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Coffee Article – The End of Cheap Coffee

22 Nov

Despite us currently enjoying the boom of the “Coffee for the masses” trend that high street chains like Starbucks and Costa have brought us over the last decade, some would say that we have lost something in the process. Mass production has killed the intimacy and intricacy of making a really good coffee. The magic has gone so to speak.

All that could be changing however as coffee crops have been dwindling in recent years due to climate change and higher demand, seeing a steady rise in prices across the board. The rise in prices has not been passed onto the farmers, who are benefiting the least.

Those looking to keep prices down have been left with buying beans of lower quality, robbing the consumer of the higher standards to which they deserve.

Crisis gives rise to in ingenuity however, as a return to the “coffee experience” business model could see a move towards serving coffee in a way that makes the customer happy to pay more. A coffee shop called Intelligensia makes the whole process of making a coffee right in front of the customer, breaking it down into stages and explaining all the science along the way. A coffee lovers heaven!

Time will tell whether such an idea will catch on, giving coffee enjoyment which is worth its weight in gold!




Can Coffee Reduce the Risk of Cancer?

18 Nov
Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School have stated in a prospective study that the more coffee an adult drinks, the lower their risk of developing basal cell carcinoma, sometimes known as BCC.BCC is the most common form of skin cancer, often presenting itself in early stages as a sore that refuses to heal. Fengju Song Ph.D, co-author of the study, says that there is a inverse relationship between coffee and BCC. This seems like a pretty good reason to drink more of the lovely organic Monmouth Coffee that we sell here at CCK! Not that any of us need an excuse to drink wonderful coffee! Of course, if you have any health concerns it’s best to see a medical professional immediately.

You can find the full article on mediLexicon. We love to know what our readers think, so drop us a line below with your opinion!

Coffee Feature – Black Coffee Song

2 Nov

Black Coffee – The Careless Lovers (The Official Music Video) from Joon Chang on Vimeo.

I spotted this interesting little vid while browsing for coffee features. The song is called Black Coffee by The Careless Lovers, and the video is produced by Joon Chang. A perfect example of the perils of drinking too much Black Coffee!


Coffee Spotlight: Monmouth Costa Rican

25 Oct

Here at CCK we’re currently enjoying one of Monmouth’s Costa Rican blend, which is a bean called the Finca Las Fajas.

As with all coffees that Monmouth sell, they are almost literally on a first name basis with the bean suppliers. The Finca Las Fajas bean is grown by the Chacón Solano family in Caturra and Catucaí, in Costa Rica’s Central Valley.

It’s most distinguished characteristics are its rum and raisin flavoring, with a medium acidity and heavy body.

Have you tried it? What do you think are its good and bad points? What would you recommend as a good coffee? We want to know! Post your comments here, or on our twitter feed at http://twitter.com/#!/coffeecakekink!


UK Barista Championship 2012 Finals

5 Oct

The announcement of the finals for the UK Barista Championships will be hosted by the London Coffee Festival from the 27th to the 29th of April 2012.

The event will take place during UK Coffee Week at Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, and is expected to host over 12,000 trade and visitors over the three days it is planned to run.

As a special treat, the LCF will be running an exclusive “VIP Trade Day Experience”, giving participants to experience a unique coffee shop and food-to-go tour.

More details on tickets and can be found on their website:


Coffee-Powered World Record Car

28 Sep

An unusual but innovative idea for a world land speed record attempt, Engineer Martin Bacon from County Durham and his team have created a car that runs on the waste gasses produced by coffee beans.

The goal of Martin’s team is to beat the current land speed record for vehicles that run on gas produced by organic waste. So far they have managed to reach 66.5mph on the 14th of September, but their ultimate goal is to beat 80mph.


Coffee – French Press Tips

25 Jul

There has never been a better time to be a coffee lover. As experts in all things coffee, we at CCK have noticed a revolution in the number of new types of beans and processes that have become available on the market.

From Espresso, French Press and Percolator, Drip and Vacuum Press, single origins like Ethiopian and Columbian, there is a whole world of choice for drinkers to immerse themselves in.

As a intro to our knowledge of all things coffee, here’s an article from CCKs own  Alana, who describes our French Press coffee processes:

We serve our coffee in the french press, which is fast becoming the world’s most popular coffee-making method. It is also one of the most challenging and unforgiving ones.

Professional cuppers use the French press to brew coffee samples they’re going to judge. With no milk, additives or syrups to disguise any potential flaws, only the very best beans are good enough, So that’s what we buy.

At CCK, we are devoted to bringing you a truly unique coffee experience. We make sure our equipment is in working order. We heat up the kettle and the right amount of coarsely ground beans.

Just off the boil, we gently pour hot water down the side of the pot and allow the bloom to take shape. The bloom is a sign of freshly roasted coffee. It is the Co2 trapped in the bean during roasting that gives the coffee pot a good head while escaping.

We add more water and gently stir the grinds to let the aromatic oils blend well. We then place the plunger/filter lid on and bring the press to the table for you to enjoy.

The longer you wait before you plunge, the stronger your coffee is going to be. It is best left a couple of minutes before pouring into our sexy large cup(s).

Some useful tips there, but there are some who would champion Espresso coffee over French Press. What’s your opinion on the matter? We would love to hear what you think on the subject, so feel free to post your comments to us!

Staff Pick: Monmouth Coffee

10 Mar

Drew is the man responsible for our graphics, and we persuaded him to take a break from designing our new website (did I not tell you we’re going to have a new website? – ed.) and playing in his bands to wax lyrical about Monmouth Coffee. We used to serve Monmouth in our Endell Street café, and we are the only online sellers of Monmouth. Here’s Drew to tell you more.

Logo for Monmouth Coffee

Being an ex-barista I have had the pleasure of working with many different roasts of beans from all over the world. I often find that the most hyped roast can often leave me feeling a little cold with a savour that really doesn’t suit my taste buds. However, this is not the case with the fine selection at Monmouth Coffee. It tastes wonderful. Whether you enjoy a subtle fruity taste or prefer a darker more passionate flavour, Monmouth coffee will provide the right roast for you.

I am a total coffee snob and I urge you to dump your Starbucks addiction for a far superior coffee experience today!

Fika: let’s take a little break…with cake!

8 Mar

three tasty cakes with purple icing: also iced in white the words 'eat me'

Fika. It’s a four-letter word. It is also a very Swedish way of life. You can take it outdoors or have it inside (if you so wish). It can be a very social gathering, or you can tailor it to your individual cravings.  Just as long as there’s food and drink, of course. Mine’s a coffee, please.

The  tasty pic comes courtesy of a little known blogspot by an anonymous Swedish youth called Ms Fy. It’s a somewhat lame attempt to combine Pancake day and International Women’s Day in one post…

Whatever you do…have yourselves a Fat Tuesday.

Coffee: you can sit on it

1 Feb

Remember to recycle…it’s important. Here’s a fun and eco-positive way of re-using any left-over coffee bean sacks you may have hanging around your office. Make yourself a Coffee Fellow Chair by stitching eight such sacks together. The filling for this trendy-looking bean-bag is styrofoam: this is a good thing because I don’t think ground coffee beans would work as well.

This idea comes curteosy of a Miss Johanna Hansson, to whom praise must be given: I do so willingly. I’ve placed a very interesting link up to this product – some curious items, such as Agressive Accessories (!) and such other stuff can be looked at there. You will also find cake…of a kind…

For equally curious items…and our excellent Monmouth coffee…follow the dots to our on-line store…