Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

19 Jan
If you’ve been in any university library recently, you’ll have seen one of these. My KeepCup has exploded on the scene of ethical coffee enjoyment, and has quickly become the new ‘it’ thing to be seen with in the local coffee shops.

Inexpensive and with a great deal of customisation available, KeepCup is reusable for over 1000 uses, and is guaranteed for one year. A medium sized cup, holding 340ml, is priced at £8.40. Through using these reusable coffee cups, KeepCup users have stopped 70,000 trees from being felled for paper pulp. Pretty impressive.

What’s more impressive is KeepCup’s dedication to the environment and to the people who interact with it. They currently are in a supportive partnership with Coffee Kids, a non-profit organisation that works with coffee farming families to improve their quality of life. Coffee Kids helps educate and support the welfare of children of coffee plantation families.

There are several coffee shops that provide discounts or loyalty points for bringing your own mug; Leila’s and Bean About Town are two coffee shops which only serve take-away coffee if you have your own mug. With hundreds of different colour and size combinations, KeepCup is a fashionable and ethical way to enjoy your coffee. They even offer gift vouchers if you’re looking for that perfect gift for a coffee lover!

You can personalise and purchase your own KeepCup here.


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