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Corset and Diamonds – we went, we saw, we had a very good time!

31 Jan

Last weekend, CCK’s own photographer Kiera went down to Corsets and Diamonds; here are her thoughts on the fun she had. Kiera will be out and about at lots of events over the coming months, sometimes with one of our writers, sometimes on her own. If you see her, say hello! And if you have an event you’d like us to cover, let us know. Here’s Kiera though.

I went down to Corsets and Diamonds’ event ‘Pearl Harbour’ on Saturday at Clerkenwell House, and had a lovely time soaking up the friendly company and 1940s costumes and music. It was a mixed crowd of queers and straights with a focus on creating a women-friendly space – men are welcome if they are accompanying a woman. The rule of ‘Respect,  Glamour  and Dignity‘ was present throughout the evening, from the inclusiveness of the event, to the vintage costumes and decor.

A man and a woman pose for the camera - she is wearing a fitted red dress, glasses, and is drinking from a glass of wine, one hand on her hip. He is wearing a naval officer's uniform and tipping his hat to the camera

photo by K. James

Two women. One is wearing a naval officer's jacket and hat, and is smiling at the camera. The other is wearing a military jacket and is holding a glass of wine

photo by K. James

Corsets and Diamonds have been organising themed burlesque evenings every two months for the last couple of years. What sets them apart from the many other burlesque evenings out there is how genuine and unpretentious they are – as the website states, the parties are for “Beautiful people inside and out” and it is rare to find an event that actually pulls that off!

Here are some more photos of the night – click on them to see a bigger image.

Valentines Caption Competition Time

31 Jan

We love Valentines. We like it lovey-dovey, we like it kinky, we like it as that day when you stick two fingers up at the world of dating and relationships and revel in your own company… and because we love it so much, we’ve got lots of events and a competition.

And now… selected from a short-list of three qualified lurve couplings, CCK is proud to present the picture that will help you (dear reader) to supply a suitable caption!

What we have here is a still from the new Disney movie called Tangled which seems to be based on a story by the Brothers Grimm. The course of true love, eh? Can you tell us what these cartoon characters would say by way of a Valentine greeting?

still from the Disney film "Tangled"

Even as I speak, members of staff are rummaging around in the CCK goody-good-good jar for a mix of prizes…details of which will come in an update of this blog. Stay tuned!

Obama’s LGBT Appointees

31 Jan

President Obama has appointed three LGBT people to prominent positions in the administration and judiciary in the US. Jeffrey Levi has been given a post in health promotion and prevention, carrying on the important work he started in the 80s around AIDS education. J. Paul Oatken will be the third openly gay federal court judge, if his nomination is confirmed. Finally, Roberta Achtenberg, who was the first out gay appointee in US government history back in the days of Clinton, will sit on the Commission on Human Rights, giving LGBT people a much needed voice. [Huffington Post].

Picks for the Anti-Valentine

31 Jan

So, you hate Valentine’s Day too? Maybe you dislike the idea, or the “Hallmark Holiday”, or just don’t feel like celebrating. Well, join the club: there’s even a day for it, if you’re single.

But even if you hate Valentine’s, you deserve a treat, right? And if going out with your friends isn’t your thing, how about a night in, snuggled up with a DVD or a book and some coffee and cake? Or chocolate, of course – it is traditional at this time of year, after all. Oh, plus it’s tasty.

So, what would I recommend? Well, top of the list: entertainment. I particularly enjoyed reading the …on Top selections of short stories – salacious literature about men and women topping (or dominating) their partners. Alternatively, if looking at gorgeous photography is more your bag, you can’t go wrong with a spot of Ray Leaning.

Prefer a night with a good film? Well, then I prescribe Preaching to Perverted, a BBC film (yes, really!) now exclusive to Coffee, Cake & Kink, it is the story of a young man trying to gather evidence for a legal case against fetish clubs in the UK; however, the star of the show falls in love with an American sex goddess and leader of the UK and US “scene” and tries to persuade her out of her illegal exploits, whereas she wants to pervert him… who will win? The DVD is region 0 which means you can watch it anywhere in the world. You know you want to try it…

What will you eat and drink whilst you enjoy your evening’s entertainment? Our ranges of coffee and cake change often, so give us a call to chat to one of our Personal Shoppers and see if they can tempt you with some wonderful Monmouth coffee, handmade cakes and Feeding Your Imagination chocolate…

Monstergirl World Tour: Erika Lopez in London

30 Jan

The hardworking, finger on the pulse, downright lovely Wotever crew are very proud to present Erika Lopez’s only London date (this tour round), this Saturday, upstairs at the Ritzy.

Erika lopez is a sharp, witty, take-no-prisoners writer and a fantastic live performer. If you’ve ever read her work, take this opportunity to see her, if not, take this chance to check her out, she’s great. Being held upstairs at the Ritzy cinema,  Brixton, ‘Monstergirl World Tour: Erika Lopez with The Welfare Queen’ gives you the chance to hear Erika read from her book ‘The Welfare Queen’ , ruminating on how to survive in general and fight for your art on very little income in this age of austerity. The night also lets you dance the rest of the evening away to the Wotever djs.

As the hosts say “Do not miss this opportunity to learn, laugh, celebrate and cheer with Erika Lopez and her many tales of survival, revenge and pure love.” Not only does this night offer you the chance to see a creative tour de force up close and personal, but it will also give you the chance to support the wonderful Wotever crew, who do so much for the LGBTQ community. So go support them, enjoy an amazing writer and cartoonist perform, dance, be merry, feel good! It is January, we all need some funny, fierce, joy, and love.

Queer Riot!

30 Jan

For all you folks up in Manchester, or those visiting in February, there will be a Queer Riot happening! It’ll be at the Contact Theatre, and run by the tireless, fearsome and downright lovely people who organise Ladyfest (Manchester) and Queeruption (Manchester), it will be a mixture of discussions, workshops, feminist and queer performances and friendly sociability.

To quote their own statement, the event is to “Fight back against the cuts and help create queer culture in a time of austerity.” To keep very much in the spirit of the event, it’s free!! It’s happening on Saturday 12th Feb, from 4pm-7.30pm, though I’m sure the effects will ripple on a lot longer. An antidote to the times we’re living in. Viva la queer avant garde, viva la revolution!

Songs for Valentine’s Day (should you need one)

29 Jan heart shaped from coffee beans

cover for a Paul Simon single, with the singer in a light shirt and cowboy hatheart shaped from coffee beans

It’s not far away now… so should we pamper, or no? Short of ideas for a loving serenade? Well there’s still time to think of something appropriate. How about one of Paul Simon’s greatest hits: 35 years old and still quite a classic. The chorus lists 5 of the 50 Ways There Must Be To Leave Your Lover and leaves it to you – dear listener – to figure out what the other 45 are. Now there’s a lovely way to spend an Valentine’s evening. Can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.

By the way, you should check out our store for more ways of making the night suitably sexy (or suitably soppy, if needs be).

Just slip out the back, Jack…

Friday News has much to tell you

28 Jan

We’ve got a new calendar – it’s over there, under the cartoon. Although it only shows the first ten events, the title will take you to the google calendar. The events calendar is not just CCK’s events (although they are on there!), but events we think might be of interest to our customers and friends – from plays and standup comedy to art and discussion groups. If you want your event to be included, get in touch!

As always, with all of these links, they are not CCK content, and do not necessarily express the views of CCK (we just think they’re interesting). Content may not be suitable for under-18s, workplace viewing, or be particularly kinky. On with the linky goodness!


What happens in your brain when you orgasm [Discovery Health] (h/t to Pandora Blake).

Brenda Namigadde, a Ugandan asylum seeker who left Uganda after suffering violence for being a lesbian, fears that if her deportation goes ahead, she will be killed because of her sexuality [BBC].

Brenda’s case is of particular interest right now, as today was the funeral of Ugandan gay-rights activist David Kato [BBC, Gay Uganda]. The event was marred by the sudden – and unexpected – homophobic tirade by the presiding pastor [The Guardian].

Fetish Speed Dating at Club Rub.

France’s ban on gay marriage has been upheld by the French constitutional court [BBC].

This coming tuesday sees the mark of LGBT History Month in the UK, and Black History Month in the US and Canada.

An excellent article on errectile dysfunction by Cory Silverberg [] (h/t to Dr Petra and Bish Training).

Ten films by women directors in 2010 [Gender Across Borders].

Elton John calls for a Repeal of Prop 8 in California [The Guardian].

Author Philip Pulman on the value of libraries [False Economy].

Johann Hari: Why is it wrong to proctect gay children? [The Independant]. Incidentally, the Gay Agenda now comes in app form.

And a double-dose of video goodness. First, the cute – an octopus and a beer bottle:

And Duelling Cellos’ cover Smooth Criminal.

And folks, we’ve got a party on the 31st, and our usual monthly social on the 4th!

Just around the corner: LGBT History Month

27 Jan
profile pic of Ian Mckellen: from the Daily Telegraph

Actor and Activist: Ian Mckellen

CCK staff are planning to be out and about during the month of Feb. What with Valentine’s Day coming up (be sure to check out our wares in the CCK online shop), some awards ceremonies and  a few important openings in London Town alone, there isn’t a shortage of things to cover.

We won’t get to everything of course: here’s an example. Next Monday, Sir Ian McKellen will be speaking at the Cambridge Union, one of the oldest student debating forums around. This event throws a focus on the start of LGBT History Month, and I’m sure that many interested parties would be interested in such an appearance.

Alas: there’s not much space in the debating chamber…and it’s members only. Never mind: this blog tilts its hat in a reverential fashion. The slogan for LGBT  History Month captures the mood as it should: claim the history, celebrate the present and create the future. Have yourselves a good time…and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming coverage of events!
If you’re looking for things to do – we suggest a look at our events calendar, which is in the sidebar.

Staff Picks: Little Ember Candle

26 Jan

We sell products that we love – we know they’re really as good as they look. This week, Rae has come over all enthusiastic again.


I was very lucky to be sent a JimmyJane Little Ember Candle by Santa over Christmas and this weekend myself and The Chap were finally free to try it out.

After a hard day’s work of D.I.Y, room re-decorating and slaving over a meal for four, we were full of stress and knots. We lit a few candles to wind down, one of which being the JimmyJane in Truffle and Gardenia scent. I have never been a fan of scented candles in the past; as a former perfume shop employee I’m very sensitive to artificial scents, and find that most candles smell like cheap air freshener, but I was completely won over by the full and complex scent that came off the candle. I couldn’t wait to start drizzling!

Luckily for us, it didn’t take too long to melt to a usable amount of oil, before I knew it I had enough to start my massage. As The Chap is a very sensitive English rose and doesn’t like things to be too hot, I snuffed the flame a few seconds before I started pouring. He reported back that it left the oil at a perfect warm temperature.

As soon as I started to rub the oil in, the scent started to develop beautifully. I couldn’t get enough of the smell! The oil was of a perfect consistency too; suitably heavy, lasting long enough to really work the muscles but at the same time not leaving a surface residue on the skin. The perfect test? The morning after our sheets were spotless!

When it came to my turn to be massaged, we kept the flame on. The ceramic pot meant that pouring felt safe and secure, and it really did feel similar to more traditional wax play, just with a little more subtlety between pouring heights. The best thing about the switch over? The fact that the fragrance had different upper notes on my skin. This meant that the perfume had been fully thought out to react differently to different pheromones. Gorgeous.

I can fully recommend the Little Ember Candles; in fact, I have the full set on order now! They are a perfect gift for every level of kink; yes they can be a fun substitute for wax play, but they also wouldn’t look out of place on your Auntie’s mantelpiece as they burn down just like regular candles. Also, they’re great value for money. Even though we played with our individual candle for over an hour, we still have two-thirds of the hardened oil left to play with. There’s no better way to learn about your own body yet alone that of your partner, so why not pick yours up today?