Venue – The Playboy Club London

15 Aug

After a 3 decades absence, the legendary Playboy Club has returned to Mayfair in London. Newly refurbished, there’s a casino, players bar, lounge and dining areas to enjoy.

Some areas of note include:
– Salvatorie’s, a cutting edge cocktail bar hosted by world renowned cocktail expert Salvatorie Calabrese
– The Cottontail Lounge is a Playboy Bunny themed bar which evokes the legacy of the original club
– The Terrace is a semi enclosed outdoor space, with armchairs and a wood panelled fireplace
– The Gentleman’s Tonic, a unique establishment that combines a traditional barbershop with a grooming and lifestyle salon.

CCK is currently waiting for our invite, but in the meantime we would like to know whether any of our followers have had the chance to check the new Playboy Club out, and if so please give us some feedback! It would be especially interesting if anyone who was there at the original Playboy Club could give us some insight into how much its changed since the 80s.

For those who also aren’t lucky enough to get an invite, we have some “Bunny” themed goodness for you in the shape of Olivia “Hunny Bunny” Greetings cards!


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