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2012 Pride Day Poem by Wills Morgan

7 Jul

for the children

of our time


HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF. This is what I say.
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF each and every day.
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF. Keep your troubles at bay.
Whether straight or bisexual, or if you’re gay

Lesbian or Transgender, this is what I say:
HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF each and every day.
At home or your work. When you rest. As you play.
Stay in the right track if you were born that way.


Contributing Artist Wills Morgan is pictured sitting behind the map at the Island bar and restaurant in north west London in 2010. Photo used with kind permission of the photographer, Mr.Tyson Sadlo.

This photograph is one of a series of five portraits entitled A CORNER OF COLLEGE PARK.


Winter Pride is back in Brighton (and Hove)!

3 Mar

rainbow designed deckchairs: logo for the winter pride festival down south

A week-and-a-bit long series of events starting…now! Here’s the schedule, as revealed in the local Free Press link. I’ve kinda scanned it quickly, and I see there’s lots of good stuff on and plenty of ways to help raise funds for the LGBT cause way down on the south-east coast.

There a lot of sport and rambling…life-drawing activities…comedy nights…special events for the trans and lesbian networks…a film programme…and cake.  Yes,  cake…goody goody!

Winter Pride is back in Brighton and Hove after the briefest of absences: why not go down there and say hello?