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2012 Pride Day Poem by Wills Morgan

7 Jul

for the children

of our time


HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF. This is what I say.
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF each and every day.
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF. Keep your troubles at bay.
Whether straight or bisexual, or if you’re gay

Lesbian or Transgender, this is what I say:
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF each and every day.
At home or your work. When you rest. As you play.
Stay in the right track if you were born that way.


Contributing Artist Wills Morgan is pictured sitting behind the map at the Island bar and restaurant in north west London in 2010. Photo used with kind permission of the photographer, Mr.Tyson Sadlo.

This photograph is one of a series of five portraits entitled A CORNER OF COLLEGE PARK.


Kinky Salon Amsterdam – 10th Sept 2011

25 Aug

If you happen to be in Amsterdam around the 10th of September, you might want to check out the Kinky Salon event. Its a artistic gathering open to anyone with a kinky side, be they straight, gay, bi, or tri!

There will be performances at the Kinky Salon Theatre by such names as Cherise Noir, Rachel V, Lilly Mae Lovitt and The Iron Queen.

The dress code is Love Dolls, Naughty Bunnies, Flower Power, Bonnie and Clyde, Lollipop Girls, Groovy Cats, Shagadelic Babes…the list goes on!


We had a party last friday

24 Jan

and it was BRILLIANT.

table, covered in green velvet, with a lot of books and sex toys spread out on it

Things to buy! (photo by K. James)

We’ve decided from now on we’re going to host regular parties at CCK HQ – until we have the cafe again, because we miss seeing all our lovely customers, and because they’re just so much fun. They’ll be held in our office (unless we say otherwise) and they’re a chance for our old friends – and new ones – to come along, shop and have some cake and meet our new staff, have a gossip… all the things you used to do in the cafe, except in a new place!

We’ve gotten a little more prepared now – so this time around, Kiera was there to take photos. We’ve put them all on our facebook page, of course, but we love showing off so here are some of our favourites!

Two young women, dressed in a slightly punk and rockabilly style. The woman on the right has a large leather cuddly penis hanging from her belt loop; the other woman is pointing at it

Georgio is a hit with Maxine and Alison (photo by K. James)

Two young women and a man; they are sitting down, he is standing behind them and looking away. The woman on the left has short hair, and is looking at her phone; the woman on the right has her hair in bunches and is smiling at the camera

Emma, Joseph, Alison - CCK's finest (photo by K. James)

older man with long hair and a goatee, cradling a large leather toy penis

Why Mr Bond.... David and Georgio (photo by K. James)

three young men; on the left, he is wearing a corset over a shirt, and testing a leather paddle against the palm of his hand. The men on the right and at the back are looking at the paddle.

Alexander Knightley tests things out. (photo by K. James)

Young woman with short hair reading a book

Lola, browsing (photo by K. James)

We’ll be holding another party before Valentine’s day, so watch this space! Or twitter, or facebook, or fetlife… or our mailing list – we’re also happy to reserve goodies for you to pick up on the day. And if you can’t make that, but want to come in – get in touch with out customer service team, and they’ll make an appointment for you to come in and have a personal shopper just for you! (Khandie Kisses will tell you how much fun that is).

Friday is National Fetish Day

17 Jan

Friday the 21st of January is officially National Fetish Day – and CCK being CCK, we’re going to celebrate.

We’d like to invite you all to our offices for an evening of celebrating all things naughty – with coffee, cake and kinky shopping!

cartoon of a chubby, adult cherub - wearing a black zippered gimp mask and a jock strap, carrying a bow and arrow.

Cherub Gimp by Fetishman

The main aspect of NFD is that ‘Perverts wear purple’, allowing you to celebrate in secret before you arrive, also anyone wearing purple at the event will recieve a surprise. We’re going to pull out all the pur…ple products, and our valentine’s gift sets to show you all. Treat a partner, your lovely self, or even a family member, our team will be here to give you a show and tell! (not that kind – ed) It doesn’t matter if you’re the kinkiest kink king you know, or have never touched a vibrator in your life – we’ll be able to give you advice and point you in the right direction. If you know exactly what you want, give us a ring beforehand and we’ll be happy to reserve the item for you to collect at the party!

Come over to the office at 38 Mount Pleasant from 7.30 on Friday 21st. You need to sign in at the reception in the courtyard, and they’ll explain where you have to go – there will be signs to show you the way. Bring your friends, bring your mum, bring the neighbours. If you need to use the lift, give us a ring and we’ll come get you (our lift needs tlc and isn’t signposted).

If you can RSVP to our event on facebook, that would help us keep track of numbers – if you would rather not advertise your kink for all to see on there, please send an email to alison.w@coffeecakeandkink.com; Alison will be happy to answer any questions.

Any problems, give us a call – 020 7419 2996 is our office number, whether it’s questions, a product reservation, or just to let us know you’re coming.

A few notes for the evening:

We can only take cash on the night,  but there’s a free cash machine by Pret A Manger at 100 Gray’s Inn Road. If you do end up buying far more than you planned, we can do a card transaction, but we’d much prefer cash!

We share our building with lots of others – so we would ask that you keep the kink to a more acceptable-to-vanilla-strangers level and not scare our neighbours too much.

There is an excellent pub across the road from our building, called The Yorkshire Grey – we’ll be throwing everyone out at 10pm, but if you want to keep the party going – head over there.

The nearest tube stops are Chancery Lane, or Farringdon, and there are plenty of buses going up Grey’s Inn Road – we’re pretty easy to get to, but here’s a google map.

The address again: 38 Mount Pleasant, London, WC1X 0AN.

The Aftermath…

28 Dec

I hope everyone is having a good holiday break, whether or not you’re celebrating anything, and wherever you are. At CCK, we’ve taken the holiday period off for some well-deserved rest and recharging of batteries, so we’ll be ready to go with all our new plans come the 3rd of January 2011. Goodness. 2011 – it seems like it should be years away, not the weekend.

A wonderful time was had by all who came to the party last wednesday – by CCK staff, familiar faces, and some new friends. Much cake was eaten; once everyone had moved the party out of the office, we were left with only one slice (ed: I ate it, it was lovely – Emma). The raffle of the goodie bags was a great success, and we were left with a lovely positive christmassy glow. Unless that was the after-effect of drinking our Peter’s coffee and overdosing on glittering chocolate cake. A massive thank you to everyone who came!

If you didn’t manage to make it to the party, we would love to see you – give us a ring, or get hold of us on twitter, and make an appointment to come in for a chat with one of our personal shoppers. We’re always happy to meet our customers face to face – it reminds us of the fun at Endell Street.

We’ll see you in the New Year! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Last-minute Christmas Shopping Party!

20 Dec

We’re throwing our office open from 5pm on Wednesday the 22nd of December for a last-minute come-and-indulge christmas shopping party. We’ve got a huge cake in, lots of coffee, and plenty of purchaseable delights (including the christmas cards you’ve forgotten to buy). There will be a raffle for some rather lovely top-secret goodie bags – and, obviously, us.

We’d love to see you.

cartoon of a christmas-dominatrix reading a list titled "really naughty list"

The facebook event is here – rsvp if you can, so we can make sure there’s enough milk for the coffee.  If you don’t want to rsvp on facebook, send an email to emma.s[at]coffeecakeandkink[dot]com (or a dm to @coffeecakekink on twitter) – this is so we know how many people are coming, and can make a wee guest list for the office building managers.

If you can’t make it to the party, but need last-minute goodies, order online tomorrow for last-minute special courier delivery – or call if you would like to speak to a personal shopper, or grab the last of our office appointments for some one-on-one CCK love.