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White Day – Valentine’s Day Part 2

14 Mar

White Day  (ホワイトデー ; Howaito dē) is a romantic holiday celebrated primarily in Japan and South Korea. It is held on 14th of March every year, exactly one month after Valentine’s day. On this day, any man who was lucky enough to receive a gift on Valentine’s day is encouraged to then buy a gift for their partner that is worth 3 times as much!

It’s not quite as crazy as it sounds, as Valentine’s day is celebrated slightly differently over there. The custom in Japan is for women to buy chocolate for not only their partners, but also their friends and co-workers on Valentine’s day! So as a big thank you, all be it a month late, the men in their lives then turn around and present them with more expensive gifts. An ideal way for women to encourage their partners to spoil them and lavish them with gifts!

And a perfect follow-up to International Women’s Day, which was just last Tuesday, 8th March. And lucky for you, here at CCK we have some fun and kinky products that are just perfect for White Day!

Given it’s name of ‘White Day’, the most popular gifts on this day are, naturally, white! Like our delicious organic white chocolate from FYI, Beautiful. Although if you don’t like white chocolate, dark chocolate is also fast becoming a popular gift for White Day, and FYI have several wonderful organic dark chocolates. Of all of them, Mistress is my personal favourite

To fulfill the ‘3 times as expensive’ guideline (sanbai gaeshi), when buying for your partner this White Day why not check out some of our luxury products, like this pure ceramic dildo loving crafted by Goldfrau, most aptly named Miss White – what could be more perfect?! Or you could try this luxurious clitoral massager, the LELO Nea White.

Ceramic dildoimage of the Nea, a palm-sized clitoral massager






Or why not continue the Japanese theme with some Shunga products? After all, ‘Shunga’ comes from the Japanese for erotic art! And they create plenty of gifts just perfect for spoiling your loved one, such as the orgasm enhancing Shunga Secret Garden Cream.

shunga secret garden cream bottle and packaging, which has a drawing of a Geisha's face on itIf you’re looking for something cute that still ticks all the boxes, then why not check out the travel-sized Paris Pearl Duckie. This coy little Duckie is cute and fun, but will still bring a little touch of Parisian class to your lady’s bathroom! Not to mention she’ll have plenty of fun with it in the bath! This particular duck is just ideal for White Day, dressed all in a pearly-white, and even comes with a real, removable white feather boa! A very effective vibrator that looks great, and wont cost the earth!

pearly-white vibrator in the shape of a classic bathtime toy duck, wearing a white feather boa

And for our single customers… well there’s a 3rd day of celebration in Japan and Korea, yet another month later on 14th of April called Black Day, specially for single people, or those who didn’t receive any gifts the previous 2 months. So if you’re feeling a little hard done by, why not consider embracing Black Day, buy treating yourself to one of our many black kinky products!

Picks for the Anti-Valentine

31 Jan

So, you hate Valentine’s Day too? Maybe you dislike the idea, or the “Hallmark Holiday”, or just don’t feel like celebrating. Well, join the club: there’s even a day for it, if you’re single.

But even if you hate Valentine’s, you deserve a treat, right? And if going out with your friends isn’t your thing, how about a night in, snuggled up with a DVD or a book and some coffee and cake? Or chocolate, of course – it is traditional at this time of year, after all. Oh, plus it’s tasty.

So, what would I recommend? Well, top of the list: entertainment. I particularly enjoyed reading the …on Top selections of short stories – salacious literature about men and women topping (or dominating) their partners. Alternatively, if looking at gorgeous photography is more your bag, you can’t go wrong with a spot of Ray Leaning.

Prefer a night with a good film? Well, then I prescribe Preaching to Perverted, a BBC film (yes, really!) now exclusive to Coffee, Cake & Kink, it is the story of a young man trying to gather evidence for a legal case against fetish clubs in the UK; however, the star of the show falls in love with an American sex goddess and leader of the UK and US “scene” and tries to persuade her out of her illegal exploits, whereas she wants to pervert him… who will win? The DVD is region 0 which means you can watch it anywhere in the world. You know you want to try it…

What will you eat and drink whilst you enjoy your evening’s entertainment? Our ranges of coffee and cake change often, so give us a call to chat to one of our Personal Shoppers and see if they can tempt you with some wonderful Monmouth coffee, handmade cakes and Feeding Your Imagination chocolate…