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An alternative (and slightly early) Valentines

2 Feb

An erotic literary salon, Velvet Tongue, hosted by Ernesto Sarezale, will be held on the 6th February in Bethnal Green. With a line-up of acclaimed writers (including Jonathon Kemp, a favourite of mine!), reading selections from their most enticing works, the evening will also have an open mic slot. So, if any of you friends of Coffee, Cake and Kink have a short story, poem or other piece of kinky, erotic writing you would like to read to a most appreciative audience, this is your chance to shine.

We all love a bit of erotica, to get us in the mood for the run-up to Valentine shenanigans, so what better way to spend some time with like-minded folk. Well worth a trip to E2, with a venue suitably tucked away under the arches (for that especially ‘seedy London‘ feeling!). Details can be found on the Velvet Tongue website.