Cake: a freshly cooked Desert in NY

15 Mar
Thom Allison models the special cupcake made to celebrate the opening of "Priscilla"

photo of Thom Allison in a cup (c) Tristran Fuge

Priscilla, the bus known as the Queen of the Desert has seen many adventures  since her all-conquering movie debut in the mid-nineties. The above picture celebrates  her most recent stop for picking up new admirers…Broadway, New York.

Renowned NY eating place Magnolia’s Bakery (cupcakes…we can do!) has created a confection based on dance designs made for the Priscilla  musical – the first time (as far as I can tell) that a Broadway show has been honoured in this way.

I should say this pic is a fair representation of what the Bakery have come up with… but they say its a “pistachio cupcake with fluffy pistachio meringue butter cream is topped with a meringue kiss, bright edible confetti and iridescent “disco dust!”

Tony Sheldon (Olivier-nominated and familiar from the London West End stop) will be joining Tony nominee Will Swenson and Nick Adams for the opening night of  Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical at the Palace Theatre, Broadway on Sunday coming…

Tristan Fuge’s theatre story: link cup


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