Bad Romance

2 Apr
two male characters get close in Dragon Age 2

it's only a video game

I’m a little late writing about the controversial spat going on in game-boy land…but that is possibly because I have been too busy laughing in the corner of my small lonely room.

Where to begin with such a story? Well…there is a role-playing video game called Dragon Age 2. Among its diverse options is one that depicts same-sex romance. (Now I know I’ve made it seem dull, and I apologize for this: I’m not a computer game addict).

All of a sudden it’s handbags at dawn! There’s this this particularly peeved gay gamer who has petitioned to have the lead writer of Dragon Age (name: David Gaider, and I’m not even joking)  fired for his disrespecting of the homosexual lifestyle. I choose to take one phrase from the petition from its context: ‘this is completely wrong! homosexuals do not approach people and force them to kiss us…’

Enough already! As the distinguished philosopher Boy George says: War, war is stupid, and people are stupid.


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