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Sex Act At University: Shock

5 Mar
the seal of Northwestern University. ILL.

Wildcat activity! Cover with a puprle gown, please!

Parents say ‘We didn’t see it coming, and we are certainly not going to pay for it’

News from near Chicago: no students were harmed as a demonstration of human sexuality was staged live during a class at Northwestern University, Illinois. In fact, some students managed to escape the educational scenes before they were staged.

Professor J Michael Bailey is a NU tutor who has more than a passing interest in sexual theory and practice(s). He it was who invited a loving couple (of exhibitionists, not students) to provide an ‘aftershow’ which was both brief and pointed.

As news of this particular class reached a number of media outlets, the usual range of reactions could be heard from the usual suspects. But as yet, the are no plans to replace the traditional NU cheerleading team with University Lapdancing clubs.

The preceeding article is written pure and simply, and does not include the word f%#*saw anywhere in it. Because that would be insensitive. If you would like more shocking details , you can try this opinion piece which comes via the Huffington Post.

We had a party last friday

24 Jan

and it was BRILLIANT.

table, covered in green velvet, with a lot of books and sex toys spread out on it

Things to buy! (photo by K. James)

We’ve decided from now on we’re going to host regular parties at CCK HQ – until we have the cafe again, because we miss seeing all our lovely customers, and because they’re just so much fun. They’ll be held in our office (unless we say otherwise) and they’re a chance for our old friends – and new ones – to come along, shop and have some cake and meet our new staff, have a gossip… all the things you used to do in the cafe, except in a new place!

We’ve gotten a little more prepared now – so this time around, Kiera was there to take photos. We’ve put them all on our facebook page, of course, but we love showing off so here are some of our favourites!

Two young women, dressed in a slightly punk and rockabilly style. The woman on the right has a large leather cuddly penis hanging from her belt loop; the other woman is pointing at it

Georgio is a hit with Maxine and Alison (photo by K. James)

Two young women and a man; they are sitting down, he is standing behind them and looking away. The woman on the left has short hair, and is looking at her phone; the woman on the right has her hair in bunches and is smiling at the camera

Emma, Joseph, Alison - CCK's finest (photo by K. James)

older man with long hair and a goatee, cradling a large leather toy penis

Why Mr Bond.... David and Georgio (photo by K. James)

three young men; on the left, he is wearing a corset over a shirt, and testing a leather paddle against the palm of his hand. The men on the right and at the back are looking at the paddle.

Alexander Knightley tests things out. (photo by K. James)

Young woman with short hair reading a book

Lola, browsing (photo by K. James)

We’ll be holding another party before Valentine’s day, so watch this space! Or twitter, or facebook, or fetlife… or our mailing list – we’re also happy to reserve goodies for you to pick up on the day. And if you can’t make that, but want to come in – get in touch with out customer service team, and they’ll make an appointment for you to come in and have a personal shopper just for you! (Khandie Kisses will tell you how much fun that is).