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Artist Spotlight – Hubert De Lartigue

9 Jun

Our first Artist Spotlight is devoted to Hubert De Lartigue.

Hubert is a French artist/illustrator who is one of France’s premier erotic pip-up artists. With a career spanning over two decades Hubert has been working commercially in a number of different media, such as covers for science fiction book covers and board games.

Born in 1963, he started work as an illustrator while attending the Ecole Duperré and Ecole Estienne art  schools. Hubert specialises in science fiction and fantasy artwork containing hot pin-up women, and his work shows inspiration from classical french pinup, American and Japanese art.

As fans of Hubert’s work, we at CCK have a number of his books available for you to buy on our webshop, including Facettes, French Pin-Ups and Super Heroines. You can also grab a collection of UK exclusive greetings cards designed by Hubert under the “Chéries” tag.

Staff Picks – Super Heroines

9 Feb

This week’s staff pick is courtesy of Royston, part of our graphic design team and all-round superstar. Royston writes:

This stylish artbook caught my attention the other day –  “Super Heroines by French artist/Illustrator Hubert de Lartigue. He’s had quite an illustrious career, spanning everything from Science fiction to fantasy in a number of different media.


book cover, titled "Super Heroines" - shows a cartoon pin-up woman in futuristic armour, carying a futuristic gun

cover of "Super Heroines"

This book represents his work from 1987 to 1996, and is full of elegant, sexy and damn right badass women to ogle over! His style is very clean and stylish, with amazing attention to detail. Some of his work clearly shows inspiration from Japanese Anime, which always resonates with me!

If you like de Lartigue’s work, we also carry cards featuring his Cheries! series as part of our UK Exclusives collection – meaning we’re the only place you can get them in the UK!