Cakes On Wheels

16 Jan
For many of us, birthday cakes inspire some of the strongest memories we have of childhood; the lights dimmed, the friends gathered around, and the pure joy felt when all of the candles are blown out in a single, massive puff.

However, for some children in poverty stricken areas, this is not the case. One baker in Minneapolis has taken it upon herself to see that as many children as possible receive a celebration cake on their birthdays, and has set up a non-profit lovingly entitled ‘Cakes on Wheels’.

So far, Veronica Descotte bakes one or two cakes a week, though she’s had an enthusiastic show of support should the demand for more cakes become too high. She says that while she would love to supply more cakes, she has had trouble reaching the parents in need of help; while she has a website and a Facebook page, many of the people she intends to contact do not have a computer at home. She wants parents to come forward and ask her for help instead of going to them specifically as a charity; “I don’t want to be the one who gives the cake to the kid,” she said. “I want Mom to give the cake.”

It’s an incredible idea and a wonderful undertaking; after all, aren’t cakes one of the best parts of a celebration? Here at CCK we certainly believe so! You can see more of Descotte’s adorable cakes and find out more about her non-profit organisation here.


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