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Coffee Time

29 Mar

clock/thermometer made from recycled vending cupsWhat you are looking at is a combination of clock and thermometer made from recycled coffee cups. I checked out the blurb from the eco company that makes them to see if I could figure out how it was done. I’m still none the wiser… but apparently it starts with them cups out of your vending machine being collected, cleaned,  shredded, striped, squashed, sanded and all sorts of other stuff.

The credit for this work (and these before-and-after pics) to the Cornish based company ashortwalk. Good work guys. I’m still confused, but that’s just me.

cup containg shredded vending cups spilt next to nice product recycled from same

This! is made from this!

13 entries from the updated OED

25 Mar

The Oxford English Dictionary has recharged itself.  Here is a personally selected bunch of words which may (or may not be linked in some way to coffee…cake…or kink. Enjoy.

Cream crackered.



eton mess white chocolates

Eton Mess: file under cake

Eton mess.

Doughnut hole.

Muffin Top.

Couch surfing.





cartoon of domesticated godess

single? dom? Esticated goddess?

Domestic goddess.

Rubber ducky.

Rude boy.

Rude girl.

Runaway sexual selection.

Fishers of Men

25 Mar

Having delighted many a fan of muscular men with previous photoshoots for their clothing ranges, Dolce and Gabbana have not disappointed said fans again. Steven Klein’s photoshoot for Dolce and Gabbana’s spring/summer collection has a Spartacus-come-Sicilian fishermen theme. Grappling with ropes, netting and chains, as well as each other, (which I am sure we are all quite familiar with, in one form or another!) the mixture of smooth, pretty boys and hairy, rugged-type models get all sweaty in their range of warm weather wear.

Fashion photography is reknowned for using kinky, erotica-themed ideas. In this particular shoot the muscular homoeroticism fair ripples off the page! If you are a connosseur of such imagery, you should check out Coffee, Cake and Kink’s selection of Ulli Richter’s photography, which gives a few, hard lessons to any imitators. (Especially my personal fave ‘Hard Labour’. There’s no messing with these men!).

Hard Labour

Hard Labour

Transgender Prisoners Get New Rights

24 Mar

On the 14th March, new Ministry of Justice guidelines  came into effect, making sure that all transgendered prisoners will be allowed to buy and wear gender-appropriate clothing, make-up and prostheses whilst serving their sentences. Prison workers must also address trans prisoners by their chosen name and title. For prisoners with a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), placement in an appropriate prison will also be allowed, unless there are particular security reasons not to. Trans prisoners without a GRC will have their cases decided individually to see where they would best be placed.

Although certain newspapers and their readers have been throwing a hissy fit over the fact that  the various equality Acts put in place by Parliament are being adhered to (as they should be), these guidelines are a mighty step forward to recognising the rights of the transgendered prison population. There is no excuse for the rights of trans people being denied, no matter where they are in the U.K. That is why the Gender Recognition Act (2004) and other anti-discrimination policies were passed in the first place!

Still, there is some way to go to gain full acceptance for trans people. From offensive terms littering articles in the press, such as ‘sex swap‘ (I hate that phrase. It really is insensitive, belittling and demeaning!), and the prejudicial slant from reporting that focuses more on the aspects of the story that they can sensationalise, to some cisgendered people’s lack of knowledge and understanding about trans lives and issues. However, the law is (now) pretty much on our side.

Cakes Fit For A King and Queen

23 Mar

Well, Prince William and Kate Middleton (you know the ones..always on the news, something to do with a royal family..), have finally decided on what cake to have at their wedding. The Welsh National Culinary Team have been chosen to bake the cake, to be unveiled on the 29th April. The cake, which may well have Welsh-themed decorations, will then be donated to the Centrepoint charity.

If you want to have your cake (and eat it too!), Coffee, Cake and Kink have a delicious selection of beautifully made and tasty cakes on offer. Check them out, and as you will see from the photos, there are even some serving suggestions!

Talk About..Pop Factory

22 Mar

This Friday, 25th March, Wotever World are hosting their biggest queer club night at the Scala in Kings Cross, Pop Factory. For a mixed gay/queer/straight crowd, this will be a poptastic, tune-orgasmic night of dancing to some of the best pop, electro, indie, punk, rock n roll, glam and riot grrl music from the past few decades!

As you will have noticed, the term ‘pop’ is themed in a kinky kind of way, not following narrow-minded definitions, but keeping to a much broader spectrum, which is what we like! With POP ART (by the multi-talented, magically gifted Joe Pop) on display, free POP noodles to the first 50 through the door and lolliPOPs for the masses.

A live PA by BOY, a fantabulosa line-up of DJs to include Bob Henderson (Club Motherfucker), DJ Wanker (Fuck The Pain Away), Jo Bunny (Bar Wotever) and Vicki Lester (who I’m sure you all know from Torture Garden) means there will be plenty of choice for you to hit the floor, with happy dancing feet.

Entry is only £5 with a flyer/concessions before 10.30pm, others £7; or £7 concessions, £8 others after 10.30pm, so it won’t break the bank. Remember kinksters, sometimes it’s all about the music, so get down to Pop Factory to mingle with a wonderfully wotever crowd and start the weekend off with a POP (to go with a bang!)

Wotever World

Something for Saturday…

19 Mar

face mug: coffe cup in the shape of a face: with added doughnut in mouth!

Visionary French designer Jerome Olivet has been coming up with some amazing things. This ‘face mug’ is a one of his many alternative shapes for coffee mugs. I don’t think any other comment is needed…do you?

(pic via

American Firms To Pay For Gender Re-assignment

19 Mar

In America, the Human Rights Campaign are to produce their annual Corporate Equality Index. This year, part of the criteria will include whether a company’s medical insurance will cover the cost of gender re-assignment. Because of the U.S.A’s costly medical system, many transgendered people find it difficult to cover the costs of re-assignment treatment without insurance cover from their employers.

Already some of the U.S.A’s biggest companies, such as Yahoo!, Coca Cola and American Express, do cover the cost of treatment within their company health insurance policy, as they see the benefits of keeping their transgendered employees within the workforce, and not having those employees find themselves in financial difficulties.

If a company wants to receive a 100% rating in the Corporate Equality Index, they must now offer employees medical insurance which covers up to $75,000 worth of gender re-assignment treatment and surgery. Because of this, many more companies are expected to bring this policy in, following in the footsteps of Yahoo! and American Express. As it will only be used by a minority of employees, the scheme would not be too expensive, yet will have a major effect on transgendered employees’ lives and ability to continue working for their companies.This is not only good news for trans employees, but also for the firms who will offer this insurance cover.

Friday news doesn’t know which seat to take

18 Mar

As always with Friday news links, they may not reflect the opinion of CCK, be suitable for those under 18, the workplace, or those of a certain mindset. We take no responsibility for how you react to these links, we just think they’re interesting. The editor, however, wishes to apologise to anyone who does in fact, know which day comes after Friday.

Don’t oversimplify the human response to Japan’s plight [The Guardian].

Civil Partnerships legalised on the Isle of Man [Lesbilicious].

Growing up ugly [The Pervocracy].

Inspired by Banksy, ten year old embarks on street art project [Taxi].

United We Rise [Pundit Kitchen].

Disabled People Against The Cuts is asking for people to email in their support for their rally on the 26th of March.

Anal probe finds parsnips and pigs’ tail [The Guardian]. (ed. – remember folks, plenty of lube and a flanged end!)

Friday video: Brand New Me by Bitter Ruin

I Love You, But..

18 Mar

On 20th March, from 7-10pm, The Oval House Theatre hosts ‘I Love You, But We Only Have Fourteen Minutes To Save The Earth’, a mixture of live and video performances. Created, directed and developed by Nathan Evans, the talented performer known for his work at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, the show boasts some of the best gender and genre-defying acts that grace our appreciative performance venues.

The wonderful, acerbic, intelligent and (very, very!) funny David Hoyle, reigning Alternative Miss World and (sometime) Bluestocking Society performer Fancy Chance, and bearded lady, homespun philosopher Timberlina, will be performing live. All-round icon, legend and actor Betty Bourne and video artist Kate Pelling will be performing in projected form.

The project gives each unique performer the chance to display their amazing talents within the remit of the title’s outline. This show promises to deliver some of the most thought-provoking, intelligent and amusing performances available at the present time. Tickets cost £5, and I doubt you will find a better priced evening’s entertainment. A one-off show that will delight and inform on a discourse we can all relate to.