Wild Thing, I Think I Love You!

9 Mar

A-wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-wop-bam-boo! Calling all LGBTQ hep cats and happening chicks (and all you ker-azy rockin’ Wotevers), Wild Thing is the happening place to be on Thursday 17th March,  at the Retro Bar.

Wild Thing flyer courtesy of Joe Pop

This is the place that gathers the best in Rock n Roll, rip-up Rocksteady, girl group harmonies and the coolest music throughout the ages, courtesy of the talented (and Bearishly handsome!) Joe Pop and, this month, Dapper D from Nitty Gritty, with her soultastic sounds and skanking ska beats.

A place where the good and great (hairdos) can meet, drink and dance their dappily dancing boots away. Wild Thing (formerly Retrosexual) has that glorious mix of great music, cheap booze and gorgeous lovelies to bop and chat with, which is what all us happy (and slightly degenerate) LGBTQ  folks look for in a fab night out. Tattoos are de rigueur (especially old school ones!) as is plenty of cleavage, whether ’tis on the same person or not.

So all you queers with attitude (of the best possible kind) or, indeed, everyone with a quiff to tease and a story to tell, get yourself down to Wild Thing. Hair don’ts need not apply!


2 Responses to “Wild Thing, I Think I Love You!”

  1. Innocent Loverboy March 9, 2011 at 11:31 pm #

    I’m still wondering whether LGBTQ is as catchy a phrase as “QUILTBAG” (queer-undecided-intersex-lesbian-transsexual-bisexual-asexual-gay). LGBTQ doesn’t trip off the tongue as well as QUILTBAG (or even LGBT), but then again, it’s probably a more accurate description of the people you’re likely to attract!

    • 1lysander March 10, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

      QUILTBAG certainly does roll off the tongue better. Also, for the night involved, maybe QUILTBAG would be more fitting, it’s just that LGBTQ is more widely recognised! So many initials (in this wonderfully queer and kinky world), so little time…

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