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Rotten Rhyme: West End Pride

30 Jun
celebration symbol upstages view of National Gallery during Pride.

Let's Go!

If there’s no kissing (and if there’s no big hair),

Then I will be missing, (and I will not be there).

As long as I get hold of coffee and cake

I’ll parade and I’ll flag-wave and stay wide awake.

And later on club/pub/or dancing for me:

Historic and happy and LGBT.

Gay Pride Parade – 2nd July

30 Jun

Its that time of the year again! Saturday July 2nd is the day of the annual Gay Pride Parade, which this year is taking place on an alternate route due to Oxford Street being closed. The route now starts at BBC Broadcasting House, down Regent Street towards Pall Mall, then Cockspur Street and finishing up at Whitehall Place.

For those of you who want to “come out and proud” but still want to reserve your modesty, we have the perfect solution for the girls AND boys! “Nippies” are available from our webshop, and are the so called “Patch of Freedom” for those who want to show the world their true self!

So get down to the Gay Pride Parade this weekend and join in the party to express yourself!

You can find more details on

Artist Spotlight – The Hun

24 Jun

American artist Bill Schmeling aka The Hun is a resident of Portland, Oregon, and is probably one of the most noteworthy homo-erotic fetish artists in the world. His intense erotic artwork defines the homosexual fantasies of hyper-muscular men with large manhoods and even larger appetites!

His work covers everything you would expect to see from the gay scene, from men in tight uniforms, interracial relations, sadomasochism, gang-bangs and copious amounts of male ejaculation!

We have a number of The Hun’s comics available to buy from our CCK Webshop, including Hun Comics #1, The Hun Book of Jocks #2 and Gohr #1!

Artist Spotlight – Ray Leaning

13 Jun

In honour of the 2011 Royal Ascot event on Tuesday, our next artist spotlight is on one of CCK favorite artists,  Ray Leaning.

Linconshire-born Ray Leaning has been drawing since he was a boy, inspired by books on Pop art, Victorian advertising art and figure drawing. Over time he attended the Grimsby School of Art, Exeter College of Art and Design and Brighton College of Art, developing his exceptional drawing and painting skills in the female form.

Having had exhibitions in Europe and America, it’s this background that has solidified his entry into the erotic fine art scene as a world renowned artist and graphic designer.

In recognition of the annual Royal Ascot horse racing event on Tuesday 14th June, CCK is promoting Ray’s exclusive “Racing Files” print collection. This collection contains a number of beautiful and sexy high quality black and white prints, which are “Open Editions”. This means that each print is in constant circulation and available for order.

CCK is proud to be one of the the only online shops that sells Ray Leaning’s artwork on our webshop. What better gift for Father’s Day could there be than Ray’s Ascot, Cheltenham or Aintree?

In order to receive one in time for Father’s Day on Sunday 19th June, you have until midday on Tuesday 14th June at the latest to place an order with us.

Doing so will ensure guaranteed delivery for Saturday 18th June, so what are you waiting for? Head over to the CCK Webshop and place an order today!

Fans of Ray’s work might also want to check out “Muse: The Art of Ray Leaning“, also available from our shop. The paperback version is available in limited stock, and is another great idea for a Father’s Day present!

A Surprise for Daddy…

9 Jun
Fred F: an animated version of your Male Parent.

Under the best of circumstances, you get to know your father pretty well. So…how well is that? There are many kinds of dads in the world…not all of them are biological. And where there’s a father figure, there is likely to be some kind of offspring for him to relate to. How are your relations?

Here at CCK, we can help. What with Father’s Day round the corner, your friendly community service provider can supply you in a myriad of ways with presents and messages of fun…of flavour…or other such fanciful things. There is sure to be something in our shop to surprise you… and your parents.
A Greeting Card That Says It All On A Sweet

Get this card for your sugar daddy

Here are a few suggestions.  You could 1) feed your father with Yang, our energy-boosting chocolate from our Feeding Your Imagination Range;
organic chocolate, sensitively wrapped

edible and organic

2) sneakily feed yourself with Yin, a partnering choco-combination which should do for you what the Yang will do for Dad:
bra-lady key ring

Sonia Spencer's Key Ring! Nice.

3) fix him up with a saucy keyring or a set of matching cuff-links,

Mr B: a gift for shiny happy people

Be good to your leather!

4) perform a clean-and- soften-up job with products  for your leathers fashioned especially  for the purpose by the wonderfully resourceful Mr. B!
A photo print by Ulli Richter

Daddy Cool?

5) procure a special print from Ulli Richter, one of the artists we support here at CCK. (note: these are done to order from Ulli in Germany:  so get your order in  by Monday13  and we can get it sent to you in time for the  Big Daddy day).
All right! Let us know how we can add fruit to your fatherly festival. You can count on us to have more to say on this subject in later editions of the blog…

Artist Spotlight – Hubert De Lartigue

9 Jun

Our first Artist Spotlight is devoted to Hubert De Lartigue.

Hubert is a French artist/illustrator who is one of France’s premier erotic pip-up artists. With a career spanning over two decades Hubert has been working commercially in a number of different media, such as covers for science fiction book covers and board games.

Born in 1963, he started work as an illustrator while attending the Ecole Duperré and Ecole Estienne art  schools. Hubert specialises in science fiction and fantasy artwork containing hot pin-up women, and his work shows inspiration from classical french pinup, American and Japanese art.

As fans of Hubert’s work, we at CCK have a number of his books available for you to buy on our webshop, including Facettes, French Pin-Ups and Super Heroines. You can also grab a collection of UK exclusive greetings cards designed by Hubert under the “Chéries” tag.