About CCK

Coffee, Cake & Kink is an online shop and community,  providing a friendly, non-judgemental environment for self-discovery and the enjoyment and celebration of sexual diversity and creativity. We believe that a broad spectrum of human sexuality consists of a great many consensual, adult sexual behaviours, too few of which are embraced and celebrated by society. We believe all adults have the right to enjoy their bodies and sexualities without guilt, fear of persecution or the attachment of social stigmas.

As an online shop, we sell what our name says – excellent coffee, gorgeous cake, and great kinky products and artwork, some of which are exclusive to CCK. We believe in providing great customer service, with personal shoppers and our customer care kinkster team who are on hand to help. We believe that there is no greater proof of this than the loyalty of our customers, who have supported us in our search for a new location since our Endell Street shop closed.

Speaking of new locations – the new shop is being planned; we’re hoping to open in 2011, and can’t say much as there are lawyers talking (and as we are looking forward to this as much as our customers – we don’t want to jinx things). We promise to tell you as soon as we can, and not to tease too much.

This blog is written mostly by Wills and Emma, with help from the customer care kinksters and everyone else at CCK. We’ll get around to writing introductions for us all soon, promise.

We’re busy expanding our web presence, and we’re online in many other places…

Our shop – www.coffeecakeandkink.com

Our twitter – @coffeecakekink

On Facebook

Our Myspace

and Tumblr

2 Responses to “About CCK”

  1. Perry at 3:48 pm #

    Site is looking good thought you might like to have a butchers at mine. Hope to hear from you soon
    Love Perry ; ) x

  2. What a great idea. Love the site and looking forward to delving deeper 😉

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