Strecthing out for this year’s Rubber Ball

13 May

correctly dressel lady at the helm of the ship for the rubber ball!

all aboard!

Is it too soon to remind everybody about the annual event that is the Ballsiest of May Balls? (No- Ed.) It won’t be long before those wonderful folks at Skin Two will allow us to hang loose and stretch out with them. Oh good…

For the main event (the evening Saturday 28th since you’re asking) it will be all abaord the HMS President, a vintage vessel conveniently moored on the Thames Embankment. If you haven’t got anything suitabe to wear, you’ll be able to shop for something at the Alternative Market earlier on in the day…

That’s not all of course. Two other special shows are planned…there’s a ladies night on Friday that is being run by Pussy Control, and on Thursday some very lucky people will be off to the countryside to submit to the pleasures of the English Mainsion Femdom Summer Ball

Have I said enough?  (No. Ed.) Well click up on the linky thingy, then. The time for the stretching of latex is come!


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