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Love: Sacred and Profane

1 Feb

The En Travesti Ensemble perform a selection of duets from various opera and classical pieces at the British Library Conference Centre, on the day before Valentines Day. As part of LGBT History month, they use the exploration of gender as a way of showcasing the long-standing history of gender-blending, travesti and castrati roles that have featured in opera for centuries.

promotional image of three singers; one dressed very in a masculine suit, one in a feminine dress, and the third in an androgynous style

image courtesy of the BLCC

Produced in association with Camden LGBT Forum, this event will provide a romantic, yet radical, way to celebrate Valentines day. Discover something new about queer identities and history, listen to beautiful music performed by an acclaimed company and treat yourself to a blissful afternoon’s entertainment. Just the thing for a pre-Valentine Sunday afternoon.

Queer Riot!

30 Jan

For all you folks up in Manchester, or those visiting in February, there will be a Queer Riot happening! It’ll be at the Contact Theatre, and run by the tireless, fearsome and downright lovely people who organise Ladyfest (Manchester) and Queeruption (Manchester), it will be a mixture of discussions, workshops, feminist and queer performances and friendly sociability.

To quote their own statement, the event is to “Fight back against the cuts and help create queer culture in a time of austerity.” To keep very much in the spirit of the event, it’s free!! It’s happening on Saturday 12th Feb, from 4pm-7.30pm, though I’m sure the effects will ripple on a lot longer. An antidote to the times we’re living in. Viva la queer avant garde, viva la revolution!