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Artist Spotlight – Hubert De Lartigue

9 Jun

Our first Artist Spotlight is devoted to Hubert De Lartigue.

Hubert is a French artist/illustrator who is one of France’s premier erotic pip-up artists. With a career spanning over two decades Hubert has been working commercially in a number of different media, such as covers for science fiction book covers and board games.

Born in 1963, he started work as an illustrator while attending the Ecole Duperré and Ecole Estienne art  schools. Hubert specialises in science fiction and fantasy artwork containing hot pin-up women, and his work shows inspiration from classical french pinup, American and Japanese art.

As fans of Hubert’s work, we at CCK have a number of his books available for you to buy on our webshop, including Facettes, French Pin-Ups and Super Heroines. You can also grab a collection of UK exclusive greetings cards designed by Hubert under the “Chéries” tag.

From A Top Writer – ‘Boy In The Middle’

3 Mar

Patrick Califia is one of my all-time favourite writers. He is an incredible wordsmith, able to write both fiction and fact in a way that both draws the reader in and informs you. His erotica is some of the hottest writing you will come across. Boy In The Middle is another of his compelling, sexy short story collections of polymorphous perversity and hardcore, sexually charged scenes. Califia has a way of taking the reader right into the story. He has the ability to describe place, character and atmosphere so well, you can’t but help feel a part of it.

cover for "Boy In The Middle" by Patrick Califia

Boy In The Middle has such a collection of differing characters and set-ups that I defy anyone not to get some pleasure from it. Whatever your kink, fetish , gender or sexuality, Califia caters for you in this book. His writing will  surprise you, in being able to turn you on to a story, scene or character you may otherwise not have thought you’d be interested in; such is the power of his imagination. I recommend anyone who enjoys erotic fiction to read this book. Allow yourself some time to indulge and immerse yourself  in it, because it will be hard to put down. Oh, and if you’re reading Boy In The Middle in public, be aware that its effect may leave you needing to find somewhere, for a ‘quiet, private moment’!

Staff Picks: Mr B Fist Classic Lube

16 Feb

At CCK, we sell the products we love – and that we know! Every week, a member of our staff picks one of their favourites to write about. This week’s staff pick comes from Lysander, who you know as one of our regular writers. If you’re looking for earlier staff picks, there’s a whole category to your right! Here’s Lysander:

Indeed it is a classic! I’m quite fussy when it comes to lube. Too often they get dry and tacky way too quickly, or they cause irritation to more sensitive souls and their sensitive areas. Mr B Fist Classic manages to stay good and slippery for a long time, which is handy (excuse the pun!) for more marathon-like sessions. It is condom compatible as well.

Black tub of lube called "Mr B Classic Lube"

It is good for what it says on the tub. No worries about causing any unwanted discomfort with its easy glide formula, the thickness of the formula also allows it to last that little bit longer. It also works well for anal play for exactly the same reasons. It’s popular on the gay men’s scene, and as we all know, gay men know their stuff! Even better, there’s no nasty aftertaste, so the only gagging you end up doing is purely consensual.

Mr B Fist Classic can work as a good all-rounder lube, lasts a good while and comes in both tub size (for when you’re indoors and need that little extra) or sachet form (if you happen to be on the move).

small silver sachet of lube.

Staff Picks – Super Heroines

9 Feb

This week’s staff pick is courtesy of Royston, part of our graphic design team and all-round superstar. Royston writes:

This stylish artbook caught my attention the other day –  “Super Heroines by French artist/Illustrator Hubert de Lartigue. He’s had quite an illustrious career, spanning everything from Science fiction to fantasy in a number of different media.


book cover, titled "Super Heroines" - shows a cartoon pin-up woman in futuristic armour, carying a futuristic gun

cover of "Super Heroines"

This book represents his work from 1987 to 1996, and is full of elegant, sexy and damn right badass women to ogle over! His style is very clean and stylish, with amazing attention to detail. Some of his work clearly shows inspiration from Japanese Anime, which always resonates with me!

If you like de Lartigue’s work, we also carry cards featuring his Cheries! series as part of our UK Exclusives collection – meaning we’re the only place you can get them in the UK!

Kafe Dangao he Bientai wishes you a happy Chinese New Year!

2 Feb

Today is Chinese New Year, so we are – for the day – ”咖啡,蛋糕 和 变态“ (Kafe Dangao he Bientai). Which is “Coffee, Cake and Kink” in Chinese, according to our resident linguist Joseph.

2011 is the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar, and, well, we couldn’t resist, because we’re a bunch of perverts who don’t think of animals when someone says “rabbit”. Ahem. But we don’t have a rabbit. We do have lots of vibrators, and this one is better than a rabbit. It’s Kiera’s staff pick of the week – the Fun Factory’s G-Twist


I’m a huge fan of the Fun Factory brand (I am slowly but surely testing each product!) because they are made from high-quality silicone and come in bright colours and funky designs – a plus if you’re attached to things that look as well as feel good.

The G-Twist’s ridges and the curved tip gives extra stimulation to the g-spot and a smooth back means a more gentle sensation in other areas. In addition there is a ‘bump’ at the bottom designed to stimulate the clit.

large purple phallic vibrator, slightly curved and ridged.

it's so... purple. The G-twist.


What I liked most is the range of vibration speed. The dial at the base of the vibrator is easy to use and starts off slowly, increasing in speed until the fastest speed is reached and then decreasing in speed again. (

Editor’s note: I would like to agree heartily with the sentiments expressed in this article, and add that the G-Twist is indeed very quiet, making it an excellent toy for those who share thier homes with others. If you take the advice of my partner, it makes an excellent Valentine’s Day Present too.

Staff Picks: Little Ember Candle

26 Jan

We sell products that we love – we know they’re really as good as they look. This week, Rae has come over all enthusiastic again.


I was very lucky to be sent a JimmyJane Little Ember Candle by Santa over Christmas and this weekend myself and The Chap were finally free to try it out.

After a hard day’s work of D.I.Y, room re-decorating and slaving over a meal for four, we were full of stress and knots. We lit a few candles to wind down, one of which being the JimmyJane in Truffle and Gardenia scent. I have never been a fan of scented candles in the past; as a former perfume shop employee I’m very sensitive to artificial scents, and find that most candles smell like cheap air freshener, but I was completely won over by the full and complex scent that came off the candle. I couldn’t wait to start drizzling!

Luckily for us, it didn’t take too long to melt to a usable amount of oil, before I knew it I had enough to start my massage. As The Chap is a very sensitive English rose and doesn’t like things to be too hot, I snuffed the flame a few seconds before I started pouring. He reported back that it left the oil at a perfect warm temperature.

As soon as I started to rub the oil in, the scent started to develop beautifully. I couldn’t get enough of the smell! The oil was of a perfect consistency too; suitably heavy, lasting long enough to really work the muscles but at the same time not leaving a surface residue on the skin. The perfect test? The morning after our sheets were spotless!

When it came to my turn to be massaged, we kept the flame on. The ceramic pot meant that pouring felt safe and secure, and it really did feel similar to more traditional wax play, just with a little more subtlety between pouring heights. The best thing about the switch over? The fact that the fragrance had different upper notes on my skin. This meant that the perfume had been fully thought out to react differently to different pheromones. Gorgeous.

I can fully recommend the Little Ember Candles; in fact, I have the full set on order now! They are a perfect gift for every level of kink; yes they can be a fun substitute for wax play, but they also wouldn’t look out of place on your Auntie’s mantelpiece as they burn down just like regular candles. Also, they’re great value for money. Even though we played with our individual candle for over an hour, we still have two-thirds of the hardened oil left to play with. There’s no better way to learn about your own body yet alone that of your partner, so why not pick yours up today?

Staff picks – “The Toybag Guide To Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies”

19 Jan

Our staff are as passionate about the products we carry as our customers are – and being the sharing sort, every week one member of staff reviews a particular favourite of theirs to review. This week, Joseph has chosen “The Toybag Guide To Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies”, by Jay Wiseman.

cover of book titled "the toybag guide to... dungeon emergencies and supplies". The cover image is a simple line drawing of a pair of paramedic's shears, cutting through a single line.

The “toybag guide to”s are a lovely set of books. They are just little A6 paperbacks that almost look like Haynes Manuals. They’re nice little introductions into the specific fetishes and kinks, including Canes & Caning, Wax & Temperature Play, and Medical Play.

Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies is a little different, in that it covers a whole plethora of kinks, and what can go wrong with them.  Clearly written, and well sectioned, It’s basically a first aid book with a kinky context, and whilst it doesn’t cover EVERY emergency, it has good enough general tips to put your head in the right place.

Some of the legal information in it is actually U.S. specific, but the approaches to dealing with them are just good common sense.  Definitely a book to buy someone just starting to experiment.

Staff Pick: Layaspot

15 Dec

Each week, we ask one member of our team to pick which toy (or painting, or book) they most love – this is Katie’s.

I tend to love Fun Factory’s toys and the Layaspot is no exception.  The colourful, funky shaped stuff is often cute enough to leave lying around without embarrassment – I’ve mistaken a buttplug for a piece of art before! – and they pack in a mean bit of excitement as well.  The Layaspot has multi-speed vibration and three pulsation modes, and like the rest of Fun Factory’s products it is made from high quality hypoallergenic material.  In all, it’s a really exciting little toy and well worth the cost.  I personally think the silver/black is the most stylish, but it comes in a bunch of colours so have a browse around!

layaspot vibrator in black and silver

This review is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.