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31 May
two figures, one serving, other recieving in an erotic take on tennis and jousting!

Madam Quintain by Julian Murphy, 1998 (c)

It won’t be long now…the season of love, racquets and balls known as Wimbledon will rally round the the country. As an alternative service, we thought we would put up a seasonal pic. Here it is! And now…CCK staffer Royston has put together the following few words on the subject for this blog:

Bristol born, Julian Murphy is unique in his style of artwork in that he specialises in turning inanimate objects into very sexually suggestive pieces. Julian’s work, dubbed “Tantric Pop Art” cleverly bridges the mental gap between normal, everyday utensils, tools and devices, and plays with the idea of the viewer seeing them in a more kinky perspective. He has gained many awards and is critically acclaimed around the world for his work, having had many exhibitions in and has featured in magazines like GQ, Elle and Design Week.

You can find his work on our CCK webshop. We have “The Singular Art of Julian Murphy” and “Objects of desire”. The sporting pair pictured above are part of the postcard gallery of objects: very reasonably priced, very available…go on, why don’t you? Follow the link to the Open season


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