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White Day

14 Mar
heart shaped cake with tasteful bloody stripes

heart-shaped cake with tasteful bloody stripes...mmm

Having written on these here pages about Valentines Day slinking off into the sunset, my coffee drinking is interrupted by… Reciprocal Valentines Day! Or White Day as you may know it in Japan or Korea.

We assume that your Significant Other got you something nice about a month ago (maybe you got it here from us at CCK Central). Well now it ‘s your social obligation to return the compliment. Recommended spend is three times as much as was spent on you. Really? Am I supposed to remember what I got a month ago? (You got nothing – your Editor.)

It’s as good an excuse as any to purchase some cake/chocolate/either/both. And you can do that here, and get it from us…of course. We can’t promise you a heart-shaped cake, but what you will get will look good, taste good and do a lot for you. Click on the website square up above on the right. Good…now where’s my coffee?

(link and pic via ehow: ta!)

Poem for a Working Day (at CCK)

10 Feb
a kitchen sink full of dirty stuff: police crime scene designation makes it a no go zone

Crime Scene: who will do the dirty? (pic: http://www.istockphoto.com)

Oh! Nothing says I love you
Quite like Coffee, Cake (and Kink)!
An aromatic atmosphere that brings you to the brink.

With food for mind and gullet,
And toys in red and pink.

But now, if you’ll excuse me
I ‘ve got to go and clean
The sink.

I f you still need a special something for the (extended) weekend…you do have enough time to contact us here at CCK Central. Follow the links!

Quick! One place left!

9 Feb

This weekend, our friends at Sacred Pleasures are running two Valentine’s Tantra workships on both Saturday the 12th of Feburary, and the 13th. And they have one space left for a couple or triad!

Here’s the description from Sacred Pleasures themselves:

Renowned Tantra teacher Rebecca Lowrie hosts a very special Valentine’s Tantra weekend: a luxurious, romantic weekend exploring intimacy and sensuality in a safe, warm and luscious environment. Using a variety of Tantric rituals and other methods, participants will be gently guided into rich new ways of connecting deeply with your Beloved(s).

Further details are on their site here. If you can’t make this weekend, Sacred Pleasures hold lots of workshops and events – details are on their website, and also on our calendar (on the right hand side of the screen).

Our writer Lysander has been to a workshop previously held by Sacred Pleasures, and here’s what he had to say:
“Dossie Easton’s Radical Ecstasy workshop was one of the most illuminating and mind-expanding experiences I have had. Dossie, herself, is wonderfully warm, funny, welcoming, knowledgeable…well, the list of superlatives could go on and on, suffice to say that I think she is AMAZING! The workshop worked well for people from either a BDSM or Tantric background (or both!). It opened your eyes to the connections between the two, as well as giving you practises that you could use to expand your BDSM or Tantric lives. The workshop was well organised, with food and drink, the play space, safe spaces and help always provided when needed. Although Dossie Easton’s workshop allowed the participants tohave a very personal journey (which is difficult to fully put into words), the sense of group experience was also tangible. From being a very cynical, London lad, who would once have rolled his eyes at all things Tantric, I would now highly recommend this workshop to everyone!”
Dossie Easton is currently Sacred Pleasure’s guest writer

So very busy!

3 Feb

It’s all go at CCK, we’ve got parties to host, socials to go to, places to be, things to see, people to do… you know how it goes. Busy busy busy!

We’d love to see you at some of these on the run-up to Valentines Day – so here they are!

4th February (so that’s tomorrow) – CCK Social, hosted by the very lovely Maxine, at Le Pain Quotidien on Great Marlborough Street in central London. Come along to meet other CCK fans in a vanilla setting – just ask for the table booked by Maxine if you don’t know where to go.

Then on Monday the 7th, there is a little low-key gathering in the offices, with a Femdom edge. It’s planned as a quiet evening of a little kink, a little coffee, and a little cake – come along if you’re shy, or want to just dip your toe in the kinky waters!

And, to top it all, on Wednesday the 9th, there is our Valentines Day Shopping Extravaganza – an evening where you can come along and pick something up to spoil yourself or those you love! There will, as always, be our signature Monmouth Coffee, tasty cakes, and lashings of kink!

For both events next week, they’ll start at 6:30pm, at out offices. The address is: 310, Panther House, 38 Mount Pleasant, London, WC1X 0AN [google map]; please sign in at reception then make your way up, following the signs (as directed by the person on the door!). We’re on the third floor, so if you do have mobility issues, we’ll show you the lift.

If you RSVP on facebook to either of next week’s events it would help us to see numbers – or email emma[dot]s[at]coffeecakeandkink[dot]com if you don’t want this going public, or for any other info!  Our number is 020 7419 2996 – call us if you have problems finding the building on the night, want to reserve products before the day, or want to ask any questions.


And of course, if you can’t make it to one of the shopping parties – we’ve got lots of goodies in our online shop, including Valentines hampers, and our blog is talking about lots of other things to do and see over the weekend and on Valentines itself – no matter how you like to celebrate.

Don’t forget to enter our Valentines’ Caption Competiton too!

Love: Sacred and Profane

1 Feb

The En Travesti Ensemble perform a selection of duets from various opera and classical pieces at the British Library Conference Centre, on the day before Valentines Day. As part of LGBT History month, they use the exploration of gender as a way of showcasing the long-standing history of gender-blending, travesti and castrati roles that have featured in opera for centuries.

promotional image of three singers; one dressed very in a masculine suit, one in a feminine dress, and the third in an androgynous style

image courtesy of the BLCC

Produced in association with Camden LGBT Forum, this event will provide a romantic, yet radical, way to celebrate Valentines day. Discover something new about queer identities and history, listen to beautiful music performed by an acclaimed company and treat yourself to a blissful afternoon’s entertainment. Just the thing for a pre-Valentine Sunday afternoon.