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White Day – Valentine’s Day Part 2

14 Mar

White Day  (ホワイトデー ; Howaito dē) is a romantic holiday celebrated primarily in Japan and South Korea. It is held on 14th of March every year, exactly one month after Valentine’s day. On this day, any man who was lucky enough to receive a gift on Valentine’s day is encouraged to then buy a gift for their partner that is worth 3 times as much!

It’s not quite as crazy as it sounds, as Valentine’s day is celebrated slightly differently over there. The custom in Japan is for women to buy chocolate for not only their partners, but also their friends and co-workers on Valentine’s day! So as a big thank you, all be it a month late, the men in their lives then turn around and present them with more expensive gifts. An ideal way for women to encourage their partners to spoil them and lavish them with gifts!

And a perfect follow-up to International Women’s Day, which was just last Tuesday, 8th March. And lucky for you, here at CCK we have some fun and kinky products that are just perfect for White Day!

Given it’s name of ‘White Day’, the most popular gifts on this day are, naturally, white! Like our delicious organic white chocolate from FYI, Beautiful. Although if you don’t like white chocolate, dark chocolate is also fast becoming a popular gift for White Day, and FYI have several wonderful organic dark chocolates. Of all of them, Mistress is my personal favourite

To fulfill the ‘3 times as expensive’ guideline (sanbai gaeshi), when buying for your partner this White Day why not check out some of our luxury products, like this pure ceramic dildo loving crafted by Goldfrau, most aptly named Miss White – what could be more perfect?! Or you could try this luxurious clitoral massager, the LELO Nea White.

Ceramic dildoimage of the Nea, a palm-sized clitoral massager






Or why not continue the Japanese theme with some Shunga products? After all, ‘Shunga’ comes from the Japanese for erotic art! And they create plenty of gifts just perfect for spoiling your loved one, such as the orgasm enhancing Shunga Secret Garden Cream.

shunga secret garden cream bottle and packaging, which has a drawing of a Geisha's face on itIf you’re looking for something cute that still ticks all the boxes, then why not check out the travel-sized Paris Pearl Duckie. This coy little Duckie is cute and fun, but will still bring a little touch of Parisian class to your lady’s bathroom! Not to mention she’ll have plenty of fun with it in the bath! This particular duck is just ideal for White Day, dressed all in a pearly-white, and even comes with a real, removable white feather boa! A very effective vibrator that looks great, and wont cost the earth!

pearly-white vibrator in the shape of a classic bathtime toy duck, wearing a white feather boa

And for our single customers… well there’s a 3rd day of celebration in Japan and Korea, yet another month later on 14th of April called Black Day, specially for single people, or those who didn’t receive any gifts the previous 2 months. So if you’re feeling a little hard done by, why not consider embracing Black Day, buy treating yourself to one of our many black kinky products!

Staff Pick: Monmouth Coffee

10 Mar

Drew is the man responsible for our graphics, and we persuaded him to take a break from designing our new website (did I not tell you we’re going to have a new website? – ed.) and playing in his bands to wax lyrical about Monmouth Coffee. We used to serve Monmouth in our Endell Street café, and we are the only online sellers of Monmouth. Here’s Drew to tell you more.

Logo for Monmouth Coffee

Being an ex-barista I have had the pleasure of working with many different roasts of beans from all over the world. I often find that the most hyped roast can often leave me feeling a little cold with a savour that really doesn’t suit my taste buds. However, this is not the case with the fine selection at Monmouth Coffee. It tastes wonderful. Whether you enjoy a subtle fruity taste or prefer a darker more passionate flavour, Monmouth coffee will provide the right roast for you.

I am a total coffee snob and I urge you to dump your Starbucks addiction for a far superior coffee experience today!

Poem for a Working Day (at CCK)

10 Feb
a kitchen sink full of dirty stuff: police crime scene designation makes it a no go zone

Crime Scene: who will do the dirty? (pic: http://www.istockphoto.com)

Oh! Nothing says I love you
Quite like Coffee, Cake (and Kink)!
An aromatic atmosphere that brings you to the brink.

With food for mind and gullet,
And toys in red and pink.

But now, if you’ll excuse me
I ‘ve got to go and clean
The sink.

I f you still need a special something for the (extended) weekend…you do have enough time to contact us here at CCK Central. Follow the links!

So very busy!

3 Feb

It’s all go at CCK, we’ve got parties to host, socials to go to, places to be, things to see, people to do… you know how it goes. Busy busy busy!

We’d love to see you at some of these on the run-up to Valentines Day – so here they are!

4th February (so that’s tomorrow) – CCK Social, hosted by the very lovely Maxine, at Le Pain Quotidien on Great Marlborough Street in central London. Come along to meet other CCK fans in a vanilla setting – just ask for the table booked by Maxine if you don’t know where to go.

Then on Monday the 7th, there is a little low-key gathering in the offices, with a Femdom edge. It’s planned as a quiet evening of a little kink, a little coffee, and a little cake – come along if you’re shy, or want to just dip your toe in the kinky waters!

And, to top it all, on Wednesday the 9th, there is our Valentines Day Shopping Extravaganza – an evening where you can come along and pick something up to spoil yourself or those you love! There will, as always, be our signature Monmouth Coffee, tasty cakes, and lashings of kink!

For both events next week, they’ll start at 6:30pm, at out offices. The address is: 310, Panther House, 38 Mount Pleasant, London, WC1X 0AN [google map]; please sign in at reception then make your way up, following the signs (as directed by the person on the door!). We’re on the third floor, so if you do have mobility issues, we’ll show you the lift.

If you RSVP on facebook to either of next week’s events it would help us to see numbers – or email emma[dot]s[at]coffeecakeandkink[dot]com if you don’t want this going public, or for any other info!  Our number is 020 7419 2996 – call us if you have problems finding the building on the night, want to reserve products before the day, or want to ask any questions.


And of course, if you can’t make it to one of the shopping parties – we’ve got lots of goodies in our online shop, including Valentines hampers, and our blog is talking about lots of other things to do and see over the weekend and on Valentines itself – no matter how you like to celebrate.

Don’t forget to enter our Valentines’ Caption Competiton too!

Friday is National Fetish Day

17 Jan

Friday the 21st of January is officially National Fetish Day – and CCK being CCK, we’re going to celebrate.

We’d like to invite you all to our offices for an evening of celebrating all things naughty – with coffee, cake and kinky shopping!

cartoon of a chubby, adult cherub - wearing a black zippered gimp mask and a jock strap, carrying a bow and arrow.

Cherub Gimp by Fetishman

The main aspect of NFD is that ‘Perverts wear purple’, allowing you to celebrate in secret before you arrive, also anyone wearing purple at the event will recieve a surprise. We’re going to pull out all the pur…ple products, and our valentine’s gift sets to show you all. Treat a partner, your lovely self, or even a family member, our team will be here to give you a show and tell! (not that kind – ed) It doesn’t matter if you’re the kinkiest kink king you know, or have never touched a vibrator in your life – we’ll be able to give you advice and point you in the right direction. If you know exactly what you want, give us a ring beforehand and we’ll be happy to reserve the item for you to collect at the party!

Come over to the office at 38 Mount Pleasant from 7.30 on Friday 21st. You need to sign in at the reception in the courtyard, and they’ll explain where you have to go – there will be signs to show you the way. Bring your friends, bring your mum, bring the neighbours. If you need to use the lift, give us a ring and we’ll come get you (our lift needs tlc and isn’t signposted).

If you can RSVP to our event on facebook, that would help us keep track of numbers – if you would rather not advertise your kink for all to see on there, please send an email to alison.w@coffeecakeandkink.com; Alison will be happy to answer any questions.

Any problems, give us a call – 020 7419 2996 is our office number, whether it’s questions, a product reservation, or just to let us know you’re coming.

A few notes for the evening:

We can only take cash on the night,  but there’s a free cash machine by Pret A Manger at 100 Gray’s Inn Road. If you do end up buying far more than you planned, we can do a card transaction, but we’d much prefer cash!

We share our building with lots of others – so we would ask that you keep the kink to a more acceptable-to-vanilla-strangers level and not scare our neighbours too much.

There is an excellent pub across the road from our building, called The Yorkshire Grey – we’ll be throwing everyone out at 10pm, but if you want to keep the party going – head over there.

The nearest tube stops are Chancery Lane, or Farringdon, and there are plenty of buses going up Grey’s Inn Road – we’re pretty easy to get to, but here’s a google map.

The address again: 38 Mount Pleasant, London, WC1X 0AN.