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CCK: your Service Provider…

31 May
two figures, one serving, other recieving in an erotic take on tennis and jousting!

Madam Quintain by Julian Murphy, 1998 (c)

It won’t be long now…the season of love, racquets and balls known as Wimbledon will rally round the the country. As an alternative service, we thought we would put up a seasonal pic. Here it is! And now…CCK staffer Royston has put together the following few words on the subject for this blog:

Bristol born, Julian Murphy is unique in his style of artwork in that he specialises in turning inanimate objects into very sexually suggestive pieces. Julian’s work, dubbed “Tantric Pop Art” cleverly bridges the mental gap between normal, everyday utensils, tools and devices, and plays with the idea of the viewer seeing them in a more kinky perspective. He has gained many awards and is critically acclaimed around the world for his work, having had many exhibitions in and has featured in magazines like GQ, Elle and Design Week.

You can find his work on our CCK webshop. We have “The Singular Art of Julian Murphy” and “Objects of desire”. The sporting pair pictured above are part of the postcard gallery of objects: very reasonably priced, very available…go on, why don’t you? Follow the link to the Open season

Cake: 8 Layer Veggie Madness

31 May

Somewhere slightly east of Toronto, Canada  is a lady who has found her calling in the the design and manufacture of cake. A chance visit to her site called Sweetapolita deliverd up this extra-ordinary piece of craftsmanship. I hope you’ll agree it looks rather lovely…but then again you can see what lies behind the covering. I have neve known any type of vegetable to look this sweet!

You can see more on this link layer. Thanks a lot Miss Sweeta, who is also credited here for taking the pic. Multi-tasker!

slice of choccy cake surrounded by asparagus fondant!!

open wide

Strecthing out for this year’s Rubber Ball

13 May

correctly dressel lady at the helm of the ship for the rubber ball!

all aboard!

Is it too soon to remind everybody about the annual event that is the Ballsiest of May Balls? (No- Ed.) It won’t be long before those wonderful folks at Skin Two will allow us to hang loose and stretch out with them. Oh good…

For the main event (the evening Saturday 28th since you’re asking) it will be all abaord the HMS President, a vintage vessel conveniently moored on the Thames Embankment. If you haven’t got anything suitabe to wear, you’ll be able to shop for something at the Alternative Market earlier on in the day…

That’s not all of course. Two other special shows are planned…there’s a ladies night on Friday that is being run by Pussy Control, and on Thursday some very lucky people will be off to the countryside to submit to the pleasures of the English Mainsion Femdom Summer Ball

Have I said enough?  (No. Ed.) Well click up on the linky thingy, then. The time for the stretching of latex is come!

Congratulations Rubyyy!

11 May
The lucky winner of last month’s Kinky Review Raffle was Rubyyy Jones!
Rubyyy Jones opening her prize.

Rubyyy Jones opening her prize!

Rubyyy joined us at Kinky HQ yesterday to receive her prize, and enjoy some coffee and cake too! Since Rubyyy is such a HUGE fan of sex toys, we decided to give her this HUGE sex toy!
Rubyyy Jones and HUGE prize

Rubyyy Jones with her HUGE prize!

Rubyyy also brought along a date, and we all had a good old natter, with a lot of jokes about giant sex toys and needing lots of lube. Luckily, we do sell lube by the litre, so we weren’t in short supply!
But we’re not always all about the kink here at CCK, so we also offered Rubyyy her choice of our wonderful FYI chocolates, which come in 13 different flavours! Check out our full chocolate range here.

Get writing now and you could be this month’s winner! Just fill in the simple form here and we’ll enter you in our Kinky Raffle. You never know what you might win!

To read Rubyyy’s winning review Click Here.
We’ll be putting up more images of our fun encounter with Rubyyy and her poor, unsuspecting date, on Facebook. So make sure you check them out!

Cake: and now for the icing

4 May

That Royal Wedding thing…wasn’t there, do not have the shirt. Seems that there was plenty of cake, though. And very sweet it seemed to be too.

Now for some royal icing…some hard white stuff that the smart folk leave for last in order to keep them fruity. It turns out that CCK’S esteemed bosses spent some time high up in an Arch on the Hyde Park Corner, during Eastertime. They were looking at cakes…Royal Cakes. (Not the actual things you understand… they would have been scoffed up by actual Royals.)

a couple in icing

Tate and Lyle, a company that is well known for the processing of sweet things were responsible for the show, called Let Them Eat Cake. As well as inviting confectioners to recreate the history of Royal wedding cakes, there was a competition which allowed loyal subjects to make their own tribute to the most recent of Grand Unions. Photographic evidence of the prize winners is shown here…

I do hope they got to eat the cakes now the exhibition is over.  (More on this subject on a later date!)

a dainty dish!