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We Are: Proud/Bourne Free/Ready to Party!

13 Jul
we are proud

College Green is the place where we are: proud

The highpoint of the largest Pride event in the South West of England is the annual parade in College Green, right in the heart of Bristol.

“We Are: Proud”  is  the theme of the day on Saturday, July 14 and at the end of the night Pride will take over the O2 Academy.

Organisers of  the event are once again looking forward to welcoming crowds from all over the UK and beyond who will come from across the world to enjoy Pride.

Daryn Carter, one of the organisers of the festival has  said: “As one of the only free Prides in the UK, We Are: Proud promises to be bigger and better than ever.

let's partay

it’s raining men…hallelujah!

“We Are: Proud is a chance for people to stand up and declare that they are proud of who they are, for friends and families to show how proud they are of their loved ones and for the city to not just have a gay Pride but to be truly proud of its LGBT community.

“We are unfunded and will be asking for donations which not only help make Pride happen but will also go to support Freedom Youth, Bristol’s dedicated LGBT Youth Service.”

And guess what? The incoming Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Peter Main is the first openly gay Lord Mayor of Bristol. He’ll be at the parade, no doubt.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Meanwhile in Bournemouth, they will be having a right royal knees-up in honour of the Jubilee. Their parade leaves West Cliff, Monkey Island at noon tomorrow…and finishes  at the Triangle at 1pm.

During the afternoon there will be a great family entertainment in the Lower Gardens, at the Bandstand, with stalls, live music and comedy hosted by Sally Vate and Lucinda Lashes.

From 1pm-6pm artists appearing include: All About GaGa, Lady James, Benjii, Jazz Blaack, Tammy Twinkle, Nicolette Street, Michael Hinch, Wilma Fingadoo, the winner of Bourne Free’s Got Talent, Cindy Hollingsworth and Sheila and the Monster Boys.

this is wright...jess wright

that’s wright…jessie wright

From 6pm-11pm artists appearing include: Jessica Wright (The Only Way is Essex), Rogue Minogue, Envy, Miss Jason, Butchesque, James Bedford, Sandra and X Factor finalists, 2 Shoes who will bring the evening to a close.

Then…on Sunday, The Triangle Tour features a Metropolitan Community Church Service in the Triangle Arena at noon. Miss Jason does her Bingo at DMYK at 3pm. There is a cabaret tea party at 2930 at 6pm followed by Wilmas Mad House at The Branksome at 8pm. At 11pm Sheilas cabaret show & stripper is at XChange. The Bakers Arms is open all day for Bourne Free After party drinks.


To be taken with a grain of salt

10 Jul

They say sometimes that youth is wasted on the young.

Well, I’ll tell the tale and you be the judge.

don't try at home (or anywhere else)

Drugs don’t work. Taking the wrong drugs really doesn’t work.

Matthew Hammond, a 21-year-old Georgia male  from Georgia in Miami was arrested on July 3 after being discovered ‘out of his mind’ on bath salts, and armed with a knife.

Police were called to the scene and Hammond was arrested. But not before a grim discovery was made. To whit: ‘a strong odour of excrement emitting from his breath’ and ‘faeces in his mouth and teeth.’

Sorry you had to see that, folks.

We know what we like on this blog (all together now. coffee cake and kink). But how bizarre is this?

The world is full of people who have convinced themselves they are mature enough to sample the latest drug of choice. You’ve had your fun now. But watch out: the next generation is copying you, and it smells something horrid.

Friday News is back from holiday

8 Apr

I’ve been on holiday, so it’s been a bit quiet on the friday news front. Here are some links, which come with the usual disclaimer of possibly not being the views of CCK, safe for work, or to your liking. We just think they’re interesting.


Life, love, sex and art in diagrammatic form is the title of a blog on Run Riot. Go and look at the pictures, read the words. [Run Riot].

Suviving with spoons – looking at disability and abuse [hiumin magdala writes].

2257 laws, privacy, and the mass outing of porn performers: where do we go from here is Furry Girl’s take on the leaking of porn performers’ identities by website Porn Wikileaks [Feminisnt].

Police in China have arrested 32 women for allegedly writing erotica for a gay website [Pink News].

Sexuality and Aging Today is the blog of the Sexuality And Aging Consortium at Widener University.. Go read it.

Friday news doesn’t know which seat to take

18 Mar

As always with Friday news links, they may not reflect the opinion of CCK, be suitable for those under 18, the workplace, or those of a certain mindset. We take no responsibility for how you react to these links, we just think they’re interesting. The editor, however, wishes to apologise to anyone who does in fact, know which day comes after Friday.

Don’t oversimplify the human response to Japan’s plight [The Guardian].

Civil Partnerships legalised on the Isle of Man [Lesbilicious].

Growing up ugly [The Pervocracy].

Inspired by Banksy, ten year old embarks on street art project [Taxi].

United We Rise [Pundit Kitchen].

Disabled People Against The Cuts is asking for people to email in their support for their rally on the 26th of March.

Anal probe finds parsnips and pigs’ tail [The Guardian]. (ed. – remember folks, plenty of lube and a flanged end!)

Friday video: Brand New Me by Bitter Ruin

Friday News is recovering from all the erotica yesterday

4 Mar

… by reading the #fucktoyfriday stream on twitter. Which isn’t really helping. Oops. On with the links!


Men are dirty and disgusting, women are pure and flawless… Right? [The Good Men Project]. (since coming across that link, I got trapped in the website loveliness that is The Good Men Project; a recommended read no matter what your gender).

Use of a motorised sex toy demonstration (by a willing woman) following a lecture on human sexuality at Northwestern University in Canada has sparked controversy. Our Wills has something to say about that, but until then, here’s the BBC.

Porn discussion round-up following Ladypornday from [Pandora Blake].

Gender Differences and casual sex: the new research – an analysis from Thomas at Yes Means Yes, which finds:

“that most of the gender difference in women’s and men’s propensity to agree to a broad-daylight, out-of-nowhere proposition for casual sex is driven by women’s perception that their risks are higher, and their likely enjoyment is lower from the proposer.”

The impact of adult entertainment on rape statistics – a re-analysis  [International Union of Sex Workers].

Sex and Disability – Not Sexual Disability [Erika Lust] (I’m doing something on this, looking specifically at kinky sex and disability – watch this space – E)

This frankly awesome piece on disability by Steve Sparshott. Make a cup of coffee and sit and read it properly, it is that good [The Nervous Breakdown].


And in case you haven’t seen it – Charlie Sheen Dubstep. Enjoy your weekend, folks, if you’re coming to the social I’ll see you tonight!


Friday news is having one of those days…

25 Feb

… you know the sort of day, where you get sucked into the endless spiral that is The Internet and suddenly you find it’s half three and you’ve been compulsively clicking links on wikipedia and you know more about obscure diseases than you even thought you wanted or needed to know. Except being me, and knowing where I work (here, in case you didn’t know), I’ve not been looking at wikipedia. I’ve been looking at the opendildonics wiki, and looking into home-made sex toys.

I’ve already wondered what would happen if there was an accident and your home-made dildo made from a condom filled with grit split [Vaginal Arts & Crafts] and considered how to explain what I’m doing with a pile of cornflower (also, it needs food dye) [Chinasmack]. Although this homemade fleshlight is still the winner for sheer MacGyver-tastic brilliance. Obviously, if you’re not so keen on getting crafty before playtime, we can help you with that.

I’m a little bit in love with this blog, Post Modern Sleaze.

Oh, and ice cream made from breast milk has gone on sale in Covent Garden [BBC].

Filament’s Suraya Singh Sidu on Dusk, a porn channel aimed at women in The Netherlands [Good Vibrations].

Cambridge University’s Union held a debate on the motion “This house believes that pornography does a good public service” – and the motion was passed. Anna Span wrote her account of the debate for AVN; Cambridge First summed up the debate as well.

February 22nd was Lady Porn Day

an opportunity for ladies of all genders (or however you identify) to open up a dialog: What is feminist porn? What is your history with porn? What do you find hot? And ultimately it’s a dare to share your hot links. Because the more we can openly talk about porn and what we like, the more likely it is that porn for women will continue being made

– there are lots of links to excellent posts on the site, as well as some in-house interviews, like this one with queer porn  actress and activist Jiz Lee.

Talking of porn, you might have noticed the new reviews tab up at the top of the page. If you’ve bought something from CCK, tell us about it! (or if it’s something you bought elsewhere that we sell). And because the 3rd of March is World Book Day, we’ll be celebrating all our favourite kinky books – so tell us what yours are, and maybe we’ll feature them on the blog! (we’ll definitely enter them for the monthly review raffle, where each review is a ticket to the draw for some goodies from the CCK shop).


And those were your links! Enjoy – and have a superb, possibly kinky, weekend. I’m off to knit. – Emma

Friday News is multitasking in a meeting

18 Feb

It’s Friday, which is the traditional everybody-in staff meeting day at CCK towers – lots of talking about the things we’re doing, Kiera is taking photos (we might show you – we know they’ll be good, but will they be flattering?) and you’re editor here is trying not to consume the entire loaf of ginger cake. So I’m writing the links we’ve loved!

As always, these links are external to CCK, and may not reflect the views of CCK. Some links may not be suitable for work, small children, or the easily offended; they might be triggering.


Strange Fruit – the first great protest song [The Guardian].

Hipster or Gay? How to tell [Themostcake].

A short clip from a documentary about the 2009 Berlin Porn Film Festival; that year, the focus was really on female-made erotica:

You Know You’re Trans* When… is a brilliant tumblr blog.

Forget feminism, it was Agony Aunts who liberated women [The Daily Mail] (ed: I know, I know, but the article is good and I have linked to it via istyosty)

Faces of Fibromyalgia is a new blog from Fibroduck – have a read, see if you can spot a familiar face, pass it on, and if you have fibro, contribute your story.

9 Stupid Myths about Bisexuals [Alternet]

Friday News has much to tell you

28 Jan

We’ve got a new calendar – it’s over there, under the cartoon. Although it only shows the first ten events, the title will take you to the google calendar. The events calendar is not just CCK’s events (although they are on there!), but events we think might be of interest to our customers and friends – from plays and standup comedy to art and discussion groups. If you want your event to be included, get in touch!

As always, with all of these links, they are not CCK content, and do not necessarily express the views of CCK (we just think they’re interesting). Content may not be suitable for under-18s, workplace viewing, or be particularly kinky. On with the linky goodness!


What happens in your brain when you orgasm [Discovery Health] (h/t to Pandora Blake).

Brenda Namigadde, a Ugandan asylum seeker who left Uganda after suffering violence for being a lesbian, fears that if her deportation goes ahead, she will be killed because of her sexuality [BBC].

Brenda’s case is of particular interest right now, as today was the funeral of Ugandan gay-rights activist David Kato [BBC, Gay Uganda]. The event was marred by the sudden – and unexpected – homophobic tirade by the presiding pastor [The Guardian].

Fetish Speed Dating at Club Rub.

France’s ban on gay marriage has been upheld by the French constitutional court [BBC].

This coming tuesday sees the mark of LGBT History Month in the UK, and Black History Month in the US and Canada.

An excellent article on errectile dysfunction by Cory Silverberg [About.com] (h/t to Dr Petra and Bish Training).

Ten films by women directors in 2010 [Gender Across Borders].

Elton John calls for a Repeal of Prop 8 in California [The Guardian].

Author Philip Pulman on the value of libraries [False Economy].

Johann Hari: Why is it wrong to proctect gay children? [The Independant]. Incidentally, the Gay Agenda now comes in app form.

And a double-dose of video goodness. First, the cute – an octopus and a beer bottle:

And Duelling Cellos’ cover Smooth Criminal.

And folks, we’ve got a party on the 31st, and our usual monthly social on the 4th!

Friday News (the very first time)

30 Dec

Although we can’t blog about absolutely everything, we still like to keep abreast of the news – so starting from today, we’re going to write a short piece collecting news that has interested us over the past week. If you’ve got anything you think we should be reading, or writing about  – please let us know in the comments, or on twitter.

With all of these links, they are not CCK content, and do not necessarily express the views of CCK (we just think they’re interesting). Content may not be suitable for under-18s, workplace viewing, or be particularly kinky.

The Association of Chief Police Officers has called for an overhaul of the UK’s prostitution laws in order to protect sex workers [The Independant, BBC, Harlot’s Parlour].

Douglas Fox from Harlot’s Parlour on how you can help the proposed review of best practice with relation to sex work.

Do you use boy words or girl words? [Thoughts ON].

A review of new Queer Feminist sex zine Salacious [Filament].

Beyond Male and Female: the biology of who we are [The Daily Kos].

Pandora Blake from Spanked, Not Silenced, Dr Petra Boynton, and Abel from The Spanking Writers on the proposed opt-in “porn block”.

Your inner feminist should be happy [Rakoon, Mirkwood]

What 2011 will hold for the law and sexuality [Chris Ashford – Law and Sexuality].