, as you wish. If you’re keen for strawberry on the top, you can have that. And of course…you get the cherry.

Ingredients include fragrance oils and a couple of spoons of cocoa butter (good clean fun and there’s no doubt). Why don’t you locate some and let us know how these cakes scrub up? A dishy link.

‘Dude’- Trans Male Zine

20 Apr

Well, I was distracted for rather a long while (!) checking out the blog for the new trans male zine ‘Dude’. Launched in February this year in Australia (which, from the U.K., is a mighty long way to go to pick up a printed copy. So yay to them that it should soon be available on download!), those hot off the press Antipodean folk are hoping to keep up the printed version as well as making it available to us Northern hemisphere types on download.

The blog page for ‘Dude’ will help to keep you informed of all the latest news on the zine. It also features a picture of the cover of the first edition, how to get hold of a copy, and how you can help to keep it as good as it, so clearly, is. Originally intended as a ‘How to play with transguys guide’, it hopes to open up to cover more info, help, advice, relevant articles and hot, hot pics for future issues.

Judging by the cover (my, some of us transguys are well fit!), and what’s inside, we can only hope it’s a success. Zines on transmasculinity, that are not afraid to cover our sexuality, are a much needed resource. The more widely this zine is seen the better for our community, our understanding and, let’s face it, our libidos. (Really, the cover pics are very I stressing that enough??)

Dude cover by Sam Orchard

Latest coffee fix. Where we get it.

19 Apr
a rich red road bordered by trees: the way to a good coffee farm

this road leads to good coffee

CCK Central is enjoying yet another special gem delivered to us by those wonderful folks at Monmouth. Can my words and a pic do it justice, I wonder?

Well…. what you’re looking at is the way into the Gethumbwini Estate, where our latest fave fix is made. A little south of the equator, and a little north of Nairobi (capital of Kenya) is a farm  with lots of water, wildlife (rare rhinos!) and lots of space for the making of coffee.

Never mind the blurb though…just look at that soil! Only rich and fruity things can come from such a surface! It’s more than appropriate that you can get some for yourself from us fruity folk at CCK…you can trust me.

Click on to the webshop (see the pic above on the right) and ask for some.

Barbara Carrellas ‘Urban Tantra Professional Workshop’ in the U.K!

18 Apr

My, we are a lucky bunch in good ol’ Blighty. Barbara Carrellas, author (of  ‘Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex For The Twenty First Century’ and ‘Luxurious Loving: Tantric Inspirations for Passion and Pleasure’), sex educator, theatre artist, sex/life coach and workshop facilitator, will be holding one of her amazing workshops in the U.K!

To say Barbara Carrellas is multi-talented, and an expert at what she does could be considered an underestimation of her skills. Designed for, but not specifically restricted to, those who work with sex and sexuality, the ‘Urban Tantra Professional Workshop’ will benefit all who attend it. Barbara Carrellas shows you how to make the most of Tantric and BDSM techniques to enhance your (and your clients’/students’) sexuality, meaning and understanding. The workshop will help you with your professional goals, how to get your message across, and how to be a better professional success in the world of sex and sexuality.

Whether you work as a pro-Domme, Tantrika, sex therapist or educator, or indeed something else in the sex field, this workshop will be of great benefit. The week long coures aims to be of specific use for each participant’s needs. The ‘Urban Tantra Workshop’ will help, inform, support all participants, and open up a new way of thinking and practicing all that is possible. Barbara Carrellas’ unique way of thinking, educating, her expertise, and her way of communicating these ideas, will provide all who are lucky enough to attend the workshop a wonderful, new insight to their work, their clients/students, and their personal development as sexual, sensual beings.

To give yourself the chance to attend and participate in this life-enhancing, awesome workshop, contact Hayley Caspers at . It will take place from 15-20th September this year, at a stunning location. The chance to meet and learn from one of the most successful, interesting, knowledgable and unique minds in our wonderfully sexual, sensual and kinky world, should not be missed!


Photo by Barbara Nitke

Friday News is here again

15 Apr

It’s Friday again! Tomorrow night I’m off to a 1950s-style prom to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross, but before that – time for a few links.

The usual caveats apply – these links may not reflect the views of CCK, and they may not make you happy. But they are interesting – so enjoy!

Catherine Zeta-Jones has separated mental health from scandal [The Guardian].

Can I Just Say… [Illustrated Women].

Archaeologists in Europe have discovered remains of a human dubbed the world’s first ‘gay caveman’ [].

Is Queer Offensive? One school says “yes” [The Bilerico Project].

Apple employees joing the It Gets Better Project [Diva].

Disability Normal – The Twitter Version [A Writer in a Wheelchair – Part 1, Part 2].

Trousers: a Rotten Rhyme

15 Apr

Two young gentlemen, James and Jon

Went into a bar with their trousers on.

Went there for a cider, started with a kiss:

Didn’t think that anything would be wrong with this…

a soho pub: no kissing allowed

you can come here bout dont go too far

Up steps the management. Whoa there! Wait!

We don’t give a fig that you’re out on your first date:

There’s no way in Soho that you’re gonna get it on!

(With or without them trousers on!) Out!


Ejected from the premises, James and Jon

Kept their heads, didnt lose their shirts

And definitely kept their trousers on.

Rhymer’s note: although the preceeding is inspired by actual events reported in national press, every effort has be made to make it resolutely rotten.

Friday News is back from holiday

8 Apr

I’ve been on holiday, so it’s been a bit quiet on the friday news front. Here are some links, which come with the usual disclaimer of possibly not being the views of CCK, safe for work, or to your liking. We just think they’re interesting.


Life, love, sex and art in diagrammatic form is the title of a blog on Run Riot. Go and look at the pictures, read the words. [Run Riot].

Suviving with spoons – looking at disability and abuse [hiumin magdala writes].

2257 laws, privacy, and the mass outing of porn performers: where do we go from here is Furry Girl’s take on the leaking of porn performers’ identities by website Porn Wikileaks [Feminisnt].

Police in China have arrested 32 women for allegedly writing erotica for a gay website [Pink News].

Sexuality and Aging Today is the blog of the Sexuality And Aging Consortium at Widener University.. Go read it.

From Birth To Chosen

5 Apr

A vibrant treasure of a collection of short films was shown at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. ‘From Birth To Chosen’  had eight films that explored the areas of gender and family, both born and chosen. With a mix of documentary, drama and comedy, this group of films delighted the audience and left all who saw them contemplating issues of gender identity and what family is all about.

The programme started with a U.S. documentary, ‘The Family Journey: Raising Gender Nonconforming Children’, which interviewed various family members from several families about the issues that both they,  and their children,  faced in society and amongst friends and peers. This touching, candid film was very moving. It was refreshing to see the family love and support that was given to the children concerned. With a wealth of different experiences and emotions felt between the interviewees, this film provided a sense of hope and recognition to many.

Another short film from the U.S., ‘Loop Plane’ was a gem of a film. With a fictional story set in an amusement park, following a day in the life of a transgender teen who lives and works there with his supportive father, this wonderful short took you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Beautifully acted and directed, and with some quite stunning cinematography, this film is definitely worth looking out for.

Nominated by the LLGFF for the Iris Short Film Prize (which is one of, if not the, gay and lesbian short film awards), ‘James Dean’ was a smart, funny short set in Scotland. Perfectly capturing the way families behave, argue and relate, all whilst waiting in a car ready for a family outing, this amusing film pleased the audience no end. Everyone could relate to the way families bicker, support or disagree, and the ‘punchline’ towards the end of the film was fabulous.

‘Spiral transition’ was a personal exploration of the development of relations between a mother and her trans son, from the moment when he first finds out her feelings about his transitioning. ‘Absence’ was an artily crafted short about gender fluidity, and the way some have to navigate between identities, in order to relate to family members. ‘Living Room: Bar Wotever 2008-2009’ is the first installment of an ongoing project by Dr Jane, about the people who go to the fantastic Bar Wotever, and what the space means to them. It gave a real sense of why Bar Wotever is cherished by so many and incorporated some of Dr Jane’s stunning photographs as well.

Filmed as a pilot for a possible series, ‘Traverse City’ followed the adventures of a woman and her trans boyfriend as they cross the U.S. to meet her gay male parents. Much comedy was had from the reactions of the gay father, the seperate sexual adventures of the non-monogomous central couple, and the awkwardness of having a partner meet the parents for the first time, which most can relate to. Incorporating comedy, drama, animation and fantasy, this had the audience laughing out loud and waiting for the next installment.

The final film in the selection was ‘Bella Maddo’. This fantastic comic melodrama was about a self-obsessed pregnant wife and mother, and the hell she brings on most of her loved ones. Although none of the characters in the story were transgendered, all the actors in the film were. Co-writer, director and amazing star of the film, Janice Danielle, wanted to make a film that showcased talented trans performers, in roles they may usually not be considered for. This hilarious film had a great sense of heightened drama (in the best possible way!) and was shot, written, directed and acted to a very high standard. It made ‘Mommie Dearest’ seem tame by comparison, and was extremely well received by the audience.

Hopefully you will all get the chance to see this great collection of films. You will be amused, enlightened and have your heart touched by the films.

Look away now (if you don’t want to see the score)

5 Apr

a likeness of Michael Jackson on (Fulham) Broadway
This is it!

Here’s a mediocre joke I made up last night. I say! What’s wrong with the new statue of Michael Jackson that was unveiled over the weekend? Dunno! It can’t sing, it doesn’t move and it hangs around near Craven Cottage. Ta Da!

Apart from that, what else is there to say that hasn’t been said elsewhere? Just by way of comparison, here’s a less sentimental take on MJJ  by Brit Art sculptor Marc Quinn: part of Man in the Mirror (Monochrome Reversal).

Marc Quinn's sculpting of MJJ'S head that me up there?