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CCK World Book Day Exclusive: excerpt from “Power Over Power” by Emerald

3 Mar

From “Power Over Power” by Emerald, published in Please, Sir, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Cover for "Please, Sir", published by Cleis Press

“Dominic let go of my hip and slid his hand across my stomach, up over my breasts and finally to my throat. ‘Everything you’re looking for, Jackie, you already have inside you.’ The tone of his whisper had changed, and I barely had time to process the words before he whipped me around, forcing my mouth open with his as he kissed me again. He held my hair in a fist of steel and moved his other hand back to my body, lightly brushing my rib cage. He pulled away and I watched the slow movement of his fingers, gliding like honey running over my skin.

“I whimpered desperately. He hadn’t even touched my pussy, and I felt close to a kind of climax of which I didn’t know the meaning. It felt like a near euphoria combined with a vague but deep fear that together seemed to be pushing tears seriously toward the surface. ‘Dominic,’ I pleaded. My voice trembled like a blade of grass in the breeze. He looked up at me.

“I realized then what he was doing. He was making me wait, making me feel, making me experience every single nuance, every detail, everything that was in me, in my body, rather than slamming it all away.

“And suddenly I wondered if that was what having power over power meant.

“The tears flowed out of me like an orgasm, fully beyond my control, my breath turning to a silent sob that felt somehow calm, even peaceful, as I felt a space open up in me I wasn’t sure I had ever felt before.

“Dominic’s eyes stayed on mine. The wave moved through me, and Dominic dropped his finger to my clit. I gasped and climaxed as soon as he moved it, orgasm bursting forth in a rush so overpowering I almost felt I would lose consciousness. Steady, unabated screams pulsed through me as Dominic held my gaze as well as my balance with his unyielding grip at my neck. When it was done I fell limp, my entire body slick with sweat, legs shaking and hanging like string over the stack of mats.

“Dominic lowered me onto my back and let go of my hair, then backed up and retrieved my purse. Hands shaking, I reached and fumbled through it in my horizontal position until I found the little zippered pouch. Extracting a condom from it, I pushed it into his hand.

“I heard the package rip open and my purse drop to the floor as Dominic backed up. He slid me up farther on the stack of mats and leapt lightly onto them, pushing between my legs. My eyes were closed, and I opened them as he hovered above me. I was far beyond words, knowing only what was in my body.

“‘Breathe,’ Dominic whispered again as he dropped his body onto mine, plunging into me and grasping my shoulders as his breath rushed against my ear. He thrust into me with rhythmic strength as I lay like a doll, sprawled powerlessly across the hard foam beneath me. Dominic pumped hard, holding my hips solidly. His breathing changed as he thrust just a bit harder and came inside me, my body like a deflated balloon, a beautiful, motionless receptacle for his come.

Excerpt from Power over Power published with permission from the lovely Cleis Press. At CCK, we carry lots of Cleis Press’ titles, including Yes, Sir, the earlier book in this series of short stories of male domination and female submission.

From A Top Writer – ‘Boy In The Middle’

3 Mar

Patrick Califia is one of my all-time favourite writers. He is an incredible wordsmith, able to write both fiction and fact in a way that both draws the reader in and informs you. His erotica is some of the hottest writing you will come across. Boy In The Middle is another of his compelling, sexy short story collections of polymorphous perversity and hardcore, sexually charged scenes. Califia has a way of taking the reader right into the story. He has the ability to describe place, character and atmosphere so well, you can’t but help feel a part of it.

cover for "Boy In The Middle" by Patrick Califia

Boy In The Middle has such a collection of differing characters and set-ups that I defy anyone not to get some pleasure from it. Whatever your kink, fetish , gender or sexuality, Califia caters for you in this book. His writing will  surprise you, in being able to turn you on to a story, scene or character you may otherwise not have thought you’d be interested in; such is the power of his imagination. I recommend anyone who enjoys erotic fiction to read this book. Allow yourself some time to indulge and immerse yourself  in it, because it will be hard to put down. Oh, and if you’re reading Boy In The Middle in public, be aware that its effect may leave you needing to find somewhere, for a ‘quiet, private moment’!

Olivia De Berardinis Artwork and Books at CCK

3 Mar

American Geisha, by Olivia

Olivia De Berardinis has been a highly sought after and well respected artist for over 30 years. Famed for her pictures of vamps, cheesecake, pin-ups, Bettie Page , Dita Von Teese and her erotic art, we at Coffee, Cake and Kink are proud to be her only European importers. Our customers are able to buy cards, T-shirts and books showing her exquisite work.

Maid Bettie, by Olivia

Bettie's Shoe, by Olivia

If you are a fan of beautiful women in beautiful poses, drawn and painted by an artist who is at the top of her game, Olivia’s work is for you. With our range of stock, you can send that special someone a card, luxuriate in one of Olivia’s stunning books or even wear her designs on a fab T-shirt.

Gumdrop, by Olivia

cover of "Let Them Eat Cheesecake", a book of Olivia's artwork

Staff Pick: Fanny Hill & A Night in a Moorish Harem

2 Mar

I have to admit to a penchant for vintage erotica – from true classics like John Cleland’s Fanny Hill, through to more obscure titles, such as The Scarlet Library’s reprint of  A Night in a Moorish Harem, first published in 1890.

A Night in a Moorish Harem is very much a product of it’s time; the setting is colonial, imperial and sexist. But it doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a rollicking tale of sex and sex and more sex. The Scarlet Library’s edition is illustrated by Harry Douglas, just enough to prompt the imagination – his colourful sketches are as erotic as the words on the page.

The tale takes the form of several stories within a greater story, told to a marooned English sailor by the inhabitants of a coastal harem; the women take turns telling their saucy tales as well as taking pleasure from the sailor himself – the stories winding into the narrative smoothly. Each could be read as a stand alone vignette; I can dip into the book as well as read from cover to cover.

Illustratin by Harry Douglas

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, better known as Fanny Hill, is a longer novella – it tells the story of Fanny, a country girl who travels to London for work, instead falling into the trap laid by a brothel-keeper, turning her into the titular woman of pleasure. Fanny tells her own story, beautifully written with glorious attention to Fanny’s own pleasure;

“I gazed at it, I devoured it, at length and breath with my eyes directed intently to it, til his getting upon me, and placing himself between my thighs, took from me the enjoyment of its sight, to give me a far more grateful one in its touch, in that part where the touch is so exquisitly affecting… I felt with too great a rapture of pleasure the first insertion of it, to heed much the pain that followed; I thought nothing too dear to pay for this richest treat of the senses; so that split up, torn, bleeding, mangled, I was still superiorly pleased and hugged the author of this delicious ruin… I lived but in what I felt only.”

Fanny Hill has been published many times over, in many forms; The Scarlet Library have reprinted it in the two volumes it was originally published as, with glorious illustrations by Erich von Götha. The scarlet covers make for a sensuous, vintage feel, keeping the erotica under wrappers that only hint at the delight within.

I love these books; they were among the first erotica I ever read, and have since become firm favourites (to the point where I own multiple copies of Fanny Hill), and the centre of my still-growing collection. Even if vintage erotica isn’t your kink, they are still worth enjoying – and you never know, they might just be the start of a new adventure.

25 Feb

World Book Day is almost upon us, and the end of our monthly Review raffle is coming up too!

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