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Valentines Caption Competition Time

31 Jan

We love Valentines. We like it lovey-dovey, we like it kinky, we like it as that day when you stick two fingers up at the world of dating and relationships and revel in your own company… and because we love it so much, we’ve got lots of events and a competition.

And now… selected from a short-list of three qualified lurve couplings, CCK is proud to present the picture that will help you (dear reader) to supply a suitable caption!

What we have here is a still from the new Disney movie called Tangled which seems to be based on a story by the Brothers Grimm. The course of true love, eh? Can you tell us what these cartoon characters would say by way of a Valentine greeting?

still from the Disney film "Tangled"

Even as I speak, members of staff are rummaging around in the CCK goody-good-good jar for a mix of prizes…details of which will come in an update of this blog. Stay tuned!

Film: Burlesque (and a competition)

16 Dec

There has been a steady rise in activity for the variety of entertainments listed under the term of ‘burlesque’. Good news, you might think, from local reviews of such things as La Soiree and La Clique Even better news for those of you who like a little sassy glam in your knicker drawer.

Now there’s a movie from Hollywood…and a soundtrack to boot. Christina Aguilera and Cher are a dream coupling that will guarantee a mainstream audience for the film, and there’s added interest with roles for Stanley Tucci and Alan Cumming. But Aguilera’s the lead character, and this is her first major movie assignment. Will she reveal a presence every bit as large as her music videos or CDs?

This video of “I’m a good girl” from the movie starring Christina Aguilera has certainly got the  team grinning, and we’re looking forward to seeing if the rest of the film is as good!

Competition time! Here’s a picture of Cher and Christina on set. But what exactly is Miss Aguilera saying? And is it printable? Best caption as judged by the team (put it in the comments) wins a CCK goodie bag! The goodie bag contains some FYI chocolates, a few seasonal cards, and a special something from our shop.

on-set still of Cher and Christina Aguilera.

Burlesque is released in UK  cinemas on Friday; we suggest checking your local listings.