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Transgender Prisoners Get New Rights

24 Mar

On the 14th March, new Ministry of Justice guidelines  came into effect, making sure that all transgendered prisoners will be allowed to buy and wear gender-appropriate clothing, make-up and prostheses whilst serving their sentences. Prison workers must also address trans prisoners by their chosen name and title. For prisoners with a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), placement in an appropriate prison will also be allowed, unless there are particular security reasons not to. Trans prisoners without a GRC will have their cases decided individually to see where they would best be placed.

Although certain newspapers and their readers have been throwing a hissy fit over the fact that  the various equality Acts put in place by Parliament are being adhered to (as they should be), these guidelines are a mighty step forward to recognising the rights of the transgendered prison population. There is no excuse for the rights of trans people being denied, no matter where they are in the U.K. That is why the Gender Recognition Act (2004) and other anti-discrimination policies were passed in the first place!

Still, there is some way to go to gain full acceptance for trans people. From offensive terms littering articles in the press, such as ‘sex swap‘ (I hate that phrase. It really is insensitive, belittling and demeaning!), and the prejudicial slant from reporting that focuses more on the aspects of the story that they can sensationalise, to some cisgendered people’s lack of knowledge and understanding about trans lives and issues. However, the law is (now) pretty much on our side.

From A Top Writer – ‘Boy In The Middle’

3 Mar

Patrick Califia is one of my all-time favourite writers. He is an incredible wordsmith, able to write both fiction and fact in a way that both draws the reader in and informs you. His erotica is some of the hottest writing you will come across. Boy In The Middle is another of his compelling, sexy short story collections of polymorphous perversity and hardcore, sexually charged scenes. Califia has a way of taking the reader right into the story. He has the ability to describe place, character and atmosphere so well, you can’t but help feel a part of it.

cover for "Boy In The Middle" by Patrick Califia

Boy In The Middle has such a collection of differing characters and set-ups that I defy anyone not to get some pleasure from it. Whatever your kink, fetish , gender or sexuality, Califia caters for you in this book. His writing will  surprise you, in being able to turn you on to a story, scene or character you may otherwise not have thought you’d be interested in; such is the power of his imagination. I recommend anyone who enjoys erotic fiction to read this book. Allow yourself some time to indulge and immerse yourself  in it, because it will be hard to put down. Oh, and if you’re reading Boy In The Middle in public, be aware that its effect may leave you needing to find somewhere, for a ‘quiet, private moment’!

Night of the Blue Stockings- Up the Ladder to Success!

28 Feb

Night of the Blue Stockings, photo K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

Be upstanding for the fabulous Night of the Blue Stockings! We were lucky enough to go and see this popular and busy evening of cabaret and burlesque performance held monthly at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club last Thursday night, and what a glittering, fun-packed show it was. A host of  hilarious acts with a warmth and sense of joy that would be hard-pressed to better, captivated their appreciative crowd.

Fancy Chance, photo K.James for Coffee Cake and kink

Our honorary Madam Chairperson for the evening was reigning Alternative Miss World 2009 and London’s Top Tranny 2010, Fancy Chance. Keeping things swinging, with her humour and audience interaction, she MC’d throughout the night between the other great acts on offer. She also delighted us with her own revolutionary act, taking us all the way from North Korea’s national anthem to good ol’ Yankee capitalism via an outrageously funny dance and rhythmic gymnastic display that had the audience on their feet and wanting more.

Honey Wilde, photo K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

First act up was Justin Pants, with his alternative burlesque Action Man strip. If you ever wondered what Action Man keeps under his pants, well, yes, it is a weird, plastic non-penis. A very clever take on male stripping! Next up was Honey Wilde, the fantastic burlesque artist, with an avant-garde, in the most tongue-in-cheek way, musical performance of inventive cover versions of some 80s electro classics. Never before have two (yes, TWO!) toy pianos and a kazoo (!) sounded so good. The crowd both recognised and loved her amusing renditions of tunes by A-Ha, the Pet Shop Boys and others. Laurie Anderson could learn a thing or two.

Misster Blanche Dubois, photo by K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

All the way from 1933, Depression era Kentucky (kinda), came songstress Miss Anna Kronist. Playing her guitar and singing quite beautifully, she entertained us with her songs about love, death and a Blondie cover in the style of  down home Americana. A wonderful musical moment.  She was followed by Misster Blanche Dubois, who was somehow able to  blend drag with a lion costume! Singing ‘La Vie En Rose’ in an operatic, lionesque (trust me) chanteuse way, he then transformed into a kinky, burlesque striptease. The audience bellowed with laughter as we were treated to what a ‘naked’ lion can do.

Anna Kronist with Fancy Chance, photo by K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

The Madam Secretary of The Blue Stocking Society is Audacity Chutzpah, and, as her name suggests, she certainly had plenty of both and more besides. She amused and delighted the house with a very witty sketch about being stuck on a desert island. It was an inventive and engaging act, which had the audience in stitches. Ending with a sing-along, in which we all happily joined in, this was a fantastic evening.

Audacity Chutzpah, photo by K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

With tea and cakes on offer (a nice little touch) and DJ Josephine Shaker playing a suitably impressive selection of retro sounds in keeping with the ambience of the night, a very enjoyable and entertaining night was had by all. The lack of any pretension, the engaging nature of all the performers, and the unique blend of inventiveness and hilarity on offer, makes this a night out I can not recommend highly enough.

Night of the Blue Stockings, photo by K.James for Coffee Cake and Kink

Friday news is having one of those days…

25 Feb

… you know the sort of day, where you get sucked into the endless spiral that is The Internet and suddenly you find it’s half three and you’ve been compulsively clicking links on wikipedia and you know more about obscure diseases than you even thought you wanted or needed to know. Except being me, and knowing where I work (here, in case you didn’t know), I’ve not been looking at wikipedia. I’ve been looking at the opendildonics wiki, and looking into home-made sex toys.

I’ve already wondered what would happen if there was an accident and your home-made dildo made from a condom filled with grit split [Vaginal Arts & Crafts] and considered how to explain what I’m doing with a pile of cornflower (also, it needs food dye) [Chinasmack]. Although this homemade fleshlight is still the winner for sheer MacGyver-tastic brilliance. Obviously, if you’re not so keen on getting crafty before playtime, we can help you with that.

I’m a little bit in love with this blog, Post Modern Sleaze.

Oh, and ice cream made from breast milk has gone on sale in Covent Garden [BBC].

Filament’s Suraya Singh Sidu on Dusk, a porn channel aimed at women in The Netherlands [Good Vibrations].

Cambridge University’s Union held a debate on the motion “This house believes that pornography does a good public service” – and the motion was passed. Anna Span wrote her account of the debate for AVN; Cambridge First summed up the debate as well.

February 22nd was Lady Porn Day

an opportunity for ladies of all genders (or however you identify) to open up a dialog: What is feminist porn? What is your history with porn? What do you find hot? And ultimately it’s a dare to share your hot links. Because the more we can openly talk about porn and what we like, the more likely it is that porn for women will continue being made

– there are lots of links to excellent posts on the site, as well as some in-house interviews, like this one with queer porn  actress and activist Jiz Lee.

Talking of porn, you might have noticed the new reviews tab up at the top of the page. If you’ve bought something from CCK, tell us about it! (or if it’s something you bought elsewhere that we sell). And because the 3rd of March is World Book Day, we’ll be celebrating all our favourite kinky books – so tell us what yours are, and maybe we’ll feature them on the blog! (we’ll definitely enter them for the monthly review raffle, where each review is a ticket to the draw for some goodies from the CCK shop).


And those were your links! Enjoy – and have a superb, possibly kinky, weekend. I’m off to knit. – Emma

Coffee: come and get it!

21 Feb
lady in coffee shop in uniform which leaves little to the imagination.

coffee on sale: uniforms provided

In this country, you can get your favourite tipple from something called a coffee stand. Mmm, nice. They have the same sort of things across the pond in the United States…but with added pep.

I suppose that if you call your coffee stand ‘Dream Girls’ you kind of have an idea of what you are selling. But there are laws; and the officials up in Yakima, Washington like their hot drinks with less froth.

How do the Dream Girls deal with spillages, I wonder? Full Story Here (pics come via the Yakima Herald: ta!)

coffee stand in Washington. Sign plying for trade!

Here's where your beans are baked...

Coffee: you don’t have to love it -but you can like it a lot

15 Feb

sketch of coffee cup on table suggesting it's okay to love coffee a lot

And as Valentine’s day slowly drifts into the sunset let us go to the kitchen, ignoring the arrows that Cupid has left so thoughtfully sticking through the heels of our shoes and… get the coffee.

Ahh…that’s better.

Can you feel that the presence of Saint Drogo (coffee’s own patron) morphing into the room: and that loving feeling we were cultivating all weekend…where is it now, friends?

Don’t forget- if you need to stock up on some more of the seeds of love coffee, the CCK online store is the place to go. There’s a link up on the right of this post. Thanks muchly.

Bright and Brilliant: the Night of the Blue Stockings

3 Feb
brightly coloured female musical double-act pluck and shake their stuff.

The Janus Sisters turn it on. (photo: K James)

You step out of the fresh, cold air that is Bethnal Green on a Thursday night and join the queue that’s just inside the entrance of the local Working Men’s Club. You can’t quite tell what lies behind  the swing doors…but you do start to notice that almost everybody knows what to expect from the evening’s entertainment. And they can’t wait till it gets going.

Inside, there is a warm and welcoming space with a careful plotting of chairs and tables: the crowd swells unobtrusively. The four corners of the hall already buzz with activity. The bar hogs an area in the back, and opposite (in a more contained area) is a delightful cake stand manned by “Hooray Henry”. Small red lights and a mirrorball… a makeshift changing area…songsheets…and raffle tickets.

two elegantly (!) dressed ladies leading the proceedings for a cabaret night

Tricity (Vogue) and Audacity (Chutzpah) have us in order! (photo: K James)

My tickets are sold to me by a handsome, well-dressed lady. When I say well dressed, I mean it. The bandages are a result of this lady’s tooth being removed: moreover, the tooth (and the pliers that removed them) are the first prize in the raffle. What I am trying to say is this: I am in the presence of Audacity Chutzpah, one of the clown lynch-pins of the Blue Stocking Society. And I’m looking at a horribly funny (or teribly witty if you prefer) portrayal of a character to which I find myself particularly drawn.

I haven’t started to tell you about the night of Burlesque and Cabaret itself, but the exchange between Ms. Chutzpah and myself speaks volumes about why the Night is so much fun. It’s about an open, attentive and active audience in league with a group of dedicated and enlightened peformers. It’s not over reliant on technology or a high budget – that’s a good thing. And there is a good mix of music, movement, minimal clothing and mime.

a burlesque dancer as brightly dressed chick: with feathers.

Ginger Blush goes to work in an egg (photo: K James)

The  opening act on this particular night was a new routine devised by Ginger Blush, featuring herself as a newly-cracked chick emerging from…an egg. It’s quite bright, very feathery and leaves a miniscule area of mess.

Kate Lucas is an up-and coming comic: she filled her spot with songs about stalking, loathing  (a cheerful number called ‘I hate you, Bastard’) and self-advertising. I like musical comedy a lot, so this went down well.

burlesque artiste Lambchop Magoo presents herself in a suitable attire

Here we present Lambchop Magoo presenting herself. (photo: K. James)

Ms. Lambchop Magoo’s act was next. This was a  popular routine given by a very determined performer: when she sets her mind to what her actual routine will be, it always amuses and works out well. On the night we got both mathematics and burlesque: and when Ms. Magoo shows her hair off to crown her moves it was rightly greeted with cheers and calls.

Shirley Windmill’s big British marrow was another hit of the night. This was partly because  the routine grew to an unusual length, surprising everybody (including Ms. Windmill herself). Never mind though: she stretched herself to new heights, and with the crowd’s support left the stage triumphant. The marrow was not damaged.

Then there was Hannah Ballou, who delivered a small set of stand-up comedy from an American perspective: nice. Also the Janus Sisters, a musical double-act joined at the (one) hip, seemingly put together by an all-knowing theatre God.  Creating their laughs  by turning, revolving and revealing their instrumental dexterity, here was another success.

a cabaret artiste with her legs on show!

Show business: our guest host (or is it?)

The Blue Stockings’ honorary host for all of this was the delightful Kiki Kaboom. Hers was a busy night: she appeared in a number of guises and fetching costumes (most of these are reproduced here in the gallery), led the audience in a nonsensical bout of ‘Military Fitness’ and (best of all) sang in a commanding voice about the needs of her ‘pussy’.

All this…and I still haven’t quite covered (if that’s the word) the raffle, the surreal sing-a-long and other incidental jollies. And I’m not sure that I’ve done justice to the small group of artistes led by Tricity Vogue (Madam Treasurer, chanteuse, order keeper) who made the night as sharp, bright and brilliant as it was. I do know it was well worth the journey east.

I went back to the Bethnal Green air much the warmer inside: my mind a fizz of names and props, and my hair thrown back covering the patchy spots. I can recommend that you take the Blue Stocking Society to your hearts yourself by reserving that last Thursday in the month, taking a bus or a tube to Bethnal… and paying them a visit.

Tricity Vogue on the origins of the Blue Stockings

Queer Fayre Wotever Style

2 Feb

Ingo and the hard-working Wotever crew are holding another Queer Fayre at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern this Saturday. I know, no sooner have you been to see their night with Erica Lopez or drunk/danced yourself dizzy at a Bar Wotever night, they have yet more exciting and enticing events for you to attend! Starting at 12 noon and going on til 6pm, it gives you the chance to support a good cause and organisation, as well as possibly finding the unique ‘something’ you’ve always wanted (or never even considered!?) from one of the many stalls at the event. You can also say ‘hello’ and check out our very own Alison‘s stall – she’ll be there with her drawings and goodies.

With Wotever djs providing music throughout the day, it gives you the opportunity to socialise, shop, drink and dance. The Wotever crew do these fabulous Fayres/Queer Boot Sales throughout the year, enabling them to support various good causes in the LGBTQ community. So, you can ‘do your bit’ for our community while having fun and meeting some marvellous people into the bargain.

Details: starts at 12pm, entry is £2. Takes place at the Royal Vauxhaul Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London, SE11 5HY (nearest tube is Vauxhal).

Cartoon drawing of woman with long hair bending over to grasp her ankles, her bottom towards the viewer - she is licking her lips as she looks at the viewer. She is wearing high heels and stockings with hearts along the seam

drawing by Ally Wood/I Like The Word Naughty

Kafe Dangao he Bientai wishes you a happy Chinese New Year!

2 Feb

Today is Chinese New Year, so we are – for the day – ”咖啡,蛋糕 和 变态“ (Kafe Dangao he Bientai). Which is “Coffee, Cake and Kink” in Chinese, according to our resident linguist Joseph.

2011 is the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar, and, well, we couldn’t resist, because we’re a bunch of perverts who don’t think of animals when someone says “rabbit”. Ahem. But we don’t have a rabbit. We do have lots of vibrators, and this one is better than a rabbit. It’s Kiera’s staff pick of the week – the Fun Factory’s G-Twist


I’m a huge fan of the Fun Factory brand (I am slowly but surely testing each product!) because they are made from high-quality silicone and come in bright colours and funky designs – a plus if you’re attached to things that look as well as feel good.

The G-Twist’s ridges and the curved tip gives extra stimulation to the g-spot and a smooth back means a more gentle sensation in other areas. In addition there is a ‘bump’ at the bottom designed to stimulate the clit.

large purple phallic vibrator, slightly curved and ridged.

it's so... purple. The G-twist.


What I liked most is the range of vibration speed. The dial at the base of the vibrator is easy to use and starts off slowly, increasing in speed until the fastest speed is reached and then decreasing in speed again. (

Editor’s note: I would like to agree heartily with the sentiments expressed in this article, and add that the G-Twist is indeed very quiet, making it an excellent toy for those who share thier homes with others. If you take the advice of my partner, it makes an excellent Valentine’s Day Present too.

Coffee: you can sit on it

1 Feb

Remember to recycle…it’s important. Here’s a fun and eco-positive way of re-using any left-over coffee bean sacks you may have hanging around your office. Make yourself a Coffee Fellow Chair by stitching eight such sacks together. The filling for this trendy-looking bean-bag is styrofoam: this is a good thing because I don’t think ground coffee beans would work as well.

This idea comes curteosy of a Miss Johanna Hansson, to whom praise must be given: I do so willingly. I’ve placed a very interesting link up to this product – some curious items, such as Agressive Accessories (!) and such other stuff can be looked at there. You will also find cake…of a kind…

For equally curious items…and our excellent Monmouth coffee…follow the dots to our on-line store…