Staff Picks: Mr B Fist Classic Lube

16 Feb

At CCK, we sell the products we love – and that we know! Every week, a member of our staff picks one of their favourites to write about. This week’s staff pick comes from Lysander, who you know as one of our regular writers. If you’re looking for earlier staff picks, there’s a whole category to your right! Here’s Lysander:

Indeed it is a classic! I’m quite fussy when it comes to lube. Too often they get dry and tacky way too quickly, or they cause irritation to more sensitive souls and their sensitive areas. Mr B Fist Classic manages to stay good and slippery for a long time, which is handy (excuse the pun!) for more marathon-like sessions. It is condom compatible as well.

Black tub of lube called "Mr B Classic Lube"

It is good for what it says on the tub. No worries about causing any unwanted discomfort with its easy glide formula, the thickness of the formula also allows it to last that little bit longer. It also works well for anal play for exactly the same reasons. It’s popular on the gay men’s scene, and as we all know, gay men know their stuff! Even better, there’s no nasty aftertaste, so the only gagging you end up doing is purely consensual.

Mr B Fist Classic can work as a good all-rounder lube, lasts a good while and comes in both tub size (for when you’re indoors and need that little extra) or sachet form (if you happen to be on the move).

small silver sachet of lube.


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