We’ve got a new home!

17 Aug

You may already know that the CCK team has been working hard to create a new online platform for our coffee, cake and kink-loving friends. Well, after fighting the technological gremlins, puzzling over designs and writing lots of new content, the site is finally live! It’s still a beta version at the moment, which means it’s not quite as glamorous as we’d like it yet, so it’ll be getting a bit of a makeover over the coming months. We’re adding more to it every day (not to mention slaying the miniature tech gremlins that have so far evaded us) and we hope you’ll come and visit us soon.


Welcome to my new home! Image can be found on Simon’s Cat.com


Of course, with a shiny new home to write for, our writers will be moving to pastures new and we will shortly be leaving our WordPress blog behind. We look forward to seeing you on the new site, and would love to hear what you think. Head on over to coffeecakeandkink.com (don’t forget to bookmark us!) and if you’ve got any comments feel free to email newsandfeatures [at] coffeecakeandkink.com to let us know.

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