Friday News

11 Mar

I’m sitting trying to work out what I should say. Because pretty much everything has been blown away by the earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami. Google has launched a people finding service. Personally, I have friends in affected areas across the Pacific. I know CCK as an organisation has friends who have been affected. Our thoughts are with you, everyone we know and everyone we don’t. We hope you’re safe.


Here are the links. As always, the links provided may not reflect CCK’s opinion, be safe for work or children, and may not make you happier. Click at your own risk and all that.

Our friend Geof, who draws the Fetishman comics, will be at the London Comics and Small Press Expo, which is tomorrow. If you were wondering what to do tomorrow, try this.

A trans woman in the UK has lost her legal battle to have breast implants through the NHS [Pink Paper; Daily Mail].

Sex communication case studies [Clarisse Thorn].

Burlesque-performing professor gets fired [SF Weekly]


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