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DiB in the Aloha State

24 Jan
Hawaii is the only state in the USA that produces coffee; it is grown on every major island in the State with seven million pounds (3181818.2 kg) produced annually. Hawaii is not only known for its coffee – the most famous being the Big Island’s Kona – but for their herbal teas as well.

One company in Hawaii has dedicated itself to serving its customers with the best quality Hawaiian coffee and providing opportunities within the community. DiB, standing for Deaf in Business, is the only company to run deaf-only cafes in the world.

Their mission statement declares that they will provide employment opportunities for deaf or hearing-impaired (DHI) people in Hawaii and Malaysia and ensure that they have good career prospects. Operational and management training is offered alongside instruction to become a barista, and they aim to motivate and coach DHI people to become business owners themselves. The idea is to start a franchise company, run by DHI who have been trained by DiB and open cafes throughout Malaysia.

There are numerous blends on offer, and tons of teas. All are Hawaiian blends and recipes. However, the cafes serve freshly baked cakes and other bakery treats as well; their passion fruit cheesecake is said to be especially well regarded.

This a wonderful opportunity for many people, and it’s great to see such support within the community. If you’re lucky enough to live in Hawaii, make sure you pop over and see them; if not, their website delivers to the main islands. Here’s hoping they offer international shipping soon!

Cakes On Wheels

16 Jan
For many of us, birthday cakes inspire some of the strongest memories we have of childhood; the lights dimmed, the friends gathered around, and the pure joy felt when all of the candles are blown out in a single, massive puff.

However, for some children in poverty stricken areas, this is not the case. One baker in Minneapolis has taken it upon herself to see that as many children as possible receive a celebration cake on their birthdays, and has set up a non-profit lovingly entitled ‘Cakes on Wheels’.

So far, Veronica Descotte bakes one or two cakes a week, though she’s had an enthusiastic show of support should the demand for more cakes become too high. She says that while she would love to supply more cakes, she has had trouble reaching the parents in need of help; while she has a website and a Facebook page, many of the people she intends to contact do not have a computer at home. She wants parents to come forward and ask her for help instead of going to them specifically as a charity; “I don’t want to be the one who gives the cake to the kid,” she said. “I want Mom to give the cake.”

It’s an incredible idea and a wonderful undertaking; after all, aren’t cakes one of the best parts of a celebration? Here at CCK we certainly believe so! You can see more of Descotte’s adorable cakes and find out more about her non-profit organisation here.

The Theatre of the Nameless

18 Nov

copywrite Illamasque 2011

When I imagine the Theatre of the Nameless, I imagine a dark, twisted world covered in glitter and hidden, shadowed niches. I imagine a place filled with chandeliers and gold filigree, black latex and knowing smiles. Dancing girls in laced up boots, gentlemen shrugging free of their titles and every one of them anonymous. The Theatre of the Namelessinvites you to take a ticket, leave your coat and abandon your daytime identity.This is the image that Illamasqua brings to life in their Autumn-Winter 2011 Collection. Embracing their slogan ‘make-up for your alter ego’, this London based company has time and time again brought forth exciting, dazzling products.As the days get longer and the temperature begins to drop, I am reminded by every TV advertisement that Christmas is coming. Naturally, this means the start of Christmas parties and the explosion of the winter clubbing scene!

The products that particularly caught my eye were the nail varnishes added to the Theatre of the Nameless collection. These new products go on smooth, and dry with a rubberised finish; with monikers like Vice, Kink, Faux Pas and Taint, the colours are as sinful as their names.

It doesn’t stop there. Lipsticks in all colours to take you from daytime to daring are available in both gloss and matt finishes, boasting names such as Obey (a peachy pink) and Fetish (blueberry violet).  Their eyeshadows are versatile and all are reasonably priced for the superb quality provided. Illamasqua has managed to find the balance between corporate and club, allowing us to bring out our darker side and experiment to our hearts’ content.

Here at CCK we always support the right for people to be who they want to be and to express their individualism. I was incredibly pleased to discover that Illamasqua followed the same philosophy and that they provided a chance for their customer to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Their essential black eyeliner pencil, S.O.P.H.I.E, donates £3 of every sale to the foundation; wristbands and £1 donations to the cause are also available on the site.

I have scattered a multitude of hints about the house for the last fortnight in the hopes of finding some of these products in my Christmas stocking; after all, I’ve been a very good girl! Here’s hoping I’ll see some of you sporting weird and wonderful creations out on the dance floor this holiday season!

Now that I’ve shared some of my favourite products with you, why not drop us a line in the comments box and tell us what is essential to your clubbing look? Is there a certain brand you always turn to? What product can’t you live without?

You can also find out more about the Sophie Lancaster Foundation here.