American Firms To Pay For Gender Re-assignment

19 Mar

In America, the Human Rights Campaign are to produce their annual Corporate Equality Index. This year, part of the criteria will include whether a company’s medical insurance will cover the cost of gender re-assignment. Because of the U.S.A’s costly medical system, many transgendered people find it difficult to cover the costs of re-assignment treatment without insurance cover from their employers.

Already some of the U.S.A’s biggest companies, such as Yahoo!, Coca Cola and American Express, do cover the cost of treatment within their company health insurance policy, as they see the benefits of keeping their transgendered employees within the workforce, and not having those employees find themselves in financial difficulties.

If a company wants to receive a 100% rating in the Corporate Equality Index, they must now offer employees medical insurance which covers up to $75,000 worth of gender re-assignment treatment and surgery. Because of this, many more companies are expected to bring this policy in, following in the footsteps of Yahoo! and American Express. As it will only be used by a minority of employees, the scheme would not be too expensive, yet will have a major effect on transgendered employees’ lives and ability to continue working for their companies.This is not only good news for trans employees, but also for the firms who will offer this insurance cover.


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