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We Are: Proud/Bourne Free/Ready to Party!

13 Jul
we are proud

College Green is the place where we are: proud

The highpoint of the largest Pride event in the South West of England is the annual parade in College Green, right in the heart of Bristol.

“We Are: Proud”  is  the theme of the day on Saturday, July 14 and at the end of the night Pride will take over the O2 Academy.

Organisers of  the event are once again looking forward to welcoming crowds from all over the UK and beyond who will come from across the world to enjoy Pride.

Daryn Carter, one of the organisers of the festival has  said: “As one of the only free Prides in the UK, We Are: Proud promises to be bigger and better than ever.

let's partay

it’s raining men…hallelujah!

“We Are: Proud is a chance for people to stand up and declare that they are proud of who they are, for friends and families to show how proud they are of their loved ones and for the city to not just have a gay Pride but to be truly proud of its LGBT community.

“We are unfunded and will be asking for donations which not only help make Pride happen but will also go to support Freedom Youth, Bristol’s dedicated LGBT Youth Service.”

And guess what? The incoming Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Peter Main is the first openly gay Lord Mayor of Bristol. He’ll be at the parade, no doubt.

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Meanwhile in Bournemouth, they will be having a right royal knees-up in honour of the Jubilee. Their parade leaves West Cliff, Monkey Island at noon tomorrow…and finishes  at the Triangle at 1pm.

During the afternoon there will be a great family entertainment in the Lower Gardens, at the Bandstand, with stalls, live music and comedy hosted by Sally Vate and Lucinda Lashes.

From 1pm-6pm artists appearing include: All About GaGa, Lady James, Benjii, Jazz Blaack, Tammy Twinkle, Nicolette Street, Michael Hinch, Wilma Fingadoo, the winner of Bourne Free’s Got Talent, Cindy Hollingsworth and Sheila and the Monster Boys.

this is wright...jess wright

that’s wright…jessie wright

From 6pm-11pm artists appearing include: Jessica Wright (The Only Way is Essex), Rogue Minogue, Envy, Miss Jason, Butchesque, James Bedford, Sandra and X Factor finalists, 2 Shoes who will bring the evening to a close.

Then…on Sunday, The Triangle Tour features a Metropolitan Community Church Service in the Triangle Arena at noon. Miss Jason does her Bingo at DMYK at 3pm. There is a cabaret tea party at 2930 at 6pm followed by Wilmas Mad House at The Branksome at 8pm. At 11pm Sheilas cabaret show & stripper is at XChange. The Bakers Arms is open all day for Bourne Free After party drinks.


National Coming Out Day

12 Oct

Due to our recent beavering away with big projects, we unfortunately missed out on this year’s National Coming Out Day on October 11th.

Since its founding in 1988, National Coming Out Day has been an internationally marked annual event where anyone can take that final big step and “come out”, be they Gay or Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual and everyone in between.

We’d love to hear any stories of your experiences if you attended yesterday’s coming out! Any really good ones might make it onto our new website when it launches!



Greenwich Drag Race 2011

14 Aug

The 5th annual Greenwich Drag race is coming up hosted by The Metro Centre. Originally established in 1984, The Metro Centre is a charity that specialises in sexual health and awareness issues for young people and the Gay and Lesbian community.

In support of the event, CCK with be donating a prize of chocolates to the winner! We have a special boxset of Feed Your Imagination mood chocolates which give you a wide variety of flavors to suit your mood!

This should give you extra incentive to bring your best dress and shoes to the starting blocks on the 20th of August!


Polyday Update

12 Aug

Just a quick update for those still considering on going to the annual Polyday on the 27th of August, CCK will be attending as well as part of a collaboration with Polyday.co.uk .

We will be providing our usual treats of coffee and cake, as well as some special offers which will include vouchers for items we sell on our webshop.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Events – July and August

25 Jul

Here’s a list of upcoming kink and LGBT events:

Thursday 28th July – Sunday 31st, Tampa, Florida: FetishCon

Friday 29th July, London: Salon Fetish

Saturday 30th July, London: The Gate

Saturday 30th July, London: SM Gays Celebration Party

Wednesday August 3rd, London: Sweet Wednesday

Saturday August 6th, London: Subversion

Saturday August 20th, Sunbury, West London: Swish

Tuesday August 30th – Monday September 5th, Montreal Fetish Weekend, Canada

Polyday – 27th August 2011

19 Jul

When I first moved to London at the start of 2007 I was lucky enough
that I *had* heard of polyamory. I even defined myself as polyamorous,
thanks to a chance encounter with a copy of The Ethical Slut in an
Ottawa bookshop. What I had no idea about was where to find other
people like myself. It seems like poly people were a rare life form
who only existed on the internet or in the USA.

I heard about Polyday thanks to another chance meeting – in CCK. There
for the first time, I met one of the previous Polyday organisers and
got chatting over coffee and cake. I can honestly say it was the
beginning of a new chapter of my life. I discovered that not only were
there other poly people in the UK, but there was a thriving community
(and, as it turns out, a lot of crossover between the poly and kink
communities). Even better, there were events I could go to, to meet
people like myself. I felt like I had finally come home.

I volunteered to help out because I think community is important.
After years of feeling like a fish out of water, the poly community in
london and around the UK provided a much-needed safe space where I
could finally be myself amongst a bunch of awesome people, and since
I’ve been organising the event I’ve had similar feedback from a lot of
other folks. Not to mention some beautiful emails to say thanks for
introducing people to new loved ones. Polyday is notoriously a high
point in the year for new relationships in the poly community as well
– though we emphasise that it is *not* a dating event, being
surrounded by so many lovely non-monogamous folks a few are bound to
hit it off!

There’s always something for everyone, from complete beginners to
seasoned ‘polyamorists’ and activists, from vanilla to kinky, and
whether you’re into men, women or everything in between. Plus there
will be a some fun sessions and evening entertainment thrown in for
good measure. If you’ve heard of polyamory but are unsure how to put it into
practice or where to find out more, polyday is a great place to start.

If you’ve been poly for years and think you have it down, consider
coming to our more advanced sessions and sharing your experience with
other ‘experts’, joining in the ‘poly crafting’ workshop, helping out
with the running of the day, or perhaps even volunteering to run a
workshop – there are still a couple of slots free as I write this.

Whether you’re new to poly or not, this is *your* community event.
Even if you feel like you’ve nothing to learn there is space to chat,
share stories and connect with people you may not have met before, or
haven’t seen since the last Polyday. Come on home.

This year’s Polyday will be on the 27th of August, in central London
at Dragon hall (near Holborn). Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and workshops
start from noon, with nice long breaks between sessions for coffee, cake and
chat, and a dinner break to take advantage of the huge number of
excellent local eateries before evening entertainments until 11pm. Online
booking is already open, and there are more details on the website
(which will continue to be updated as the event gets closer) at

From Birth To Chosen

5 Apr

A vibrant treasure of a collection of short films was shown at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. ‘From Birth To Chosen’  had eight films that explored the areas of gender and family, both born and chosen. With a mix of documentary, drama and comedy, this group of films delighted the audience and left all who saw them contemplating issues of gender identity and what family is all about.

The programme started with a U.S. documentary, ‘The Family Journey: Raising Gender Nonconforming Children’, which interviewed various family members from several families about the issues that both they,  and their children,  faced in society and amongst friends and peers. This touching, candid film was very moving. It was refreshing to see the family love and support that was given to the children concerned. With a wealth of different experiences and emotions felt between the interviewees, this film provided a sense of hope and recognition to many.

Another short film from the U.S., ‘Loop Plane’ was a gem of a film. With a fictional story set in an amusement park, following a day in the life of a transgender teen who lives and works there with his supportive father, this wonderful short took you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Beautifully acted and directed, and with some quite stunning cinematography, this film is definitely worth looking out for.

Nominated by the LLGFF for the Iris Short Film Prize (which is one of, if not the, gay and lesbian short film awards), ‘James Dean’ was a smart, funny short set in Scotland. Perfectly capturing the way families behave, argue and relate, all whilst waiting in a car ready for a family outing, this amusing film pleased the audience no end. Everyone could relate to the way families bicker, support or disagree, and the ‘punchline’ towards the end of the film was fabulous.

‘Spiral transition’ was a personal exploration of the development of relations between a mother and her trans son, from the moment when he first finds out her feelings about his transitioning. ‘Absence’ was an artily crafted short about gender fluidity, and the way some have to navigate between identities, in order to relate to family members. ‘Living Room: Bar Wotever 2008-2009’ is the first installment of an ongoing project by Dr Jane, about the people who go to the fantastic Bar Wotever, and what the space means to them. It gave a real sense of why Bar Wotever is cherished by so many and incorporated some of Dr Jane’s stunning photographs as well.

Filmed as a pilot for a possible series, ‘Traverse City’ followed the adventures of a woman and her trans boyfriend as they cross the U.S. to meet her gay male parents. Much comedy was had from the reactions of the gay father, the seperate sexual adventures of the non-monogomous central couple, and the awkwardness of having a partner meet the parents for the first time, which most can relate to. Incorporating comedy, drama, animation and fantasy, this had the audience laughing out loud and waiting for the next installment.

The final film in the selection was ‘Bella Maddo’. This fantastic comic melodrama was about a self-obsessed pregnant wife and mother, and the hell she brings on most of her loved ones. Although none of the characters in the story were transgendered, all the actors in the film were. Co-writer, director and amazing star of the film, Janice Danielle, wanted to make a film that showcased talented trans performers, in roles they may usually not be considered for. This hilarious film had a great sense of heightened drama (in the best possible way!) and was shot, written, directed and acted to a very high standard. It made ‘Mommie Dearest’ seem tame by comparison, and was extremely well received by the audience.

Hopefully you will all get the chance to see this great collection of films. You will be amused, enlightened and have your heart touched by the films.

London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

11 Mar

logo for the 25th BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival


Running from the 31st March until the 6th April, the BFI LLGFF will be a place to watch some great films, get involved in some equally fabulous events and hang out with friends, lovers and many a queer cinephile. This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the event. Originally starting out as a short festival with just a handful of films, the LLGFF has grown over the years to become one of the hotspots of LGBTQ community entertainment.

This year, due to cuts in funding, the festival will be shorter than it has been in recent years, running just one week. However, the programmers have still managed to select a comprehensive range of films that should interest many a film-goer. With new films, world premieres, workshops, interviews and many classic documentaries and dramas on offer, there is something for everyone.

Gregg Araki’s latest film Kaboom opens the festival, and if you’ve been a fan of his earlier work (Totally F***ed Up and The Doom Generation) this film will not disappoint, as it visits similar themes. We Are Family, the LLGFF film event for kids, their families and friends is now in its third year. Showing LGBT themed cartoons and film clips and with an array of activities and performances, this is always a popular event. There are also many other features and short films that will appeal to a diverse LGBT and straight film-loving crowd, with many themed events throughout the course of the festival.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on the 18th of March. As the festival is shorter this year, no doubt tickets will be in great demand. Not only do you get to see some excellent films, but you have the chance to meet and mix with a predominantly LGBT crowd at one of London’s best arts spaces.  So, here’s your ‘heads up’ to the hottest event this spring!

Winter Pride is back in Brighton (and Hove)!

3 Mar

rainbow designed deckchairs: logo for the winter pride festival down south

A week-and-a-bit long series of events starting…now! Here’s the schedule, as revealed in the local Free Press link. I’ve kinda scanned it quickly, and I see there’s lots of good stuff on and plenty of ways to help raise funds for the LGBT cause way down on the south-east coast.

There a lot of sport and rambling…life-drawing activities…comedy nights…special events for the trans and lesbian networks…a film programme…and cake.  Yes,  cake…goody goody!

Winter Pride is back in Brighton and Hove after the briefest of absences: why not go down there and say hello?

Fantastic Sacred Pleasures Workshops – Places To Be Had

2 Mar

There are still some places on a couple of workshops coming up soon at Sacred Pleasures. ‘Plug ‘n’ Play With DK and Luisa Leather’, this Saturday from 16.00-23.00 hrs, has just a few places left. DK and Luisa Leather are experienced BDSM and Tantric practitioners, and this workshop looks perfect for anyone interested in breath control, especially its tie-ins with Tantric/kink and energy practices. After the workshop there will be a play party too! If you are interested you can find out more and book places at:

On Saturday 19th, from 15.00-22.00 hrs, London Faerie will be holding ‘Whipping Up A Storm’, which is a workshop designed to teach you the basic start up points in BDSM and kinky play, including consent, safe words and a ‘how to’ of the  various toys you may come across. If you are keen to discover what kinky play is about, or would like instruction from an experienced practitioner on how to use some of the equipment you may not have had experience in yourself, this is the perfect workshop for you.