The Polyamory Paradigm

4 Apr

The Polyamory Paradigm blog is one for all polyamorous people, and those who do not consider themselves to be, but would enjoy being educated by such an informative and witty blog as this. With personal, reflective pieces about the joys and difficulties of maintaining happy polyamorous relationships, as well as commentary on related news articles, this blog is rather a good read.

The writer does not always take themselves too seriously, unless the particular post demands it, but still manages to get some important points across in a way that is not over-bearing or preachy. The ‘definitions’ page is both witty and useful (the writer’s own definitions for words that already exist, and some that don’t!) is a great addition. The blog is also ‘live’, so additions and corrections will occur if they are pointed out to the author.

The resource page is a useful ‘go to’ for any polyamorous people, and generally, the blog itself will recount moments of recognition for many. With other, non-poly related posts as well, this is a blog that is well-rounded and thoughtful. I am sure many of you will enjoy it.


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