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Vegware Takeaway Cups

25 Aug

CCK goes takeaway and saves the planet at the same time, using Vegware takeaway cups and plates at the upcoming Poly Day, love your partner and the planet, we will be using fully products all made from plants and are compostable, so they can turn back to soil in 12 weeks after use.

At the end of the event, all takeaway cups, lids, sleeves, stirrers, plates and napkins will be given to Camden Council for recycling,
Carbon Saved: 2.111 kg
Virgin Material Saved: 4.008 kg
Potential Landfil Diversion: 9.223 kg
And don’t forget to check out our stall at the Polyday on Saturday, we’ll have plenty of Coffee and Cake!

Kinky Salon Amsterdam – 10th Sept 2011

25 Aug

If you happen to be in Amsterdam around the 10th of September, you might want to check out the Kinky Salon event. Its a artistic gathering open to anyone with a kinky side, be they straight, gay, bi, or tri!

There will be performances at the Kinky Salon Theatre by such names as Cherise Noir, Rachel V, Lilly Mae Lovitt and The Iron Queen.

The dress code is Love Dolls, Naughty Bunnies, Flower Power, Bonnie and Clyde, Lollipop Girls, Groovy Cats, Shagadelic Babes…the list goes on!

Folsom Europe – 8-12th Sept 2011

24 Aug

Just a quick heads up, the Folsom Europe event is taking place from the 8th to 12th of September in Berlin, Germany. Held every year since 2003, Folsom Europe is the biggest annual Rubber, Fetish and BDSM fair.

And on a similar note, the Folsom Street Fair will be happening on the 25th September.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

21 Aug

For 3 weeks in August, Edinburgh plays host to the greatest art, dance, theatre, music, comedy, exhibitions and events from around the world. The festival acts as a celebration of creativity and diversity, it is one of the few events that does not have a selection team or judges to pick which events are allowed to come and perform. Its first come, first served. As well as the ticketed events, there is an ongoing street fair that takes place on the Royal Mile.

In recent years the comedy side has gained popularity at the Fringe, thus becoming a breeding ground for fresh new comedy talent. The Edinburgh Fringe is a meca for budding comedians to cut their teeth on the circuit, and brush shoulders with such big comedy names as John Bishop, Ricky Gervais, Steve Coogan, Al Murray and Dara O’Briain.

The Fringe runs from the 5th to the 29th of August.

Venue – The Playboy Club London

15 Aug

After a 3 decades absence, the legendary Playboy Club has returned to Mayfair in London. Newly refurbished, there’s a casino, players bar, lounge and dining areas to enjoy.

Some areas of note include:
– Salvatorie’s, a cutting edge cocktail bar hosted by world renowned cocktail expert Salvatorie Calabrese
– The Cottontail Lounge is a Playboy Bunny themed bar which evokes the legacy of the original club
– The Terrace is a semi enclosed outdoor space, with armchairs and a wood panelled fireplace
– The Gentleman’s Tonic, a unique establishment that combines a traditional barbershop with a grooming and lifestyle salon.

CCK is currently waiting for our invite, but in the meantime we would like to know whether any of our followers have had the chance to check the new Playboy Club out, and if so please give us some feedback! It would be especially interesting if anyone who was there at the original Playboy Club could give us some insight into how much its changed since the 80s.

For those who also aren’t lucky enough to get an invite, we have some “Bunny” themed goodness for you in the shape of Olivia “Hunny Bunny” Greetings cards!

Greenwich Drag Race 2011

14 Aug

The 5th annual Greenwich Drag race is coming up hosted by The Metro Centre. Originally established in 1984, The Metro Centre is a charity that specialises in sexual health and awareness issues for young people and the Gay and Lesbian community.

In support of the event, CCK with be donating a prize of chocolates to the winner! We have a special boxset of Feed Your Imagination mood chocolates which give you a wide variety of flavors to suit your mood!

This should give you extra incentive to bring your best dress and shoes to the starting blocks on the 20th of August!

Polyday Update

12 Aug

Just a quick update for those still considering on going to the annual Polyday on the 27th of August, CCK will be attending as well as part of a collaboration with .

We will be providing our usual treats of coffee and cake, as well as some special offers which will include vouchers for items we sell on our webshop.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Photography – Tom Bianchi

4 Aug

Tom Bianchi is a prolific American writer and photographer who specialises in male nude photography, and has had several books, poems and essays published over his career.

Being a gay man gives Tom a keen eye on what makes a good male nude photo, with his work consisting of well built hunky men having fun with each other in front of the camera!

If that sounds like your kind of thing, you can get a copy of “On The Couch: Volume Two”, one of Tom’s best photography books from our webshop: