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Blog Watch – JimmyJane

28 Jul

Here at CCK, we like to keep an eye on what’s happening on the internet. This includes any blogs that comment on the things we are interested in.

Jimmyjane.com is a great site that specialises in helping people understand and enjoy sex more through toys, candles, massage oils and tutorials.

We spotted an interesting article on their blog that talks about the humble yet very sexy fruit known as the cherry.

Sound interesting? Then read on!

Let them eat pie
by Jimmyjane

Love Potion No. 9 may be not available at the grocery store, but a mouth-watering dessert can easily stand in place of an arousing elixir. Thankfully, your local farmer’s market is ripe with seasonal aphrodisiacs, perfect for baking up a delectable treat that will excite more than just taste buds.

Ruby red, taut and juicy, the early summer harvest is all about cherries, a fruit with a rich history of feminine (and simply sexual) allusion. From 80’s rock to centuries of slang, cherries have long conjured images of anatomy and the possibilities of the forbidden.

As it turns out, there may be science behind the cherry’s ribald reputation. The fruit provides potassium, a requirement for sexual hormone production, as well as an abundance of antioxidants, helping keep skin temptingly beautiful and youthful. Their rich red hue is even said to stimulate pheromone production. (A theory perhaps best tested by rubbing the fruit over lips, nipples and naughtybits.)

Think sexy while doing your shopping, and pick up a pint of the irreverent gems – with a little imagination, you’ll find a multitude of ways to enjoy them. Snack on them while reading a dirty novel or while watching porn, rolling the smooth fruit around on your tongue. Stash a handful in the freezer, then use them as a delicious alternative to ice during temperature play.

Bite into the cherry and drip the red juices over desirable areas, leaving your partner to lick the sugary trail. Anything you eat with your fingers can become a tease; take turns feeding each other and dangling the fruit above an open mouth before dropping it in. Dip cherries in chocolate for an aphrodisiac double-dose.

If you really want to impress your lover, tie on the ol’ apron (preferably over little else) and whip up a warm, sticky cherry pie. Ask your partner for help massaging the crust, taste-testing the filling or whipping the cream – so to speak. Amuse yourselves while you wait for the pie to emerge from the oven, and when the timer dings, enjoy your hot reward right there in the kitchen.


As experts in sensual massage and relaxation, we recommend Jimmyjane’s Ember and Afterglow candles, available from our webshop:


Staff Picks: Little Ember Candle

26 Jan

We sell products that we love – we know they’re really as good as they look. This week, Rae has come over all enthusiastic again.


I was very lucky to be sent a JimmyJane Little Ember Candle by Santa over Christmas and this weekend myself and The Chap were finally free to try it out.

After a hard day’s work of D.I.Y, room re-decorating and slaving over a meal for four, we were full of stress and knots. We lit a few candles to wind down, one of which being the JimmyJane in Truffle and Gardenia scent. I have never been a fan of scented candles in the past; as a former perfume shop employee I’m very sensitive to artificial scents, and find that most candles smell like cheap air freshener, but I was completely won over by the full and complex scent that came off the candle. I couldn’t wait to start drizzling!

Luckily for us, it didn’t take too long to melt to a usable amount of oil, before I knew it I had enough to start my massage. As The Chap is a very sensitive English rose and doesn’t like things to be too hot, I snuffed the flame a few seconds before I started pouring. He reported back that it left the oil at a perfect warm temperature.

As soon as I started to rub the oil in, the scent started to develop beautifully. I couldn’t get enough of the smell! The oil was of a perfect consistency too; suitably heavy, lasting long enough to really work the muscles but at the same time not leaving a surface residue on the skin. The perfect test? The morning after our sheets were spotless!

When it came to my turn to be massaged, we kept the flame on. The ceramic pot meant that pouring felt safe and secure, and it really did feel similar to more traditional wax play, just with a little more subtlety between pouring heights. The best thing about the switch over? The fact that the fragrance had different upper notes on my skin. This meant that the perfume had been fully thought out to react differently to different pheromones. Gorgeous.

I can fully recommend the Little Ember Candles; in fact, I have the full set on order now! They are a perfect gift for every level of kink; yes they can be a fun substitute for wax play, but they also wouldn’t look out of place on your Auntie’s mantelpiece as they burn down just like regular candles. Also, they’re great value for money. Even though we played with our individual candle for over an hour, we still have two-thirds of the hardened oil left to play with. There’s no better way to learn about your own body yet alone that of your partner, so why not pick yours up today?