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Sex-change child back in school

28 Sep

As the school terms begun again, a 10 year old boy in Worchester has chosen to return to school dressed as a girl.

Despite having attended the same school in the past as a boy, the child felt like she was not being true to her true self. His mother is supporting his desire to want a sex change operation once the child has reached the legal age of 18.

The school which the child attends held an assembly at the start of term to let all the children and teachers aware of the situation. Despite the honest way the school has dealt with the situation, some of the parents of the children however have still raised concerns.

The issue of  Gender Dysphoria (the feeling of being born the wrong gender) is becoming more commonplace, and this story is just another example of the problems faced by children that suffer from this condition. Fortunately there are a number of organisations that specialise in helping those dealing with Gender Dysphoria cope with the condition, such as the Gender Trust Charity, the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES), PACE and Looking Glass.

What are your thoughts? Should others be more accepting of people who deal with Gender Dysphoria/Identity Disorder? Should there be more education on the condition in schools? We’d like to know what your opinions are on the issue, so please feel free to comment your thoughts and feelings.


Organisations that can help with Gender Identity Disorder issues:

Coffee-Powered World Record Car

28 Sep

An unusual but innovative idea for a world land speed record attempt, Engineer Martin Bacon from County Durham and his team have created a car that runs on the waste gasses produced by coffee beans.

The goal of Martin’s team is to beat the current land speed record for vehicles that run on gas produced by organic waste. So far they have managed to reach 66.5mph on the 14th of September, but their ultimate goal is to beat 80mph.

Bare Essentials: The best of Nude Magazine

22 Sep

Nude magazine was a internationally distributed indie and counterculture magazine which ran for 7 years. Catering to a wide range of art sub-cultures from street art, comics, illustration, pop fiction, photography and film, the mag presented some of the best original work coming out of the UK from 2003 to 2011.

Bare Essentials: The Best of Nude Magazine is available now for pre-order for £11.50 (a discount of £3.49 over the publishers price of £14.99)

World Burlesque Games 2012 Fundraiser

20 Sep

Lovers of the fine art of Burlesque may already know about the World Burlesque Games. This time round, the games are being hosted in London on next year (coincidence?).

In preparation, a fundraiser for the World Burlesque Games 2012 is taking place at Highbury, Islington on October 1st. Doors open at 9pm, and Special International Japanese guest star Erochica Bamboo will be in attendance!

Anyone who plans to attend may want to give us a bell and tell us how the event went!

Event details:

Darkroom – The obsessions of Bob Carlos Clarke

15 Sep

In honour of the late erotic photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, The Bob Carlos Clarke Foundation and The Little Black Gallery are seeking donations to make a film based on his life and work.

They’re looking to make a minimum of £75,000. Anyone who donates £100 or more will get their name listed in the credits, and anyone who donates £5000 or more will be listed  in the credits as a Executive Producer.

Details on how to donate can be found on the following link:

Gays allowed to give Blood

13 Sep

In recent news the UK government has lifted the lifetime ban on homosexuals to give blood. Coming into force on November 7th, a one year waiting period will instead be used.

This change in the rules on blood donation brings the UK in line with current EU rulings. Sexual health charities such as GMFA, The Terrence Higgins Trust and the National Aids Trust are generally in approval of this change.

What do you think? Is this about time? Do you think this change in the rules doesn’t go far enough? Please comment and give us your opinion on the matter.

News report sourced from website.

Skin Two at Arousal – 24th September 2011

8 Sep

Just a head’s up on another upcoming event this month, Skin TWO at Arousal in Dunstable is taking place on the 24th of September.

Hosted by Dungeon Mistress Ms Rebekka Raynor, Arousal is a friendly alternative sex club that caters to everything from Fetish and BDSM to Clubbers and Swingers.

Tickets are £15 in advance, £18 on the door. The nite goes from 10pm til 12.30pm, dress code is black and smart, with a preference for fetish wear.

Skin Two at Arousal – Saturday Sept 24th, Dunstable UK

CCK Internships

4 Sep
Are you generally cooperative, amicable, and sharp? A recent graduate or a student enrolled in a degree program? Looking for a fun place to gain experience in an office environment? An internship with Coffee, Cake & Kink may be for you!

Our autumn internships will run 12 Sep-11 Dec, with some flexibility regarding days and times. In order to fully benefit from this opportunity you should be able to commit 20-25 hours per week. We will cover all your expenses, and you can have all the coffee and cake you like 🙂

All Interns will be assigned a Director who will be their mentor throughout. You will be based in the CCK offices, though some internships may provide opportunities for home working or on-site working. Your work will include some substantive and stimulating project work that may be carried out autonomously over an extended period of time. We will assists interns as much as possible in furthering their career in terms of offering advice, providing worthwhile experience and developing a network of contacts.

Internships offered include:
* Strategic Management
* Grants & Finance
* Social Media
* Publishing
* Journalism & Editorial
* PR & Marketing
* Design
* Video Production

Internships are also advertised on graduate websites from August onwards, however, as always, we want to give our loyal customers a heads up first! To apply, please email Sonia at with CV and covering letter. Be sure to include the internship you are applying for in the subject line (e.g., “Internships 2011: Video Production”).

Sex Workers Open University 2011

3 Sep

Sex Worker Open University 2011 is an event that provides a social space for anybody who is involved in sex work or is a sex worker activists. There will be debates, a chance to learn new skills, short films and workshops.

Open to anyone who is available to attend, whether you are involved in sex work or not.

S.W.O.U will be taking place in various places throughout London including community centres and universities.

If you have any ideas about what you would like to see including on that night or for more information, please feel free to contact:

You can also find us on