Latest coffee fix. Where we get it.

19 Apr
a rich red road bordered by trees: the way to a good coffee farm

this road leads to good coffee

CCK Central is enjoying yet another special gem delivered to us by those wonderful folks at Monmouth. Can my words and a pic do it justice, I wonder?

Well…. what you’re looking at is the way into the Gethumbwini Estate, where our latest fave fix is made. A little south of the equator, and a little north of Nairobi (capital of Kenya) is a farm  with lots of water, wildlife (rare rhinos!) and lots of space for the making of coffee.

Never mind the blurb though…just look at that soil! Only rich and fruity things can come from such a surface! It’s more than appropriate that you can get some for yourself from us fruity folk at CCK…you can trust me.

Click on to the webshop (see the pic above on the right) and ask for some.


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