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2012 Pride Day Poem by Wills Morgan

7 Jul

for the children

of our time


HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF. This is what I say.
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF each and every day.
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF. Keep your troubles at bay.
Whether straight or bisexual, or if you’re gay

Lesbian or Transgender, this is what I say:
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF each and every day.
At home or your work. When you rest. As you play.
Stay in the right track if you were born that way.


Contributing Artist Wills Morgan is pictured sitting behind the map at the Island bar and restaurant in north west London in 2010. Photo used with kind permission of the photographer, Mr.Tyson Sadlo.

This photograph is one of a series of five portraits entitled A CORNER OF COLLEGE PARK.

A Surprise for Daddy…

9 Jun
Fred F: an animated version of your Male Parent.

Under the best of circumstances, you get to know your father pretty well. So…how well is that? There are many kinds of dads in the world…not all of them are biological. And where there’s a father figure, there is likely to be some kind of offspring for him to relate to. How are your relations?

Here at CCK, we can help. What with Father’s Day round the corner, your friendly community service provider can supply you in a myriad of ways with presents and messages of fun…of flavour…or other such fanciful things. There is sure to be something in our shop to surprise you… and your parents.
A Greeting Card That Says It All On A Sweet

Get this card for your sugar daddy

Here are a few suggestions.  You could 1) feed your father with Yang, our energy-boosting chocolate from our Feeding Your Imagination Range;
organic chocolate, sensitively wrapped

edible and organic

2) sneakily feed yourself with Yin, a partnering choco-combination which should do for you what the Yang will do for Dad:
bra-lady key ring

Sonia Spencer's Key Ring! Nice.

3) fix him up with a saucy keyring or a set of matching cuff-links,

Mr B: a gift for shiny happy people

Be good to your leather!

4) perform a clean-and- soften-up job with products  for your leathers fashioned especially  for the purpose by the wonderfully resourceful Mr. B!
A photo print by Ulli Richter

Daddy Cool?

5) procure a special print from Ulli Richter, one of the artists we support here at CCK. (note: these are done to order from Ulli in Germany:  so get your order in  by Monday13  and we can get it sent to you in time for the  Big Daddy day).
All right! Let us know how we can add fruit to your fatherly festival. You can count on us to have more to say on this subject in later editions of the blog…

Fishers of Men

25 Mar

Having delighted many a fan of muscular men with previous photoshoots for their clothing ranges, Dolce and Gabbana have not disappointed said fans again. Steven Klein’s photoshoot for Dolce and Gabbana’s spring/summer collection has a Spartacus-come-Sicilian fishermen theme. Grappling with ropes, netting and chains, as well as each other, (which I am sure we are all quite familiar with, in one form or another!) the mixture of smooth, pretty boys and hairy, rugged-type models get all sweaty in their range of warm weather wear.

Fashion photography is reknowned for using kinky, erotica-themed ideas. In this particular shoot the muscular homoeroticism fair ripples off the page! If you are a connosseur of such imagery, you should check out Coffee, Cake and Kink’s selection of Ulli Richter’s photography, which gives a few, hard lessons to any imitators. (Especially my personal fave ‘Hard Labour’. There’s no messing with these men!).

Hard Labour

Hard Labour

Corset and Diamonds – we went, we saw, we had a very good time!

31 Jan

Last weekend, CCK’s own photographer Kiera went down to Corsets and Diamonds; here are her thoughts on the fun she had. Kiera will be out and about at lots of events over the coming months, sometimes with one of our writers, sometimes on her own. If you see her, say hello! And if you have an event you’d like us to cover, let us know. Here’s Kiera though.

I went down to Corsets and Diamonds’ event ‘Pearl Harbour’ on Saturday at Clerkenwell House, and had a lovely time soaking up the friendly company and 1940s costumes and music. It was a mixed crowd of queers and straights with a focus on creating a women-friendly space – men are welcome if they are accompanying a woman. The rule of ‘Respect,  Glamour  and Dignity‘ was present throughout the evening, from the inclusiveness of the event, to the vintage costumes and decor.

A man and a woman pose for the camera - she is wearing a fitted red dress, glasses, and is drinking from a glass of wine, one hand on her hip. He is wearing a naval officer's uniform and tipping his hat to the camera

photo by K. James

Two women. One is wearing a naval officer's jacket and hat, and is smiling at the camera. The other is wearing a military jacket and is holding a glass of wine

photo by K. James

Corsets and Diamonds have been organising themed burlesque evenings every two months for the last couple of years. What sets them apart from the many other burlesque evenings out there is how genuine and unpretentious they are – as the website states, the parties are for “Beautiful people inside and out” and it is rare to find an event that actually pulls that off!

Here are some more photos of the night – click on them to see a bigger image.

We had a party last friday

24 Jan

and it was BRILLIANT.

table, covered in green velvet, with a lot of books and sex toys spread out on it

Things to buy! (photo by K. James)

We’ve decided from now on we’re going to host regular parties at CCK HQ – until we have the cafe again, because we miss seeing all our lovely customers, and because they’re just so much fun. They’ll be held in our office (unless we say otherwise) and they’re a chance for our old friends – and new ones – to come along, shop and have some cake and meet our new staff, have a gossip… all the things you used to do in the cafe, except in a new place!

We’ve gotten a little more prepared now – so this time around, Kiera was there to take photos. We’ve put them all on our facebook page, of course, but we love showing off so here are some of our favourites!

Two young women, dressed in a slightly punk and rockabilly style. The woman on the right has a large leather cuddly penis hanging from her belt loop; the other woman is pointing at it

Georgio is a hit with Maxine and Alison (photo by K. James)

Two young women and a man; they are sitting down, he is standing behind them and looking away. The woman on the left has short hair, and is looking at her phone; the woman on the right has her hair in bunches and is smiling at the camera

Emma, Joseph, Alison - CCK's finest (photo by K. James)

older man with long hair and a goatee, cradling a large leather toy penis

Why Mr Bond.... David and Georgio (photo by K. James)

three young men; on the left, he is wearing a corset over a shirt, and testing a leather paddle against the palm of his hand. The men on the right and at the back are looking at the paddle.

Alexander Knightley tests things out. (photo by K. James)

Young woman with short hair reading a book

Lola, browsing (photo by K. James)

We’ll be holding another party before Valentine’s day, so watch this space! Or twitter, or facebook, or fetlife… or our mailing list – we’re also happy to reserve goodies for you to pick up on the day. And if you can’t make that, but want to come in – get in touch with out customer service team, and they’ll make an appointment for you to come in and have a personal shopper just for you! (Khandie Kisses will tell you how much fun that is).


12 Dec

Hi there. I’m testing out the new blog – this is where CCK’s team will be spreading their own brand of love – with reviews, news, information… everything kinky, really. And involving cake.

slice of chocolate cake on a white plate, partially eaten. Spoon lying next to cake. A cup of tea in the background.

Look, cake. Also tea.

Alana and Sonia have been busy bees recently, organising CCK to make it bigger and better than ever – and one of the first was to take on a new team of lovely people. Some of them you’ll have already met if you made it to the social last friday. Others you’ll get to know through this blog, or as your personal shopper.

Last friday, the final member of the team started, and we had our first staff training day. There will be more pictures later, taken by the lovely Kiera, who is one of our customer care kinksters as well as a photographer – any of the pictures in this post were taken with my ageing phone, so they’re not brilliant.

For some of us – me included – it was the first time we’d met some team members, for others it was the first time we’d all been in the one room; the first order of the day was getting to know each other over the obligatory cake and coffee (or tea – I know, I know, I work for CCK, I should like coffee).

Woman in foreground is smiling at the camera, in background another woman is fiddling with her camera. There are several pieces of paper stuck to the wall behind them

Hello, Alana. And Kiera.

We talked about how we’d come to work for CCK, how much we loved it, our memories of the Endell Street shop – it was more like a gathering of friends than collegues meeting for the first time.

Obviously, it being a training day, there was training – mostly in using the IT Dave has been setting up.

A man with long hair and a beard is talking to a room of people.

That’s Dave. He’s nice and knows about computers – which is a blessing. Here is is demonstrating the classic big-fish-little-fish-cardboard-box dance that is done while waiting for your laptop to work out the office wireless network is not evil.

Sonia, being, well, the Boss Lady and In Charge of All Things, led us on a few team building exercises – involving the building of a tower from dry spaghetti, paper and sellotape. I deny all allegations that my team blu-tacked their tower to the lightshade to get it to stay up.

small groups of people stand around long tables

a woman applaudes as the people around the table build a flimsy tower out of rolled-up paper

hands bulding a tripod-type tower out of paper and packing tape

It all got quite heated, really (too many doms). But there was chocolate and we all got a marshmallow. It doesn’t take much to keep a bunch of kinksters happy.

The final task of the day was to have our photos taken. They’ll be up soon enough – you can see one of them here, on our newsletter. But here are some of us – at least the ones you’ll get to know as customer care kinksters and the gobby ones all over twitter and facebook.

A group of people, 5 women and two men, sit on a sofa together.

Hello, world.