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Friday News is back from holiday

8 Apr

I’ve been on holiday, so it’s been a bit quiet on the friday news front. Here are some links, which come with the usual disclaimer of possibly not being the views of CCK, safe for work, or to your liking. We just think they’re interesting.


Life, love, sex and art in diagrammatic form is the title of a blog on Run Riot. Go and look at the pictures, read the words. [Run Riot].

Suviving with spoons – looking at disability and abuse [hiumin magdala writes].

2257 laws, privacy, and the mass outing of porn performers: where do we go from here is Furry Girl’s take on the leaking of porn performers’ identities by website Porn Wikileaks [Feminisnt].

Police in China have arrested 32 women for allegedly writing erotica for a gay website [Pink News].

Sexuality and Aging Today is the blog of the Sexuality And Aging Consortium at Widener University.. Go read it.

Friday news doesn’t know which seat to take

18 Mar

As always with Friday news links, they may not reflect the opinion of CCK, be suitable for those under 18, the workplace, or those of a certain mindset. We take no responsibility for how you react to these links, we just think they’re interesting. The editor, however, wishes to apologise to anyone who does in fact, know which day comes after Friday.

Don’t oversimplify the human response to Japan’s plight [The Guardian].

Civil Partnerships legalised on the Isle of Man [Lesbilicious].

Growing up ugly [The Pervocracy].

Inspired by Banksy, ten year old embarks on street art project [Taxi].

United We Rise [Pundit Kitchen].

Disabled People Against The Cuts is asking for people to email in their support for their rally on the 26th of March.

Anal probe finds parsnips and pigs’ tail [The Guardian]. (ed. – remember folks, plenty of lube and a flanged end!)

Friday video: Brand New Me by Bitter Ruin

Friday News is multitasking in a meeting

18 Feb

It’s Friday, which is the traditional everybody-in staff meeting day at CCK towers – lots of talking about the things we’re doing, Kiera is taking photos (we might show you – we know they’ll be good, but will they be flattering?) and you’re editor here is trying not to consume the entire loaf of ginger cake. So I’m writing the links we’ve loved!

As always, these links are external to CCK, and may not reflect the views of CCK. Some links may not be suitable for work, small children, or the easily offended; they might be triggering.


Strange Fruit – the first great protest song [The Guardian].

Hipster or Gay? How to tell [Themostcake].

A short clip from a documentary about the 2009 Berlin Porn Film Festival; that year, the focus was really on female-made erotica:

You Know You’re Trans* When… is a brilliant tumblr blog.

Forget feminism, it was Agony Aunts who liberated women [The Daily Mail] (ed: I know, I know, but the article is good and I have linked to it via istyosty)

Faces of Fibromyalgia is a new blog from Fibroduck – have a read, see if you can spot a familiar face, pass it on, and if you have fibro, contribute your story.

9 Stupid Myths about Bisexuals [Alternet]

Friday News!

14 Jan

I’m writing this sitting in our staff meeting – shh, don’t tell anyone – because I will not be late this week. And because I want to go to the pub with everyone else (we know how to team build).

With all of these links, they are not CCK content, and do not necessarily express the views of CCK (we just think they’re interesting). Content may not be suitable for under-18s, workplace viewing, or be particularly kinky. On with the linky goodness!

What if Tunisia had a revolution and nobody noticed? [My heart’s in Accra]. There’s a liveblog at EA WorldView.

March is Women’s History Month [The F-Word].

The Women’s Library is hosting an exhibition by the ceramic artist Nicola Malkin, as a part of their exhibition on women and domestic crafts (which is excellent, by the way – E) [The Women’s Library].

The Adipositivity Project is a gorgeous project aiming to widen the definitions of beauty through photography.

Nominate insipiring women for The Guardian’s list celebrating the 100th International Women’s Day [The Guardian].

Possibly including someone of this list of ten things invented by women [Women’s History Month].

Kaliya Franklin on why the disability living allowance cuts are relevant to all [The Guardian].

And bringing the funny for today – what America has learnt about British Justice system from Law and Order: UK.


Friday News (the very first time)

30 Dec

Although we can’t blog about absolutely everything, we still like to keep abreast of the news – so starting from today, we’re going to write a short piece collecting news that has interested us over the past week. If you’ve got anything you think we should be reading, or writing about  – please let us know in the comments, or on twitter.

With all of these links, they are not CCK content, and do not necessarily express the views of CCK (we just think they’re interesting). Content may not be suitable for under-18s, workplace viewing, or be particularly kinky.

The Association of Chief Police Officers has called for an overhaul of the UK’s prostitution laws in order to protect sex workers [The Independant, BBC, Harlot’s Parlour].

Douglas Fox from Harlot’s Parlour on how you can help the proposed review of best practice with relation to sex work.

Do you use boy words or girl words? [Thoughts ON].

A review of new Queer Feminist sex zine Salacious [Filament].

Beyond Male and Female: the biology of who we are [The Daily Kos].

Pandora Blake from Spanked, Not Silenced, Dr Petra Boynton, and Abel from The Spanking Writers on the proposed opt-in “porn block”.

Your inner feminist should be happy [Rakoon, Mirkwood]

What 2011 will hold for the law and sexuality [Chris Ashford – Law and Sexuality].