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Polyday Update

12 Aug

Just a quick update for those still considering on going to the annual Polyday on the 27th of August, CCK will be attending as well as part of a collaboration with Polyday.co.uk .

We will be providing our usual treats of coffee and cake, as well as some special offers which will include vouchers for items we sell on our webshop.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Polyday – 27th August 2011

19 Jul

When I first moved to London at the start of 2007 I was lucky enough
that I *had* heard of polyamory. I even defined myself as polyamorous,
thanks to a chance encounter with a copy of The Ethical Slut in an
Ottawa bookshop. What I had no idea about was where to find other
people like myself. It seems like poly people were a rare life form
who only existed on the internet or in the USA.

I heard about Polyday thanks to another chance meeting – in CCK. There
for the first time, I met one of the previous Polyday organisers and
got chatting over coffee and cake. I can honestly say it was the
beginning of a new chapter of my life. I discovered that not only were
there other poly people in the UK, but there was a thriving community
(and, as it turns out, a lot of crossover between the poly and kink
communities). Even better, there were events I could go to, to meet
people like myself. I felt like I had finally come home.

I volunteered to help out because I think community is important.
After years of feeling like a fish out of water, the poly community in
london and around the UK provided a much-needed safe space where I
could finally be myself amongst a bunch of awesome people, and since
I’ve been organising the event I’ve had similar feedback from a lot of
other folks. Not to mention some beautiful emails to say thanks for
introducing people to new loved ones. Polyday is notoriously a high
point in the year for new relationships in the poly community as well
– though we emphasise that it is *not* a dating event, being
surrounded by so many lovely non-monogamous folks a few are bound to
hit it off!

There’s always something for everyone, from complete beginners to
seasoned ‘polyamorists’ and activists, from vanilla to kinky, and
whether you’re into men, women or everything in between. Plus there
will be a some fun sessions and evening entertainment thrown in for
good measure. If you’ve heard of polyamory but are unsure how to put it into
practice or where to find out more, polyday is a great place to start.

If you’ve been poly for years and think you have it down, consider
coming to our more advanced sessions and sharing your experience with
other ‘experts’, joining in the ‘poly crafting’ workshop, helping out
with the running of the day, or perhaps even volunteering to run a
workshop – there are still a couple of slots free as I write this.

Whether you’re new to poly or not, this is *your* community event.
Even if you feel like you’ve nothing to learn there is space to chat,
share stories and connect with people you may not have met before, or
haven’t seen since the last Polyday. Come on home.

This year’s Polyday will be on the 27th of August, in central London
at Dragon hall (near Holborn). Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and workshops
start from noon, with nice long breaks between sessions for coffee, cake and
chat, and a dinner break to take advantage of the huge number of
excellent local eateries before evening entertainments until 11pm. Online
booking is already open, and there are more details on the website
(which will continue to be updated as the event gets closer) at

The Polyamory Paradigm

4 Apr

The Polyamory Paradigm blog is one for all polyamorous people, and those who do not consider themselves to be, but would enjoy being educated by such an informative and witty blog as this. With personal, reflective pieces about the joys and difficulties of maintaining happy polyamorous relationships, as well as commentary on related news articles, this blog is rather a good read.

The writer does not always take themselves too seriously, unless the particular post demands it, but still manages to get some important points across in a way that is not over-bearing or preachy. The ‘definitions’ page is both witty and useful (the writer’s own definitions for words that already exist, and some that don’t!) is a great addition. The blog is also ‘live’, so additions and corrections will occur if they are pointed out to the author.

The resource page is a useful ‘go to’ for any polyamorous people, and generally, the blog itself will recount moments of recognition for many. With other, non-poly related posts as well, this is a blog that is well-rounded and thoughtful. I am sure many of you will enjoy it.