Super Trooper

26 Jan
Visitors to this year’s Arisia Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention were in for a sweet treat; a 6’4” lifelike Stormtrooper cake, made specially for the event. The convention, named after the famous ‘Lensman’ books by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith, took place from the 13th-16th January, 2012.

Created by the husband-and-wife team Tiler and Amanda Oakleaf of Oakleaf Bakery, it took a week for the team of ten to bake and build this 300lb (136kg) masterpiece. Internally supported by an iron and plastic framework, the cake was vanilla flavoured with vanilla Italian meringue butter cream and Rice Krispies Treats; marshmallow fondant was used on the outside and made up most of the detail.

Arriving on Friday, the team had to come up with new cake building methods – their creation just wouldn’t stay put! They devised a way of constructing it using a modular system and built it on site, and say they are “incredibly proud” and that “it may be the greatest sculpted cake ever created”. We think they are right to be so proud of their achievement!

The cake was quickly consumed by 600 eager convention-goers, with more waiting in line. While there aren’t any more ‘geek cakes’ in the pipelines, Oakleaf says they may take on special commissions. Take a look at their blog to see more images of the cake being built, and to learn more about this intrepid bakery.


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